Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • GlennCrossFit
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    Let’s connect and motivate each other 💫
  • ketoqueen714
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    Always looking for motivators...... add me
  • GeekDadCS
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    Hello! Future friends on motivation buddies are always welcome!
  • ang3lin1
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    Iiialways looking for positivity, I’m recovering from anorexia and could use all the support as possible.
  • kerbear6565
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    Just started with no friends yet. Hope to get some!
  • tmur09
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    I've been consistently logging for 65 days and find it helps to have friends for motivation and accountability! Feel free to add me and we can help each other stay on track.
  • Soon2BSuper
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    Hello MFP. I'm back after a long hiatus to get my healthy habits back in check. Pandemic stress got me down pretty bad and I feel I've gone from Superman to Endgame Thor (Spoiler). Gotta get it back. 2 Days in but open to rebuilding my support network as much of my list is no longer active. Turning 49 next week so goal is to be perfect by 50!
  • Benjago_Crowe
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    Hey guys. Ben from Virginia Beach with a lot of pounds to drop that would love to have some accountability and support friends. Feel free to give me an add.
  • Sheisalexr
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    Hey 👋,
    I'm a type 1 diabetic and only recently started weighing my food (eyeballing it just doesn't work). I'm planning to lose about 20 lbs and then start building muscle. My main goal is to get shredded. We'll see if I make it anywhere near that, but I'm just taking it one day at a time.

    Add me! I am in desperate need of friends & random folks to stay accountable with 😃!
  • thecaptchacode
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    Still looking for more pals 😁 I post food pics!
  • Hi Everyone! I'm new here! I just started my fitness journey 7 days ago. My goals is to get fit, lose weight and gain more confidence. Hoping I can gain friends here to support and guide me through my journey! Thanks guys!
  • Sunnypatel93
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    Hi all, looking to network with more people to share some inspiration and ideas on our fitness journeys :) Feel free to add me/send me a message
  • SCSI22
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  • XxMeekEmilyXx
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    I’ve been on MFP for a little bit and could definitely use some friends at this point for some motivation, and can offer the same. :) All are welcome.

    Thank you.
  • terimilhon16
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    Hi👋 trying this for the 3rd time....I'm thinking it might be do to lack of support, since I really don't talk about my journey to anyone lol....
  • juanwilly1
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    Back again and trying to lose the same 10 lbs...over and over again! Need support of you all! Open diary of food and exercise. Support offered. Gracias. JW

  • LegionOfZoom
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    Hitting it hard! Happy to have more friends and accountability
  • TheMarty1
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    Active eeerday! add if you are looking for active friends!
  • rick60rt
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    Still learning this app. Looking for supportive community/friends to keep me inspired. Have lost about 55lbs. Still got about 180lbs to go. feel free to add me
  • labebesita
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    Support buddy here :) feel free to add