My success so far.



  • solieco1
    solieco1 Posts: 1,559 Member
    Great story you are writing for this life! Well done!!!

    I hope the endocrinologist has some ideas. A friend of mine had similar constant hunger and an endocrinologist was able to help with hers. Turned out to be caused by an easily removable cyst on her thyroid. She said they told her there were several things that could cause it. I don't know all the details but you might be on the right track!

  • Hope228
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    Wow, just amazing. You are an inspiration. <3
  • NC_Girl
    NC_Girl Posts: 177 Member
    Glad to hear that you had your tests done. Sorry about diabetics but with their guidance and your determination I bet you will get that under control. Yikes on the cost! Don't give up on it though..... Things have a way of working out. Keep up the great work!
  • cugogirl2017
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    Wow! Incredible story. Thank you for posting. My three words to describe you: Courageous, honest, persevering! Well done and you have helped so many by posting this is so inspirational!
  • NC_Girl
    NC_Girl Posts: 177 Member
    Rich I'm listening! Great job and I'm so proud of you. You will help many people.
  • fitstrongfitlove
    fitstrongfitlove Posts: 58 Member
    You deserve the life you want. One day at a time. You will get there :)
  • NC_Girl
    NC_Girl Posts: 177 Member
    Hi Rich, wondering how you are doing? Hoping that you are still making good progress. If it's not to personal I was just wondering how your relationship is with your adopted mom. I was wondering that after listening to your interview.
  • speyerj
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    Hi Rich,

    Just came across this post and want to add how impressed I am with how you overcame such adversity to get to where you are today.

    I also have a similar problem with feeling hungry even when I am obviously full. I've always felt like my appetite didn't have an off switch. As though my appetite only had two modes - starving or sick to my stomach from eating too much. I'm trying to listen better, but I still feel hunger when I'm not calorie deprived. I've wondered if I either don't produce enough leptin or have leptin resistance. Or maybe I've learned to ignore the messages that leptin was trying to send. Logging definitely helps. Knowing that I just consumed a 600 calorie dinner helps me ignore those "I'm still hungry" signals I get even after eating a full meal. I'm hoping I'll get better at internal regulation as time goes on, but until then, I have MFP.

    At any rate, both you and I have proved that no matter what handicap we face in trying to lose weight, we can overcome them and be successful losers anyway. Thanks for sharing your story. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.
  • tdsimoes67
    tdsimoes67 Posts: 18 Member
    Wow is all I can say, even with the issue of never feeling full, look how far you have come. I hope you find the answers that you need to deal with the hunger, and I love hearing you say that you are is small steps, one at a time that will get us to where we want to be and it looks like you have come a long way.....
  • dancewithemilia
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    Oh wow - this is so inspring!
  • Hotelsma
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    @NecessaryChange you my friend are an absolute legend mate. Amazing what you have achieved and true inspiration 👏🏽
  • Ironwoman1111
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    @NecessaryChange What a remarkable story!👏🏽😲🎉🎉🎉Outstanding! MyFitnessPal should do a blog about you.✨🏆🥇🌟
    Don’t ever stop smiling!🤙🏽🤩👌🏽
  • NecessaryChange
    NecessaryChange Posts: 91 Member
    @Ironwoman1111 Wow thanks so much, that's so kind of you to say.. I'm certainly trying to learn to smile more. 😝 I hope you have a great day!
  • NecessaryChange
    NecessaryChange Posts: 91 Member
    NC_Girl wrote: »
    Hi Rich, wondering how you are doing? Hoping that you are still making good progress. If it's not to personal I was just wondering how your relationship is with your adopted mom. I was wondering that after listening to your interview.

