Looking to build some muscle and lose fat

Hi all, I'm looking to lose some fat & build muscle but cannot change my goal settings. Do I need to upgrade to do this? Thanks, owlfarts :-)


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    Do I need to upgrade to do this?

    Not at all - just go to your Goals tab from your Home page (browser version).
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    Thanks all, I'll see what I can do, I want to remain on low carb. I am a diabetic, have arthritis, fibromyalgia and neck/hip/ and spinal pain. Am 57 years old. I am off insulin now and want to continue w/ my fitness regimen, was basically looking for tips/ tricks to help with things.
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    I'm with you @owlfarts1...my goal is to build muscle and lose fat. I am taking a Body Fat Analysis on Tues...very serious. I have resistance bands I will start working with. And will do a Yoga routine. I am Osteoporosis, and NEED to get my bones strong too! I belong to Curves and had a great workout today! Grrreat that you are off insulin! Don't have any tips or tricks..just working on on my exercise and eating LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) ...cutting out the carbs I don't need...You will get support here! WELCOME!! Best Always!
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    Glad to meet you Debilang, 😊 sounds like you're really working at your getting strong 👍 I understand about the bones, so sorry you have osteoporosis, the resistance bands are the way to go, it will strengthen your bones and help prevent injuries. I am post menopause and also have degenerative bone disease (on top of everything else lol) and am trying to lift weights as well as using a treadmill. I got a home gym a couple of years ago but didn't really get serious about it until a couple of months ago, lost my insurance when hubby retired, and ran out of diabetes meds so decided it was time to do something. Now am in at the VA and can go to a doc again soon. Low carb is certainly the way to go, it has really helped with the diabetes. Good luck with your analysis and thank you for the greetings :-)
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    For me it's all about tweaking as I go as my joints often dictate how I can exercise and how much but walking has been extremely useful for both myself and my hubby who has /had diabetes also diet.
    Good luck!
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    Thank you annliz23 :-) I understand, my joints pretty much dictate what I can do, esp. my hips. I also put my hubby on a low carb diet, it has worked wonders.