I am, apparently a clown. Lost 130lbs, and put every single pound back on in the last two years.

Welcome to the circus! Just need to vent this out, as.... I don't really know where to vent it out at.

myfitnesspal was absolutely instrumental in getting into the best shape of my life (also a lot of weight lifting and martial arts). It took me around 2-3 years to go from 315lbs to 185lbs.

I mean, things I'm sure were slowly creeping back on, but then the pandemic hit. I didn't leave my house, didn't exercise, had all my food delivered, etc for a year.

Stepped on the scale today. Holy cow.

I went from having visible vascularity on my legs to stay puft marshmallow man in the blink of an eye. I thought I was like 250ish, MAYBE 260ish, but wow. Every single pound came back.

Lessons learned! Not much I can do but go back at it! At least I have a better handle on "new normal" now, and have a diet/exercise routine that works despite the quarantine/pandemic. Just wish I did it a year ago, but oh well!

This pandemic has been awful. Absolutely truly awful. The government telling me to #stayhome did incredible damage to my physical and mental health, and took a long time to get a handle on.


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    I’m among many who put back weight previously lost during the pandemic. It’s been a tough time. I’m trying to look forward, not to dwell on failure.