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  • bananasandoranges
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    edited April 4
    this evening: 1 good hour tidying/cleaning/etc : wiping shelves, drawers, planted some geraniums in window boxes, got rid of some extra lids, sorted socks, managed to pile up laundry so it's decent (washing machine broken for several weeks, and new one arriving in 9 days!). 3h +1h writing sessions. not massive, but better than some days.

    ringing in ears. this started when i saw that weird dentist and he put a metal thing in my tooth, (and said he didn't) i'm pretty sure. i need to call or write to him and ask if he glued it in. the last dentist said he normally shouldn't have, but i think he did... not sure though, maybe there are permanent and temp glues???

    Really really cold out yesterday but quite a bit more pleasant and sunny by the end of the day again today.
  • grandmallie
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    KJ congrats..
  • KetoneKaren
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    Barbara - I actually think it is pretty easy to replate with copper, even as a DIY project, with an electroplating kit. Maybe the copper is simply oxidizing, and not actually wearing off? If so, it will be developing a green patina. I love the green, but I can understand how a person might prefer a shiny copper. If I remember correctly, you dissolve some salt in an acidic liquid like lemon juice or vinegar, get the copper wet with the solution, and then use a soft cloth to get rid of the green and shine it up. Or use Everbrite.

    Waiting for a young couple to come & pick up the deck furniture - table, chairs, bench. Good solid furniture, should last them many years. Freecycle is wonderful.

    Karen in Virginia
  • cityjaneLondon
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    KJ --- Wonderful!!!!!! <3

    Heather UK xxxxxx '
  • dlfk202000
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    KJLaMore wrote: »
    It is still early; but guess who is going to have her third grandchild before the end of this year?! Yup! Joaquin and Miguel are going to have a baby sibling! DD and DSIL are hoping for a girl, but both agree at this point, a boy would be cheaper/easier. Due sometime early December. So...they won't be coming to Michigan to visit this year. I will probably make at least one more trip down, but might also save up my time off so I can be there in December after baby is born for a couple of weeks or more. For right now, we are quietly celebrating until she is through the first trimester! <3 KJ

  • pipcd34
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    Stats for the day-

    Other- 1hr 30min 35sec, dust, vacuum, = 412c
    Walk w/family- 1hr 14min 51sec, 77ahr, 90mhr, 3.52mi= 328c
    Strava app- 426c

    Total cal 740

    Happy keister
  • Machka9
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    sh0tzz99 wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote: »

    The TV didn't come on until about 7 pm. :)

    Machka in Oz

    I love not having the TV on. It hasn't been on since last Tuesday evening. I need to work on less computer and phone screen time.

    Tina in CA

    That's one of the things I like about cycling. It's too hilly to go right from home, so we drive to better locations and then ride ... a weekend ride can take me away from my computer for 3 or 4 hours! :)

    M in Oz
  • Katla49
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  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 19,950 Member
  • evie1958
    evie1958 Posts: 648 Member
    Debbie, I'm so sorry about your kitty
    KJ, congrats on baby to be!
    Heather how wonderful to be able to meet up with your family! and to have had your vaccinations!
    Kim, I'm sorry to hear that your brother is still being a blankety blank blank.
    Pip, enjoy your new camper, it does look pretty!

    We are still waiting for any news about our jabs. It's going by age here, and they are only at those over 73. Hubby is 65 and I am 62, so could be a bit yet. There will also be quite a gap between first and second jabs, up to 12 weeks. The rationale being "give everyone at least one shot and it will be better than nothing". However if our government had not been dragging its feet...... and hadn't let all the drug manufacturers leave the country (well, not given them any incentive to remain in the country)...... Ah well, it is what it is and I just have to be patient. Not that it will change my life dramatically, I do still get to see the grandkids (we are emergency daycare) and I have been getting together with a friend on Sunday mornings to go for a walk. My friends and I have also started getting together outside for our craft afternoon. We all bring our own beverage/snack and we are distanced and there are only four of us. We did have to quit mid Nov, it was just getting too cold and rainy, but very happy to be back at it! So nice actually seeing people!
    Our province has clamped down again, no indoor dining in restaurants and no group fitness activities. Earlier they had said no to high energy group fitness (spin classes, HIIT classes, that kind of thing), but the core strength class that I was taking was okay, the focus being more on strength than cardio, but .... again, it is what it is. This clampdown is only for two more weeks, but then we'll see how the numbers are, it may last longer.
    My favourite colours are in the blue-green palette, that is, most shades of blue, most shades of green and I love a nice aqua or teal! I also have started embracing my inner girl and have started incorporating a bit of pink, but just a bit! lol
    That's it for me, it's getting late and I have a load of laundry on the bed that needs to be folded before I can go to bed.
    Hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to the newbies!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
  • wizzywig
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    Happy Easter B)

    Last week, my friend Jean invited me for coffee in her garden (now that we are allowed to meet up - outside) a few of my other friends were there too. It was so nice to be able to socialise again, I didn't realise how much I'd missed it. (Zoom is better than nothing, but it's not the same.) It was my birthday the day afterwards, so they gave me cards and presents, I can't believe that I am 65 years old. Where have the years gone? I can't wait until we can arrange more days out together. Keeping fingers crossed that by the time it is Jean's birthday in May, we can have a day out at the coast to celebrate.

    Thanks to Barbie for starting us off on the right track for April, as usual, I'm late to the "party" and still catching up, but for now I've been putting off my exercise session for long enough, time to get out the exercise mat and limber up!

