Who needs a friend???? Do we match?

Hey all. I used to be pretty active on MFP way back when and then I was in a car wreck and that changed it all. Trying to get back in it and the one thing I know is friends help!! So who wants to be friends and drop these lbs together!!!

Alittle about me

I’m 35, married, and mama of one happy boy and one fur baby!

Height: 5’4”
SW: 228lbs
1st GW: 199lbs
2nd GW: 180lbs
3rd GW: 165lbs
UGW: 145lbs



  • Jenpec98
    Jenpec98 Posts: 52 Member
    I was on MFP in the past also, and it helped me lose a lot of weight.
    Im 41

    Height: 5'4"
    SW: 311
    CW: 295
    1st GW: 250
    2nd GW: 200
    3rd GW: 150
    UGW: 140
  • LiLeeMac
    LiLeeMac Posts: 4 Member
    edited May 2021
    Hi I'm back using this app. I didn't get good results last time in 2018, so I'm reaching out for friends this time. I've learned so much about intermittent fasting and it's curing my joint pain!
    I'm 59
    GW 130
    SW 175
    CW 155
    Married and no kids. Strong conservative republican Christian.
    Look forward to encouraging you!
  • LiLeeMac
    LiLeeMac Posts: 4 Member
    Can I ask why you both have more than one GW? It stands for Goal Weight, right?
  • xxflab2fiitmamaxx
    xxflab2fiitmamaxx Posts: 6 Member
    Lileemac. For me it’s small steps rather then big leaps will get me further. And accomplishing the little wins will build my confidence
  • SammiGirl1321
    SammiGirl1321 Posts: 27 Member
    Hello I’m a stay at home mama to three. I have a three year old, 2 year old, and a 7 month old. I used MFP after I had my second baby and lost 50 pounds but I’m starting over since gaining the weight back during pregnancy. I’ve started my weight loss journey in April so that I can lose this weight for good and finally feel good in my own skin again. I’m breastfeeding so I try to stick to 1800 calories to keep up with my supply.
    I’m 27 and 5’4
    My SW-231
    1st goal- 199
    UG- 150-160 range
  • nicolekristine
    nicolekristine Posts: 1 Member
    Hey mama- let's be friends!

    I was super conscious about what I ate and was active on MFP right after I had gastric bypass. I lost 136 lbs, met my soon to be husband, and now I've gained 70 lbs back 😥.

    I'm getting married in July and would like to be close to 1st goal, have a son who is 6 yrs old, and work remotely for the last year which has been terrible for physical activity.

    H: 5'9
    HW: 311
    CW: 245
    1GW: 220
    2GW: 200
    UGW: 180
  • DeterminedDivaMN
    DeterminedDivaMN Posts: 20 Member
    Hi! I’d like to be friends. 🙂 I also had weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve) and lost 190. I kept it off for 3 years by eating right and exercising. Then I got a concussion and gained quite a bit due to lack of impulse control with food for 3 years. Uffda! I’ve been trying to do WW but I think counting calories might be a better choice right now. On a positive note, I’ve kept off 109 pounds.

    Age: 52
    H: 5’5”
    HW: 358
    CW: 249
    LW: 168
    1GW: 225
    2GW: 200
    UGW: 180
  • metaphysicalstudio
    metaphysicalstudio Posts: 274 Member
    Hi! I was in MFP for years and then quit to join WW. I did not love the program, so I am back! I like the community and having friends on this app. Let's be friends!
  • stortina
    stortina Posts: 37 Member
    Hi, I'm Jess, 34/F/Sydney Australia.
    SW March 2021 236.5lbs
    CW 208
    GW 170
    Looking for MFP friends to share diary, like/comment on feed posts, for inspiration and support.
  • g2renew
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    LiLeeMac wrote: »
    Hi I'm back using this app. I didn't get good results last time in 2018, so I'm reaching out for friends this time. I've learned so much about intermittent fasting and it's curing my joint pain!
    I'm 59
    GW 130
    SW 175
    CW 155
    Married and no kids. Strong conservative republican Christian.
    Look forward to encouraging you!

    @LiLeeMac We are a close match if you would like a new friend:-).

    I am 60 yo F
    SW 190 2020 and 174 2021
    CW 167
    1st GW 150
    2nd GW 140
    3rd GW 130

    I have some mini goals between these GW--like every five pounds down!
    Divorced, 2 adult children, 1 grandchild. Conservative Christian Republican---and want to be stronger physically, mentally, spiritually:-).
  • joryrheanne
    joryrheanne Posts: 49 Member
    I am also looking for friends to embark on a weight loss journey with.
    I was losing weight last year before the pandemic started by going to the gym every day. I’ve gained 30 lbs since the pandemic started. I am committed to making a lifestyle change and getting healthy. My main reason for wanting to lose weight is for my health as I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I want to be around to meet my future grand babies one day. My kids are 25, 20 and 17.
  • antonia_yes
    antonia_yes Posts: 70 Member
    Hey - I also used MFP a few years ago but stopped.
    I am 29, 5'6, SW 199 and UGW 140-150 I think? Like you I have other goals along the way :) My first one is to get to the 'overweight' category not 'obese' - I have about 7lb to go to this!
  • VikaAfanas36
    VikaAfanas36 Posts: 6 Member
    Hello, I am also looking for friends. I have been on MFP before but lost my motivation. Here I am again, starting all over again with 42kg to lose. My weight at the moment is 111kg and my height is 159cm.
  • tlg4459
    tlg4459 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey, I would like to join up too, former WW and decided to give MFP a try again.
  • Kinalau
    Kinalau Posts: 26 Member
    I'm looking for friends too. 50 year old mom of 2 boys, 14 and 10. I've used mfp for a long time but have just gotten back into motivation to focus on loss.

    Highest weight: 232
    Cw: 146
    Goal: I dunno. Something less than this.
  • AZrising
    AZrising Posts: 53 Member
    I’ve also had great luck on MFP in the past and am working to get back into it! Please feel free to send me a request to anyone who wants a friend to support and push them. Hope you can return the favor!
  • amberfay85
    amberfay85 Posts: 11 Member
    Hi! Like many of you I have used MFP in the past and lost a considerable amount of weight. I’m back, after ballooning to my all time high during this pandemic. I’m Amber. 36, happily married, 2 daughters (16&9), 2 fur babies.
    1st GW:280
    2nd GW: 250
    3rd GW: 199
    UGW: 175
    Anyone can feel free to add me! Always looking for motivated friends!
  • tvm1970
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    H: 163cm - 5'4"
    HW: 146.8kg - 324lbs
    CW: 54.5kg - 120lbs
    GW: 50kg - 110lbs

    I know it's seems that my GW is low but I have a very small frame (no boobs no butt) and my doctor has helped me set it.

    Married 32 years, a son 30 and daughter 28 (both out of home), fulltime worker (12 hour shifts), plant based.
  • Lockdownzwillinge
    Lockdownzwillinge Posts: 2 Member
    First time here 😁 definitely could do with some friends and motivation!!!

    Quickly about me. Mum of three (4 and set of q1 year old twins). Lockdown and maternity weight needs to move go now. Full-time worker.

    CW 110kg :(
    1st GW 95kg
    2nd GW 85kg
    UGW 70kg

    Long journey ahead.
  • tluisa311
    tluisa311 Posts: 113 Member
    This is my second time around and I'm hoping it sticks this time! The first time, my heaviest was 170 and this time it was 200 so that's freaking me out a bit!

    H: 5'6
    CW: 192
    1st GW: 165
    2nd GW: 145
    UGW: 125

    I have a long way to go, but it's definitely easier with friends! :)