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Just Give Me 10 Days -Round 150



  • tiabirdie56tiabirdie56 Member Posts: 3,396 Member Member Posts: 3,396 Member
    *ROUND 150 ( May 12 - May 21) Water, 80+ ounces daily, no grains, carbs at 35g and under, get back to eating meal(s) before 6pm,

    Seeking lower bodyfat%
    My name is Tish.
    Age: 64
    Height: 5'7.5"
    USW: 260
    2021 Start Wgt:215 (Jan 1)
    CW: 216
    RGW: Lose 1/2 to 1 pound
    FGW: 175       
    *It's easier for me to think 10lbs ahead at a time*
    (Lowest weight 171.2~March 17, 2019)
    {Round 136 - 215 EW}Dec 31 2020(1/01)
    {Round 137-209.8 EW}Jan 11 2021
    {Round 138- 209.5 EW}Jan 21 2021
    {Round 139-  DNW EW}Jan 31 2021
    {Round 140-   EW}Feb 10 2021
    {Round 141-  211 EW}Feb 20 2021
    {Round 142-  215  EW}Mar 2 2021
    {Round 143-  215  EW}Mar 12 2021
    {Round 144-  215  EW}Mar 22 2021
    {Round 145-  214.3 EW}April 2 2021
    {Round 146-  DNW EW}April 11 2021
    {Round 147 - 216 EW}April 21 2021
    {Round 148 - 216.3 EW}May 01 2021
    {Round 149 - 21 EW}May 11 2021

    Day1▪︎We•5/12-  (Tu/11-12pm, 6:30pm, 23hrs) 32g carbs; NC•26 {water 80ozs✔carb grams✔meal time❌}

    Day2▪︎Th•5/13-  (We/12-5:30pm, 23hrs) 112g carbs; NC• {water 64ozs❌ carb grams❌ meal time✔ }

    Day3▪︎Fr•5/14-  (Th 13/12:30pm, 5:30pm, 19 hrs) 72g carbs; NC•

    Day4▪︎Sa•5/15-  (Fr 14/12:30pm, 7:30pm, 19 hrs) 67g carbs; NC•

    Day5▪︎Su•5/16-  (Sa 15/9:30am, 1:30pm, 14hrs) 109g carbs; NC•
    Only 1/5 days under 35grams of carbs.

    Day6▪︎Mo•5/17-  (Su•16/6:30pm, 17hrs) 63g carbs; NC• 64ozs water

    Day7▪︎Tu•5/18-  (Mo•17/6:30pm, 10:30pm, 24hrs) 110g carbs; NC• 80ozs water

    Day8▪︎We•5/19-  (Tu•18/12pm, 9:30pm, 13.5hrs) 76g carbs; NC• 92ozs water

    Day9▪︎Th•5/20-  (We•19/4:30pm, 8pm, 19hrs) 57g carbs; NC• 80ozs water

    ■Bodyfat% using Vanity Planet BF scale
    ■BMI using National Heart Lung & Blood Institute app

    link to: Waist to Height Ratio

    link to: Waist to Hip Ratio

    link to: Cucumber Detox Water Recipe

    SBMI ~ Smart Body Mass Index Link

    Seeking lower bodyfat%

    •3.5lbs lost ✔
    •BMI lowered  points5
    •BF% reduced

    R137/Jan/2~SW: 212 (new start)
    R138/Jan/12~SW: 209.8
    R140/Feb/01~SW: DNW

    edited May 20
  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Member Posts: 5,290 Member Member Posts: 5,290 Member

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved kitty. I lost mine last year after 21 years and I know it is never easy. Sending you hugs during this time.
  • playhardkf2017playhardkf2017 Member, Premium Posts: 660 Member Member, Premium Posts: 660 Member
    chublet25 wrote: »
    Heaviest: 225
    Ultimate goal weight: 130

    05/11: 195.5 (not much change in my appearance so far, though I might seem to be, uh, deflating)
    05/21 goal: 193.0


    05/12 - 195.0 (drizzly day; pulled 6 ticks off me yesterday, a new personal best/worst)
    05/13 - 195.0 (weather looks promising; another hike through Tickland is scheduled for me and the dogs)
    05/14 - 194.5 (another long hike scheduled for early afternoon; may try to take all 4 dogs, with 2 on long leads (give me patience); today I will remember my bug jacket, because the blackflies, though not yet biting, are flying around my face and it's annoying)
    05/15 - 194.0 (sunny AND the weekend! More walking and gardening in my plans; also I don't recommend taking 4 dogs on a walk with 2 on long leads - DON'T DO IT - one was really ticked off and they kept getting tangled up; as well I forgot my bug jacket and had no free hands to swat flies away)
    05/16 - 193.5 (hoping it'll clear up later; a long exploratory hike in the plans today; wish I knew more about eating wild plants; tried some goutweed (grown wild at an old collapsed house site) and it was nasty though it is supposed to be edible. Maybe it needs to be cooked.)
    05/17 - 193.5 (the long hike was brilliant, a mostly grassy path winding through mixed forest; another 6 ticks on me, but I refuse to give up hiking the woods just because the tick population has exploded this year; just 2 months ago, a brisk 2-h hike would have killed me and I would have had to keep stopping to rest but now I can just keep on going so I know I'm making progress with my fitness. Of course it probably helps that I have 30 less pounds to haul around with me!)
    05/18 - 193.5 (yard got checked out by a black bear last night, 6 and 1/2 hours ago, and the chihuahuas are STILL barking about it; probably will not get a woods walk in today because I have to go out)
    05/19 - 193 FINALLY (a bit drizzly today but better than yesterday's thunderstorms; plan to go out on a long walk again. Oh, and 193 pounds is my official one-third-done day! Whoohoo! "Only" 13 pounds of obesity to go before I am "only" overweight! I am more determined than ever and believe that I am starting to see a difference in my appearance at last.)
    05/20 - 193 again (took a long walk to the end of a woods trail and it ended in a clearing, much to my disappointment, not much further along down the road; debating whether or not to start the C25k now or wait until I weigh 180, which was my original plan)
    05/21 -

    There’s no time like the present time to start any type of plan :) Just start nice and slow, something is always better than nothing!
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