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    March start weight 240.6
    April start weight 236.2 (March 31)
    April goal weight 232.0
    Silly ultimate goal weight 185.... when I can imagine it it will be real.

    Apr 1:236.2
    Apr 8: 239.2 Not at all sure what happened here. More attention this week!
    Apr 22:
    Apr 29:
    Apr 30:

    (begin rant)

    Ever get totally irritated with yourself? I had a long discussion with Me in the wee hours last night. The trigger for this is not important. But by daybreak I had developed a new attitude -- let's call it Determined, with a fair amount of Fed Up.

    Setting a new goal, along with the interim goals we set here each month. Three months from tomorrow is July 14. That's 13 weeks. I have a doctor's appointment that day. Whatever it takes, I am going to drop 20 pounds by then. No excuses, no backsliding, no more. Basically a pound and a half a week..... Today was 238.6.

    Posting it here for accountability. Things have to change.

    (end rant)

    This is inspiring! Determination normally works better than Motivation ;) . Maybe the below can be helpful for someone