What was the most difficult obstacle in your weightloss journey?

Just wondering... I'm starting my journey over


  • VanElle69
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    Dealing with food cravings when I wasn’t hungry. I used various techniques to overcome them from brushing my teeth, doing some yoga, drinking a glass of water...whatever works to distract and divert.
  • pessxx
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    that my husband eats everything he wants, he does not have health issues and so I need to resist. Don't get me wrong he eats healthy , but sometimes is difficult with the meals he has
  • LisAri72
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    My boyfriend who is a foot taller can eat whatever he wants it seems and it’s so tempting.
  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
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  • MaltedTea
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    Negative mindset aka my bad brain. She's nicer to me now.
  • PositiveChange2013
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    I've had very good success in the past with weight loss only to end up gaining most, if not all the weight back. And then some. I was finally diagnosed with binge eating disorder a couple of years ago and am now realizing what's happening. Working on the why is a lot more difficult.
  • GummiMundi
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    Changing my mindset. Once I accomplished that, everything else was much simpler than I had anticipated.
  • MaggieGirl135
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    I’m with @KHMcG .... me, me, me, me, me 😕
  • girlwithcurls2
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    Myself. Listening to negative thinking from years of being cautioned against "getting fat" as a child and young adult. Once I got out of my own way and started to see what I was capable of mentally and physically, it got a lot easier.
  • Thoin
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    Just wondering... I'm starting my journey over

    Keeping the weight I lost off.
  • Fuzzipeg
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    My biggest obstacle to achieving better health, therefore weight was being able to find someone to identify and treat my health issues. Having defined the many problems, interrelated issues with the help of a BANT registered Nutritionist (UK) using standard blood tests, I've overcome a raft of endocrine issues using relevant treatments.
  • chocolate_owl
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    Pain, which prevented consistency. Now that I've had surgery, am doing PT twice a week, and have the pain under control, I'm able to be a lot more consistent about getting up and moving, and I'm not turning to food and drink for comfort/pleasure or out of boredom.
  • MsCzar
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    mel941980 wrote: »
    For me it's been the realization that this is a lifetime commitment, and I don't get to be `normal' if that makes sense. I had a bit of a meltdown last week. It has taken me 15 months to lose 80lbs and it was the first time I really accepted that my journey isn't ever going to end. I'm going to need to log my food, workout and be mindful unless I want to gain weight back.

    I look at it much like someone might diabetes or a food allergy. Obesity is a condition that must be vigilantly managed and dietary adjustments are here to stay.

    As for obstacles - I have yet to master selecting and portioning food eaten outside the home. Often at work, there are lots of complimentary goodies. It's tough to say no to a fully expensed meal with drinks.
  • pessxx
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    sometimes i feel that i want to be the same person dressed in another body, i have lymphedema in low extremities and is getting worse and worse when is sunny and warm or hot outside when everybody loves this , I hate this and there is water retention and I am fighting with all these ,but sometimes I have moments when I know though I am a fighter, this is beating me
    I am however a fighter :) I should never forgot <3