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Time to Add New Exercises!

MsCzarMsCzar Member Posts: 430 Member Member Posts: 430 Member
For almost a year, along with some occasional half-hearted upper body weight lifting, it's been all rebounder, all the time. I love my rebounder (mini-trampoline) and with daily workouts, the results have been amazing! I'm 72 lbs/5+ stone down and my saddlebags and ham hock thighs are now a distant bad memory.

I am still about 35 lbs/2.5 stone away from my goal and much of that remains in a considerable fat apron I've yet to shed. Who has a good suggestion - maybe a YouTube workout - that I can add/alternate with my 30 minute rebounding sessions to target my saggy belly?


  • JthanmyfitnesspalJthanmyfitnesspal Member, Premium Posts: 2,815 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,815 Member
    Wow, note to self: try a rebounder. Your results are inspiring!

    Anyway, there are so many things you can do that it's impossible to make a suggestion without some knowledge of what you enjoy. My suggestion this time of year is to take up something outdoors, be it just walking/hiking. With good leg strength, walking uphill becomes rather fun.

    Best continued success!
  • MsCzarMsCzar Member Posts: 430 Member Member Posts: 430 Member
    Thanks to the rebounder - and 50-100 calf-raises most days, my legs feel like steel. 😁

    It's all points north that need attention. I admit, I do struggle with sticking to a weight-lifting routine and am doing zero ab/core work right now. So I'd probably need a beginner's workout. I have a weight bench and a padded floor work out mat - both of which gather dust most days.

    I like working out to music and try to build playlists to reflect the cadence of exercise reps to a particular exercise.
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  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Member, Premium Posts: 25,744 Member Member, Premium Posts: 25,744 Member
    I've been having fun with the Down Dog Barre app recently. There's a paid version, but I've been using the free. You can set your custom time limit and get a varying set of different body weight resistance style exercises each day -- the focus is on legs and core. Some of the moves were new to me, but there is a video guide that is easy to follow.
  • JthanmyfitnesspalJthanmyfitnesspal Member, Premium Posts: 2,815 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,815 Member
    My upper body solution has been swimming. Not that many people like it and it takes a lot of practice to be good at it.

    I also have a regular workout I do with weights and bands. It isn't glamorous and I don't get much enjoyment from it, but it is very effective when done regularly.

    My wife swears by her Pilates class. But, she also loves walking/hiking and we both love kayaking (and I love paddle boarding). Kayaking is a huge pain unless you have a rental location nearby. Then you get to have a nice paddle and just walk away with a simile on your face!
  • sweetdaisy13sweetdaisy13 Member Posts: 183 Member Member Posts: 183 Member
    I also have a Rebounder (mini trampoline) had it almost 4 years and it's the best exercise equipment I've ever bought! I love that I can use it when the children are in bed, as it's a bungee rope rather than spring, so really quiet and doesn't wake them up.

    I tend to do 3 x 45 mins proper workout on it each week, but everyday I use it, even if it's just a light bounce for 20 mins. It helps with my running as it's less impact on my joints and helps reduce injuries.

    I have recently started doing isometric exercises (MinusTheGym workouts on YouTube) to start toning up my 'wobbly bits'. The fact that no equipment is needed is a bonus for me and it works your whole body. The exercises are not complicated and the videos are easy to follow. I tend to do a 15-20 mins isometric workout, followed by a recovery 30 mins bounce on the trampoline.
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  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 7,262 Member Member Posts: 7,262 Member
    Why not try some full body workouts? Sydney Cummings on YouTube has a new workout every day and at least once a week(if not more) she incorporates targeted ab/core work.
  • age_is_just_a_numberage_is_just_a_number Member, Premium Posts: 425 Member Member, Premium Posts: 425 Member
    You cannot target lose weight.
    As you lose your remaining weight, some will come from the belly.
    It is difficult to tighten skin after it has been stretched, but depends on how long you carried the extra pounds.
    You will also want to include some total body and core exercises to further build muscle. I suggest Pilates. I’ve been using the free FitOn app. They have a variety of trainers. I like Cassey Ho. She does Pilates workouts.
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