May 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In



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    Beginning weight was January 2021 @ 206 lbs
    Last weight 4/[email protected] 167.8 lbs
    May goal weight 160 lbs
    Ultimate goal weight 145 lbs
    Weigh days are normally Monday and Thursdays 😊

    5/1: rest day
    5/2: fasting day, at home worked out after work
    5/3: 166 lbs... today going to go for a 2-3 mile hike with my dog after work
    5/4: workout at home aiming for 45-60 minutes today
    5/5: fasting day, went for 3 mile hike with my dog this morning and planning on at home workout this evening for at least 30 minutes
    5/6: 166 lbs....definitely retaining some water so hopefully I will see a drop next week 🤷‍♀️ celebrating a friends birthday today, going to a state park to do a bunch of hiking so hopefully I will be burning more calories than we will be consuming tonight 🤞
    5/7: over indulged on pizza a bit last night, lots of sodium so going to focus on drinking extra fluids today....hiked a bit over 6 miles yesterday so going to make today a rest day
    5/8: long day at work had to force myself to get motivated to take my dog on a 2 mile walk/hike, in the 80’s today so trying to drink extra water
    5/9: Happy Mother’s Day! Fasting day, going to work out from home aiming for 45-60 minutes this evening 😸
    5/10: 163.8....expect a busy day at work but the weather is beautiful 😍 going to do a 3 mile hike after work with coworkers 😊
    5/11: rest day
    5/12: fast day, going to do at least a 3 mile hike with my dog. Since I’m fasting going to try and get 80-100 oz of fluids (water or tea) today 🤞
    5/13: 161.2 lbs! Much bigger drop than expected....not sure my scale is right??? I guess we will see what my next weigh day shows?? It’s my day off so going to hike this morning, climb a small mountain so should be a great workout 😊 Depending how I feel this evening may do a short workout at home as well and drink lots of water since it may have been a huge help from yesterday!
    5/14: should have been a rest day but did a little workout before bed
    5/15: going to try and get a hike in after work...the weather is looking stormy all next week 😬
    5/16: fast day, going to do some at home workout after work for 45-60 minutes
    5/17: 160.8 lbs....rainy weather but hoping for a break so I can get a hike in after work...if not will do something workout wise at home 😊
    5/18: rest day, but a little under my daily steps so might do something easy around the house
    5/19: fast day...rainy day so will try to get short walks when it’s not icky outside...45-60 minute at home workout this evening
    5/20: 158.6 lbs 🥳🥳🥳 I joined MyFitnessPal back in 2014....I was 158 lbs wanting to lose 10....a lot has happened over the years and instead of losing I kept gradually getting heavier until reaching over 200 lbs in see 158 on the scale was amazing since I haven’t been in the 150’s for 6 now that I am back to where I started 7 years ago l am finally going to finish what I started ❤️
    5/21:very tired after work so only managed a short walk/hike