May 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In



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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 61 years old and from the Midwest USA.

    Starting Weight (from April 30, 2021): 206.2
    Goal: 201.2 (Five lb Loss)

    05/01 – 206.6 Not such a good start. Lots of room for improvement. Good luck this round everyone!
    05/02 - 207.4 Severe glucose drop yesterday while on the road which led to a quick feeding frenzy. I hate this roller-coaster but I will not give up. It can be done, no matter how my body fights me. I’m the boss!
    05/03 - 207.4 No change after a good day is disappointing me but onward I march in this battle.
    05/04 - 206.6 A bit better. Traveling today for a bone scan. I will be gone most of the day. A lot of sitting while driving and a meal out at a restaurant may drive the scale back up. I will try to be mindful.
    05/05 - 208.8 Crazy number. Skipped two meals and only ate half my dinner so I could have a piece of cheesecake. It was large but in no way should it have caused a 2.2 pound weight gain overnight! Tomorrow should be better!
    05/06 - 208.6 Working it back down I hope.
    05/07 - 208.6 Some things were right (meals), some things were wrong (snacks) and some things indifferent (activity due to rain). I did work a bit on all 3 though. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
    05/08 - 208.6 Stubborn Fat! Ugg
    05/09 – 208.8 Struggling.
    05/10 – 208.8 My birthday is today but I am not celebrating until next Sunday. I was really hoping I would have been closer to Onederland by my birthday so this is depressing. However, I’m not done yet!
    05/11 - 208.4 Little beads of fat slowly dripping off? I hope so. Happy to see a bit of a loss. I have to remember that 0.4 loss is almost half a pound. Sometimes I want to hop on and see 3 pounds suddenly gone and unless I’m losing water weight, that never happens. Especially with fat. Grateful for each step in the right direction today.
    05/12 - 207.4 I seem to be able to fix everyone else in so many ways and on so many levels. But why can’t I fix me? At this point, it is almost all a head game and nothing to do with hunger most of the time. I’m working on it. I am glad to see the scale down today. After my doctors appointment, I’ve realized this is not a want. It’s a need. I just kicked one full pound to the curb! Onward I go deeper into the battle!
    05/13 - 207.4 Trying to do a little intermittent fasting. Yesterday was day 2. I was getting very hungry about 2 hours before the end but I used water and black coffee and pushed through. My daughter and DGS aged 3 ½ moved back in yesterday. I am worried about how this will affect my diet.
    05/14 - 206.6 Much better. Daughter and DGS were away at dinnertime. That helped.
    05/15 - 206.6 Spa day today with my two daughters as late celebration for my birthday. I can’t wait!
    05/16 - 206.8 After 3 different days of celebrations this week, I am grateful to remain steady. I just hope none of it “catches up to me” in the coming days.
    05/17 - 206.8 Ice Cream last night gifted from my daughter. Not good for me in anyway. I’ll talk to her tonight about her “gifts”. Maybe she can take a walk with me from time to time instead.
    05/18 - 206.6 I made Mexican food last night which checked the boxes for everyone so only had to cook dinner once. I ate less than my usual (portion control) and no rice. No TMI today so I am good with this small drop on the scale.
    05/19 – 209.6 Homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday. I suspect sodium and no TMI x 2. I was in shock! Woke me up more than coffee!
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