    Hi thank you so much for asking! I've been doing well I had my appointment with the nutritionist. Unfortunately, he put my calories very low and wasn't willing to adjust them or listen to my concerns. So I won't be going back to him. Our relationship is a bit awkward, my mom is very strong-willed but she's also very anxious and prideful which makes her worry a bit too much about what others think. I, on the other hand, and very honest and straightforward about whatever comes to mind and I'm not afraid of conflicting opinions. So we tend to argue a lot though it's always out of concern for one another. Even though we live in the same house we don't speak very often, it's unfortunate, but hopefully once I get on my feet and move out, our relationship can become a little better over time.
  • NecessaryChange
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    @speyerj wow I've never met somebody else who has the same issue as me. That's exactly how The hunger feels, I haven't found anyone else that understands or has felt anything similar. It's actually really nice to find somebody that has the same issue, but also very sad. I hope you've been able to deal with yours better than I have. Even when I used to eat until I was violently ill, I was still so hungry that it made me cry a few times at the frustration and confusion as to how I could be so hungry and feel my stomach telling me that it's empty when it was so clearly full and in massive pain from being way too full.
  • Nightfly01
    Nightfly01 Posts: 85 Member
    It took me a year and a half just to do the introduce yourself post, which I did this morning. I thought maybe I should put this here as it fits a bit better. My name is Rich, I'm 29. I spent probably close to 13 years hiding away in my house. Too ashamed to show my face. Scared whoever saw me would snap a pic.. make me a joke.. or worse.. embarass my family or blame them for how I turned out.. the truth is I had a tough childhood in the way that I had a few mentally taxing medical and learning/schooling issues bombard me at once. I didn't handle it well, mostly because I couldn't. But I have always been a fat kid, that wasn't the cause of my obesity. My problem was that I am NEVER full. Nothing is satiating no matter what restrictions I put in place what macros I tried to eat at, or how many small/frequent or larger/separated meals I had throughtout the day.. one thing never changed. My body feels like I'm starving. Not just hunger or craving.. but like I haven't had a piece of food in days. It's extremely odd. I had too many excuses and reasons to quit. I let fear and my quite crippling depression and negative thoughts rule me for over a decade.. but I wanted nothing more than to fit in.. be like everyone else. I want to work, drive, laugh.. I want to live, like everyone else. So one early *kitten* morning from binging youtube with pizza rolls to distract myself.. I made the decision that I was finally going to make that dream a reality.. that choice had come to me countless times.. they always ended in failure and even more weight gain. Maybe I didn't try hard enough or didn't really mean it, but this time was different. Since then (August 1st 2019), I have lost ~230 lbs. I'm very proud of what I have done so far. But it's so hard with this constant hunger looming over me. I hope this can inspire someone, or maybe you can relate to one part of the short story or another.. but I'm just getting started.. I have a lifetime to make up for and a lifetime of consistency and progress to strive towards. I can finally say that now I'm finally living.. and not just existing. Thank you for reading. And good luck on all of your goals and wellness journies.f9ctx0esiykd.jpg

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    Poobah1972 wrote: »
    You are a champ brother! I hope to follow in your footsteps. So happy for you?

    Have you had a seen a doctor at all and got some blood work done? I'm just curious, as it may shed some light on your hunger?

    Regardless though, you are truly inspiring. Keep up the good fight! :)

    I have, nothing seems to be off at all other than slightly elevated blood pressure, which right now has been recorded as normal for the past 3 months worth of Dr visits. I've learned that some of these tests can be hard though because a problem can only be caught during a flare up so it's very possible I'll need to do some sort of study or multiple tests in succession. I need to get my Dr to talk to me a bit more on what the problem could be. Luckily I have a follow up tomorrow lol. I also have an endocrinologist appointment in april. Some sort of hormone issue seems to be the favored guess as to what the hunger issue could be. Crossing my fingers. I just wanna know what the problem is so I can work with it lol.

    Well done you :)

    Btw, there's a documentary on Youtube called Battling Obesity at the Age of 5. It's about a wee little girl that seems to be constantly hungry. All the blood tests, etc. keep coming back normal, but one Doctor decided to do further tests with help of a specialist lab, and turns out that she has some genetic condition that affects her appetite and she constantly feels as if she hasn't eaten for days. The Dr. mentions that there are some medicines available, but unfortunately she was too young to take them. I though it was very interesting and it was fantastic to see a Dr. that listen to and believes the mother was trying her best, but nothing was working.

    I hope you too get a good doctor that listens to you. Keep up posted! :smile:
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