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Shoes or bare feet?



  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 24,290 Member Member Posts: 24,290 Member
    I was barefoot a lot more before developing knee issues. Now I like the support. Still barefoot for yoga.

    I have indoor-only shoes.

    When I lived in Okinawa my landlord was adamant about no shoes in the house, and I liked that policy, and wish I could convince family members to do the same, or at least have indoor-only shoes.
  • MostlyWaterMostlyWater Member Posts: 4,239 Member Member Posts: 4,239 Member
    After 2 broken toes, ripping ligaments in both ankles, and wearing out my plant plate on one foot, it's shoes. Always. Even in the shower.
  • concordanciaconcordancia Member Posts: 5,319 Member Member Posts: 5,319 Member
    Socks for dancing, bare feet for everything else.
  • siobhanaoifesiobhanaoife Member, Premium Posts: 138 Member Member, Premium Posts: 138 Member
    Shoes for elliptical because the treads hurt my feet otherwise.

    Shoes for weight bearing exercise in general because I need the support to prevent knee injuries and accommodate some foot problems.
  • ArraletheArralethe Member Posts: 43 Member Member Posts: 43 Member
    Yoga is barefoot, on my mat. Lifting or aerobics is in trainers, for foot and ankle support.
  • netitheyetinetitheyeti Member Posts: 538 Member Member Posts: 538 Member
    I have socks that have rubber on the soles, I use those when I'm at my apartment... if I'm visiting my parents I have a pair of shoes I only use inside the house
  • tapwaterstapwaters Member Posts: 428 Member Member Posts: 428 Member
    Shoes, I have flat feet and doing any home gym equipment barefooted would risk injury. Plus, having proper arch support helps proper form and efficiency.
    edited March 6
  • WhatsthemotiveWhatsthemotive Member, Premium Posts: 146 Member Member, Premium Posts: 146 Member
    I wear some sort of supportive shoe all the time. I even have slippers from an orthopedic shoe store. I have unusual foot and ankle issues though.
  • cyfehr76cyfehr76 Member, Premium Posts: 42 Member Member, Premium Posts: 42 Member
    Non-weight workouts especially It helps with balance. Anything
  • riffraff2112riffraff2112 Member Posts: 1,755 Member Member Posts: 1,755 Member
    I use a pair of crocs for my elliptical trainer but barefoot for weight training, stretching and yoga.
  • youngmomtazyoungmomtaz Member Posts: 1,082 Member Member Posts: 1,082 Member
    Bare foot or barefoot style very minimalist shoes. Every workout is in this style. Heavy lift days, runs, long hikes, aerobics, etc. I transitioned to barefoot after 2 separate bouts of stress fractures about 15-16 years ago and have not looked back. My lower legs gained so much strength and I have not dealt with shin splints or the horrible stress fractures since.
  • JessAndreiaJessAndreia Member Posts: 532 Member Member Posts: 532 Member
    Shoes. Feel like I have more balance. I have a couple pairs of indoor only shoes (only put them on when exercising).
    edited March 7
  • Alinouveau2Alinouveau2 Member Posts: 1,216 Member Member Posts: 1,216 Member
    Shoes. I've a pair dedicated to indoor use. I need the support. I roll my ankles frequently, going on week 3 of tenderness from the last one, and after I had plantar fasciitis I realized I need the support.
  • Grace_spaceshipGrace_spaceship Member Posts: 80 Member Member Posts: 80 Member
    Barefoot indoors where socially acceptable. Barefoot shoes (I love vivobarefoot) pretty much everywhere else!
  • JthanmyfitnesspalJthanmyfitnesspal Member, Premium Posts: 2,883 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,883 Member
    Of course we all wear shoes when we're doing stuff like spin bike or treadmill (not that I have one, sadly). The question is what to wear when you're doing a "rug workout" of some kind. I do a combo of ab-crunches, push-ups, bar curls, and bands. Except for abs, I don't like doing it barefoot, so it do it in my indoor Ugs. I've also had a pair of indoor-only Crocks that were great for the purpose.
  • 75in201375in2013 Member Posts: 367 Member Member Posts: 367 Member
    I wear shoes most of the times. When I'm indoor cycling I'm using my cycling shoes with cleats. When I'm lifting I use shoes with elevated heels and a big flat sole. Not using shoes when I'm doing body weight exercises, stretching etc.
  • ZNnerissaZNnerissa Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    If I am jumping rope or doing any sort of cardio then shoes. For strength training I prefer barefoot.
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