I need an Aussie Tribe!



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    @kailey0407 hello! Hope your recovery is going well. I hear ya about getting your head in the right space lol...for me this is a challenging but necessary journey!
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    Hello! Im from Bent Mountain, Virginia (United States). Ive had success with MFP a few times. Usually get up to 10 pounds gone amd them I backslide either seasonal related (wintertime blahs). Every spring I usually do well with burning that off but the older I get the harder this becomes! I will be 47 in July and have a good 20 pounds I’d like to get rid of for good. At this point I feel like my fat rolls are growing fat rolls! Im rather tall at 5”9’, at 188 currently, so my height does help, but this has got to stop!

    I enjoy running (not very fast runner), my elliptical, and taking long walks. Longest race ive done is a half which included 2 mountains (mostly walked that one!!), classified as Americas Toughest Road Race here in Roanoke, Virginia. It ‘bout killed me but I did it! Would like to try it again April 2022. I mainly enjoy small 5K’s.

    My biggest disappointment with MFP is the few friends I have who use this AP, arent serious and fall off. I want to get serious and find a community I cam have fun supporting and also recieve support. I would love to be part of a community if you all will have me!

    Thanks!! fmustangsncats (Susan)
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    Hi I'm ::gulp:: mid 50s and in FNQ and would love to join up in the tribe.

    I gained 9 kgs between May 2020 and March 2021 and I was already 19 kgs over where my doctor wanted me to be.

    I'm already down 4.7 kgs and my current small goal is to be back to where I was in May 2020 by the end of May 2021.
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    I'm Gemima from Adelaide, South Australia, in my really really really late 30's :wink: and want to join the best tribe in the world - the Aussie Tribe! :smiley:

    I am currently "re-finding" (I hate the word restarting) my journey. I have an awesome PT who is helping and I am currently getting back into running. I love strength training, hikes/trail walks, and cooking!

    This time, my "re-finding of my journey" will have my mental well-being at the forefront - I am finding out why I always self-sabotage. So far, I have had two extremely enlightening moments as to why - I feel such a weight off my shoulders and mind. I am also shunning daily weigh-ins - presently I am only doing weekly weigh-ins on Wednesdays. I have also started yoga to help with my lack of flexibility and foam rolling to help with my ITB issues.

    I am currently doing 3 days a week of walks/runs and 2 sessions of strength. I will build up to 3 sessions of strength when I feel stronger and more fit.

    Please don't be afraid to friend me - us Aussie's know how to have fun!
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    Hi Aussies!!

    I'm Jess, just turned 35/F/Sydney. I was 107.2kg, but through diet and exercising a little I have already lost 11kg in 60 days.

    Looking for Aussies who want to be MFP buddies, to share some stories, like and comment on feed posts and help keep each other motivated!!

    I've added OP and those who commented previously - hope you accept my requests :)


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    Hi and welcome Susan, kuranda10, Gemima and Jess! I've accepted a couple of your friend requests and sent a couple of you one from me. Sometimes I forget to post here, I just post on the main newsfeed which hopefully you can all see. Some people have said they can't see posts from some friends so I think this app can be a bit glitchy. Anyway, look forward to supporting you all on this no fat journey we're all travelling! 😊