Which impacted your diet more Watching Carbs or Watching Proteins or Calories

This a poll because I have seen answers all over the place with respect to this on my MFP. And was just wondering what the overall consensus is. And what the reasoning is behind your choice. I know there are avid Keto folks, and Avid Paleo folks. And many other diets, so please humor me. I am not going to taint the results with my opinion until the end. thanks for participating.


  • sijomial
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    I ate the same foods when I was fat, when I was losing my excess weight, when I'm maintaining at goal weight - just the calorie balance changed.

    (FYI - I have a high carb diet and I'm mindful of my protein levels to support my exercise.)
  • singingflutelady
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  • L1zardQueen
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  • mk820820
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    Definitely calories. I am doing a dirty keto menu now in maintenance because I feel so much better restricting my carbs (20-30). I believe I might be allergic to gluten there is such a difference!
    Also I realized that I have never really cared for potatoes, rice, pasta. I think they are pretty tasteless.
  • briscogun
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  • FitAgainBy55
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    neither, calories.
  • 33gail33
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    Carbs. When I don't eat *carbs I lose weight. I have much more trouble staying under my calories when I eat those things.

    *(by carbs I mean bread, potatos, rice - I still eat lower carb veggies and fruit)
  • stephie_nyc
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    Calories. But directly under that, protein. I know I could lose weight in calorie deficit with any macro split, but I do enjoy the muscles and protein fills me up.
  • JCT1000
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    Calories for me as well. My wife is vegan so we eat carbs alot, but mostly healthy higher fiber kind. We'll indulge in pasta probably once a week.
  • dragon_girl26
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  • Speakeasy76
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    Calories first,but I also try to reach a protein and fiber target.

    There's no way I could sustain giving up certain types of food just for the sake of weight loss, when I've been able to do successfully by eating all types of foods. However, if there were certain foods that were directly negatively affecting my health, then I might be able to avoid or limit those.
  • ddsb1111
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    Calories. It's the only thing that impacts weight loss.
  • lemurcat2
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    Calories. I did have a protein goal, and I think eating enough protein helped my diet be satiating for me, as well as a number of other things I did, but that wasn't really about counting or logging, but just food choice that I would have done without MFP. Calories were the thing that I found most helpful to track, by far.
  • ninerbuff
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    Still comes down to CALORIES. Methods of eating are for preference. Regardless of diet, if there's a calorie deficit, weight loss will happen.

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