Condor Peak -San Gabriel Mountains

I’ve read about this hike and really only serious hikers do it. So I decided to try it and finish it before the really hot weather hits here.

Condor Peak is located in Tujunga Canyon and is 15.75 miles with 4,258 elevation gain. The peak is at 5046 ft and was originally named fir Condors who used the area as a habitat long ago.

This is a long hike with a lot of trail variation (smooth, sandy, rocky,scramble). I missed the first switchback so added some mileage. Overall the trail is narrow and ascends gradually


I had some nice cool breezes along the way as the altitude climbed and wrapped around the mountains.


The scramble at the end was quite the event. Someone told me it was a class 2. Views from the summit were clear and I could see on the descent the Big Tujunga Reservoir. I was the only person on the trail.


Won’t be hiking here again until the fall due to high temps. It was a good day.


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    You are a very brave, very fit woman! Thanks for that trip report, I would never even attempt that one.

    What is the scramble at the end? I don't know that terminology.

    Have a pizza! I'm buying. :)
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    I used my Google for the "scramble."
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    I used my Google for the "scramble."

    Rock scramble means climbing up over boulders using your hands/feet . In this case it was a steep scramble through a cascade of boulders to get to the summit.