Me and My Husband Did It Together

miranda072089 Posts: 16 Member
I am so proud of what we have accomplished. His goal was muscle gain and he started out at 350lbs about 7 years ago. He's now 220 lbs and has a lot of muscle on him, especially in the last year. I started out at 230 lbs and I am now down to 188 lbs but I've been doing a lot of toning the past 2 1/2 months so the visuals mean more to me than numbers. Not done yet but pretty happy with the progress!!y46npqhvdeyv.jpg


  • brenn24179
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    you did good but gosh your husband really lost a lot! Good for both of ya, that is a lot of work

  • yweight2020
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    Wonderful job you both are wonderful success stories and motivators, looking good you two. Keep up the great work :smile:
  • solarpower03
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    Wonderful, wtg!
  • metaphysicalstudio
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    Awesome! 💪🏽
  • Anthem76
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    Nice job you two. It's so awesome that you'll have each other to continue supporting and motivating one another.
  • miranda072089
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    Thank you everyone!!
  • 39flavours
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    Brilliant! Looks like you've got a really strong core, well done!
  • kathydavis6
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    Well done to the both of you
  • miranda072089
    miranda072089 Posts: 16 Member
    Well done to the both of you

    Thank you =)
  • Eltriste73
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    Congratulations to both of you, how amazing to be able to do this together!
  • pridesabtch
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    Great job!
  • stephj1216
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    Nice job! My husband and I are finally starting and doing it together this time as well!