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When I first started this journey I thought ____, but now I know ____.

joyanna2016 Posts: 322 Member
1. I thought I was eating enough protein, but now I know I wasn't and it's very important that I do.
2. I thought I had to exercise to lose weight, but now I know that its really good for me mentally and physically but not necessary for weight loss.
3. I thought I would have to eat less food than I do, but now I know that eating too little has actually been my problem in the past. I was too restrictive and couldn't stick to anything.
4. I thought badly about myself if I overate, but now I know that I am going to overeat sometimes and it's not the end of the world.
5. I thought it was overwhelming when I considered how much weight I wanted/needed to lose, but now I know that there is no finish line anyway and that even small victories bring tons of joy along the way.
6. I thought that nothing could ever lessen my sweet tooth, but now I know that the less you have of it, the less you crave it...but I still crave sweets sometimes and that's okay too because....
7. I thought that I could possibly be successful at losing weight, but now I know I've got this even though I'm not a perfect dieting machine along the way.