Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • BaileysDad19
    BaileysDad19 Posts: 8 Member
    Most definitely!!! Need as much motivation as I can get.
  • Kdkatie3
    Kdkatie3 Posts: 9 Member
    I would love to re-introduce myself again! The name is Katie and I would love to make more friends. The pandemic has put a damper on my mood and over all health.I notice I started eating more fast food,binge eating, drinking lots of coffee, and alcohol. I have cut back on the fast food, no more coffee, or alcohol for a long time. I just started the 12-3-30 challenge this thursday. I am also doing the 67 day group challenge by Beatrice Caruso on youtube if anyone wants to join us!
  • Beclynrob
    Beclynrob Posts: 8 Member
    Hey! :blush:
    24 years old, currently working on losing about 45 lbs and just overall getting my health back in check. Hypothyroidism, pcos, and insulin resistance has taken its toll fo sho. Add me!
  • susan200012
    susan200012 Posts: 5 Member
    I need friends! Also need all the tips and motivation anyone has to give. Would be honored to add you as a friend.
  • neffyworld
    neffyworld Posts: 89 Member
    Yes please
  • NecessaryChange
    NecessaryChange Posts: 91 Member
    Feel free to add me ☺️ good luck on your journies!
  • anna_nintey3
    anna_nintey3 Posts: 843 Member
    Feel free to add me, looking for supportive friends
  • TommyTS88
    TommyTS88 Posts: 28 Member
    Feel free to add me!!!!
  • Relema
    Relema Posts: 2 Member
    Add me I need all the friends and motivation I can get
  • WaveRunner91
    WaveRunner91 Posts: 13 Member
    Please feel free to add me. I haven’t been on since July. Need to drop 15 lbs. Would love the encouragement and friendship!
  • 10Licker
    10Licker Posts: 7 Member
    Relatively new and in need of some motivational friends! Please add me!
  • diesel073
    diesel073 Posts: 15 Member
    Starting over and could use some friends to help motivate!! Please feel free to add :)
  • Richiemaerk
    Richiemaerk Posts: 307 Member
    If you look I got 3 friends. Would love more haven’t been on in a while but thought I would try again.
  • noturningback_215
    noturningback_215 Posts: 71 Member
    Feel free to add me. I just reached my weight loss goal of 215lbs and am willing help anyone with motivation or support.
    Good luck!
  • YaaaahJoli
    YaaaahJoli Posts: 34 Member
    I would love some supportive friends.
  • gothbomb
    gothbomb Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! I could really use some support, so add me if you want the same ~
  • PerfectToMe
    PerfectToMe Posts: 1 Member
    I want friends
  • MelindaSRodabaugh
    MelindaSRodabaugh Posts: 1 Member
    Motivation is definitely what I need. I’ve just restarted my fitness stuff. I’ve gone about 6 days without soda and started my workout the other day. Motivation is key for me personally as I have low will power.
  • MrsChar4Freedom
    MrsChar4Freedom Posts: 7 Member
    edited April 2021
    Me but I don't know how to request, help.
  • alancorey1979
    alancorey1979 Posts: 112 Member
    nobody loves me.... guess I'll just go eat worms.