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    So much good advice. Thanks. I will weigh in once a week. Every Friday morning before the weekend
    <-- one of the best timings for once a week! Smart choice!
    Taking measurements sounds like a good idea. I am going to buy a soft measuring tape this weekend, also I will buy a new scale. If I can find a modern with a higher weight limit.
    One of the issues with measuring tapes is that there is a substantial variance when you move the tape around and when it is not absolutely parallel to the ground. Do you measure when inhaling? Exhaling? At the belly button? Where exactly is thigh, or breast level? What happens when your belly button droops and moves around as you lose weight--mine sure did! It is hard to duplicate measurements exactly!

    So is tape a nice data point? Why yes, it is. Can it reliably offer insight into weekly level progress? I am not so sure. I would think of tape measurements more along the lines of helping me marvel at multi-month level progress!

    Also measurements across scales do not transfer directly. One scale can show me up or down 1, 2, 3 or even 5lbs compared to another scale. And that's now when I'm within the normal bmi range.

    So it sounds like this is your initial weight measurement? The one I am always ticked at myself for never getting because when I was at my highest (and above my analogue scale's maximum) I wasn't even willing to step on a scale till my analogue scale could measure me again?

    You need to take a deep breath my friend. A really deep one.

    You are in a position where you want to change your life's trajectory a bit, right?

    I mean regardless of the exact number we can all agree that you're not expecting it to already be in the "onederland" you are aiming to eventually get to!

    And regardless of the exact number you're looking at a good couple of years before you get there, and at least another two to three before you're reasonably certain that you can hold yourself there through life's continuous changes. So this is a long term process... and it will pay for you to concentrate and work on the process instead of worrying much about distractions! :

    Concentrate on finding easy trade off you're willing to make between higher calorie and more filling foods. Concentrate on figuring why you eat sometimes and what you could be doing instead. Worry about eating more like the person you want to be like in five years. Worry more about *slowly* starting to become more active in your daily life and working towards the level of activity your future you will be able to enjoy.

    Whatever your current weight is... it is your starting point. It is not your ending point!

    If you worry and concentrate on the process the weight change will follow.

    If you do weekly weight ins, that's fine. I would still plug the values into a weight trend app. Or in an app that will allow you to transfer the info to a weight trend app in the future.

    The scale weight number is not a validation of YOU; but, it *IS* an __indication__ of whether your chosen process is working as expected and whether you may have to re-examine and make sure you're still "on course"
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    ninerbuff wrote: »
    Well say you DIDN'T lose enough.............what's your choice then? To quit and continue on a path of gaining weight and risking health issues as you age OR continue on and consistently lose a little at a time DECREASING your risk?

    I guess only time will tell. I will keep you informed.
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    Did you weigh in today, or are you waiting until next Friday? If you did, how did it go?
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    I am going to be honest, and do so as gently and lovingly as I can:

    You HAVE to work on your mind, here. This + your profile leads me to believe that you are relying very much on success to motivate you. That is okay, to a degree. But you are not going to lose weight quickly. You are not going to lose weight every week or even every other week. You are NOT always going to have motivation.
    And the way you're eating now is, ultimately, about how you're going to need to live for the rest of your life. Without the little boost of of the scale dropping. Sometimes in spite of it bouncing UP. You're at the start. You recognize these things about you. This is a great time to get that stuff untangled and to set yourself up to be successful. With professional help if you need it.

    Of course I need motivation. Who doesn't? Of course I would like to see success. Who doesn't?
    My mindset is fine, I am here. :-)

    I know what you mean, and you might be right, but I know how I work best. Motivation at the beginning will keep me going. Small setbacks won't distract me, but overall success is my motivation. Here and in real life.
    I did seek professional help from a dietician and will go back.
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    Also to recap your first weigh in CANNOT be bad. Without knowing where you started 2weeks ago you have no idea what you lost it could've been 15lbs or 0.2lbs. You have to remember that and keep going 2 more weeks to get a good idea of how your weightloss is going. Often we went up far more than we admitted to ourselves so after hard work the weigh in is still devistating without seeing the dramatic improvement because you didn't track the first 2 weeks. The first weigh in is SW meaning Start Weight. Without it we have no measure of what we lost or how our work is affecting our body. Accept the SW as the beginning and keep going.🙂
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    The weight didn’t get put on overnight, nor will it be gone overnight. It takes time. There is no finish line. I’m not data driven like a lot of people here, I’m results driven. I like to see actual, physical progress at work and when I first started losing weight. And I did, for a bit. Then you hit a plateau, that seemingly no matter what you do, you are stuck. But you keep after it. Keep doing what you know you need to do, and then, just like that, it kick starts again. There will be times that you will ask yourself if it is even worth all the effort. It is. You are. People are very helpful around here. I wish you all the best on your journey.
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    Yes! I'm so happy for you. Just don't look at the scale as your enemy. I weigh myself everyday and keep a log of that. Then I can gauge by my food diary what changed if I happen to gain some and do better next time. I also only report my weight change on the last day of the month which makes me stay on track for the month.
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    OK, I've been here before.

