Down 62lbs since 9-2020 (Photos)

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It was a switch that just needed to flip. I was tired of looking at the last 5 years of struggle that reflected in the mirror.

Developed a routine, accountability, positive thinking was new for me and took practice, no restrictive dietary exclusions just thoughtful choices and accountability for the things I do choose.

1-3 days in the gym and 30min fast walk/jog on weekends.











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    That is amazing, well done :)
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    Awesome job! Well done :)

    You look much younger now!
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    Thats awesome, you looks great.
  • Latrellis
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    New person! Great job!
  • judefit1
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    You look great, and I'm betting you feel great- thanks for sharing your success- and your great looking meals!
  • FreeFor40
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    You cracked the code! Well done. I have a a few quick question. Did your alcohol consumption change during the last 6 months? Did you incorporate a fast of any kind? Did you track your calories daily during the 6 months? Thank you.
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    Great job! You look terrific...
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    Wow, impressive! 👏
    10 lbs a month for six months. Please tell us more. This is unbelievable.
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    So Awesome!!!
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    Congrats!!! You are amazing!!
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    Great work, congratulations!
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    Well done! Not easy, but worth it!
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    Great job!!
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    Great Job!
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    You look really great! Totally different guy. Thanks for sharing!
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    You have done really well! Congratulations 😊
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    Well done! I think you look younger and nice.. and thank you for sharing your meals.. they look pretty healthy🤤 Drooling!
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    You are glowing! Your body is all happy because you are doing all the right things. So inspiring!
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    Great job! I’m hoping to find the same success. Very inspiring!