    Take care and love to all <3
    Viv UK
  • spikeyhair
    spikeyhair Posts: 2,039 Member
    Kate UK ❤️
  • KetoneKaren
    KetoneKaren Posts: 5,487 Member
    Kelly - a new grandbaby - <3o:)<3
  • Katla49
    Katla49 Posts: 8,910 Member
    Allie: It is great to hear that you’re able to do more than in the recent past. YAY!!! :bigsmile:

    Sue in WA: Good news that you’ll be able to enjoy swimming at the YM pool again. :heart:

    I am looking forward to going out to the stable in the near future. My last visit there was in early December. After Christmas I fell down the steps from the parking area and bonked my head. Not long after that, the pandemic began and we started wearing masks in public. Now we have had both of our CoVid vaccinations and we are still wearing our masks in public. Many people have not had their turns for vaccinations yet.

    We are hoping to spend time with our good friends and family once again, and have a bit of fun in life. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for happier times ahead.

    Katla in NW Oregon
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 19,950 Member

    Distance: 21.31 km
    Elev Gain: 153 m
    Time: 1h 11m

    Nice evening bicycle ride. :)

    Before that, we went to a place called Grindelwald, a little courtyard with shops and cafes based on a Swiss village, for lunch. That was lovely. :)

    Today was a good day to go because apparently yesterday was just chockers! It's a popular tourist place.

    Machka in Oz
  • kymarai
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    Debbie HUGS! Still miss my Sara horribly.
    Kelly Congratulations!

    You all help keep me grounded. Thank you!
  • kymarai
    kymarai Posts: 2,681 Member
    Had to go get the laptop.....
    If I have explained this before, sorry for repeating. I think lots, but don't always post.....
    So my girls asked me what we were doing for Easter. No one was any help in deciding, so.....husband wanted to go down to farm. Oldest daughter wanted to go to farm (only an hour for her). Suggestion by me.....DH and I were heading to KY on Saturday after work. Our truck looked like the Clampetts it was so packed. We even had a chair in it. The girls options were to meet at the farm for food, fun, and egg hunt or meet for the same at our house on Sunday around 4 for the same or oldest family meet at farm and youngest family meet at our house. Confusing, right? Both daughters decided to meet us at the farm on Sunday! Yay! So plans were made. I feel like this is the first time I have had some quiet since Wednesday! Thursday after work was organizing what we needed to take with us, laundry, work stuffs. Friday after work, we had planned on going to Walmart, but after picking up a used TV from a friend and having a truck full of beds in boxes, we went to another friend's home and picked up some more furniture they were giving away. The farmhouse was empty so we are refurnishing. So Saturday morning, I went to Walmart(btw the first time I have been in that store in 18 mths). I needed household items and groceries to take to KY. DH stayed home and started packing the truck. We parked that truck in the garage and took a different one to work. When we got home from work around 2, we finished getting things together and were on the road about 3. It took basically 2.5 hrs to pack the truck and we unloaded it in 1.5 hours. We put the food away and set up one bed to let it breathe before heading into town for dinner. I was STARVING and getting hangry. We found out the mattress is suppose to rest for 72 hours to reach its full potential. OOPS. I hope we didn't stress it too much by sleeping on it anyway. It was a long night! I am use to a king bed and we were in a double, not yet inflated bed in a strange room. We always slept upstairs before as "our" room was once his mom's room. DH had wanted to go to the flea market in the morning, but both girls were there around 11. We set up a tv, set up the other bed upstairs, hung some more pictures, and I scrubbed the bathroom-ugh! It is better but still no where I would like it to be. DH finally went outside to do some things out there. But he "needed" my help lots. I just wanted to sit and be quiet for a while, but so much to do. I decided to mop the kitchen floor ( oldest and I didn't get that done two weeks ago). Neither the Norwex mop nor the swifter helped. It just made it sticky! YUCK! I don't know when it was actually cleaned last. I ended up using a scrub brush and dawn. WOW! Big difference! I only got about a quarter of it done before the families arrived. I was NOT cleaning floors while I had family there. The guys played ball in the field near the house. Oldest granddaughter practiced her flag techniques. Youngest granddaughter cheered everyone on. Daughters and I just hung out outside and talked. Youngest granddaughter helped me make the fruit salad, oldest granddaughter helped make the egg salad, daughters helped fill plastic eggs with $ and chocolate. Our menu was fruit salad, ham, turkey, choice of hawaian rolls or croissants, veggie tray, and chips. Girls brought brownies, cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Everything easy with simple clean up. Afterwards we hid the eggs for the kids. They each have their own colors. Oldest grandson is color blind, so his all have a design on them. We found all but one! Thank goodness it only had $1 in it! After cleaning up kitchen, the kids all shot their bb guns then they all left. DH worked on clearing rocks from flower bed edges while I prepared the farmhouse for us leaving. I still haven't finished the kitchen floor. Oh well, it has waited 14 years for a good cleaning, another weekend won't matter. I did get a little sun on my chest yesterday. All in all it was a great weekend! I was happy to be home in my own bed last night!

    For all of you with bird feeders, just saw on the news that song birds are carrying lots of Salmonella, so make sure to wash hands before touching face.

    Favorite color/colors- my favorite is deep purple. I like the red, purple, blue pallets. Some greens. I like deep rich color. Our home is mainly deep rich earth colors. I don't care for beiges, yellows (except on daffodils), or tans. Like someone else said, those look dirty to me. The MIL's man painted the farmhouse 3 different shades of yellow. Yuck! Not repainting right now though, so will live with it! Not sure why he thought it would sell with those colors. Then again, he wasn't planning on Pat dying, so probably hoping the place wouldn't sell. Well, it didn't, but he is out.

    I reckon I need to get this day going. I am already stressed and not even at work yet!!!! Anyway, I did end last week averaging 10K steps a day. Plus!!!!

    Welcome to the New Ladies!
    Hugs to All as we ALL need them!
    Kylia feeling blessed in Ohio
  • kymarai
    kymarai Posts: 2,681 Member
    Sorry so long, just so much to share!