    One big thing is de-mystifying weight. YOUR WEIGHT IS NOT YOUR WORTH. Repeat: YOUR WEIGHT IS NOT YOUR WORTH.

    I know it's scary to actually look at your weight. But it also *is* the first step in just seeing really where you are. But what it is NOT is a judgement.
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    kenyonhaff wrote: »
    OK, I've been here before.

    One big thing is de-mystifying weight. YOUR WEIGHT IS NOT YOUR WORTH. Repeat: YOUR WEIGHT IS NOT YOUR WORTH.

    I know it's scary to actually look at your weight. But it also *is* the first step in just seeing really where you are. But what it is NOT is a judgment.

    My weight is the judgment of my actions. I see clearly now who I am, that's why I am here. I am heavily overweight, morbidly obese, almost housebound due to my overeating. I am not much worth feeling sick and unhealthy, hardly able to move.
    I am a big woman who is unhappy with the way she feels.

    What made you think you needed to give me the "weight is not your worth" speech. Was I too happy because I had a first big loss?
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    I can't believe it. I have lost 14 pounds. I am so happy! It's working.

    14 pounds in the first 19 days! That's the motivation I was hoping for.

    Proud of you!

    Now, as you move forward and keep working toward your lifestyle change, remind yourself that this early success will not be typical for you. It is not reasonable to expect to see another 14-lb loss three weeks from now, so be prepared for that - don't let it derail you if you step on the scale again this time next month and see "only" a 3-4 lb loss. A pound per week is excellent progress. The glossy magazine cover promising that you'll drop 40 lbs in 40 minutes with this one weird trick or some bullsh*t like that is filled with lies, that's not how real sustainable weight loss works.

    Part of those 14 lbs was also probably water. I don't know exactly how much, but it's also important to keep in mind that water fluctuates much more readily than fat, which can mask fat loss on the scale. So, at some point, you will spend a week doing everything right - tracking every molecule of food you eat, sticking to your calorie budget, meeting all your exercise goals, generally rocking the pants off of living your life like the awesome human you are - and you'll step on the scale and see no change, or a slight gain. Do not panic. It's water. You retain water for all sorts of reasons, like repairing muscles after a good workout or because your electrolytes are a bit imbalanced or because you're due to start menstruating soon if that's something your body does. Trust the process. We're not trying to lose water, we're trying to lose fat, and we're trying to lose it for good so we gotta take it slow. IME, when I do everything right and see no change or a slight gain on the scale, I usually get a "whoosh" in the next couple of weeks where I suddenly see a huge drop (by "huge" I mean 2-3 lbs, I'm aiming for 0.5-1lb per week), because I was retaining water.

    Edit to add: On another topic entirely, if as you progress on your journey you find it difficult for your mental health to see the number on the scale, there are some Bluetooth/wifi-enabled scales out there that don't have a display at all, they just sync with your phone and log your weight on an app there. You could use one of those and then just not check the app or only check it when you feel ready to know.
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    I decided to take the daily fluctuation out of it and I will step on the scale once a month but measure myself (neck/chest/waist/hip/arms/tights/calves) every week.
    I will also take pictures in the same outfit once a week but will blur my face.

    This. I didn’t take progress photos until about five months in when my then-new trainer started emailing them to me.

    It took two years or more before I could look in the mirror and see any changes. My brain and common sense knew and acknowledged there were changes on the scale, in the loosening clothes. My eyes couldn’t or wouldn’t see the changes, though.

    There were many months when those weekly photos were what kept me on the right track. Kept me sane.

    For whatever reason, I could clearl see change in photos, but not in that mirror. Crazy, right? Lots of people here mention the same issue.

    Don’t let your Fat Eyes mislead you.

    Good for you on the initial success! Keep punching forward!