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Eating is my alternate Reality

TheWaistBasketTheWaistBasket Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
wrong spot for an honest post
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  • yirarayirara Member Posts: 6,698 Member Member Posts: 6,698 Member
    What the guy without legs said: talk to your therapist.
    But also: what do you do in the course of the day, and especially at the times where you want to eat? Are you bored? Do you have hobbies? What do you enjoy doing? Is there something you could do to distract you from eating? You don't need to answer this. It's enough to just give it a thinking.
  • TheWaistBasketTheWaistBasket Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    ninerbuff wrote: »
    My suggestion is to actually converse with a therapist to help you identify WHY you keep eating. Most don't eat out of actual hunger but to suppress feelings of depression, sadness, etc. Food releases "feel good" hormones which is why many obese people turn to it. But if you can address the reasons of WHY, it's much easier to confront and beat the issue.

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    I think I already found out all by myself. And (see my above post) I already named the reasons as well.
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    I think you are on the right path. You're asking yourself the right questions, the TOUGH questions and that's the part of long-term weight loss that a lot of people never address.

    Cut yourself some slack. We all make mistakes. You're learning so be patient and consistent and accept that some days will be better than others but if you just keep trying to manage your food and hunger issues things will get better.
  • goal06082021goal06082021 Member Posts: 1,664 Member Member Posts: 1,664 Member
    Hey, @TheWaistBasket! Good to see you back around here, it's been a minute. You'd already edited your post by the time I found your thread, so I don't know what it said originally, but I'll add my voice to the chorus recommending therapy. I think everyone could benefit from therapy tbh, you don't have to have something "wrong" with you to see a therapist, but especially with primal stuff like this it's easy to get in your own way when you try to figure your own s*** out. It doesn't have to be that hard, a mental-health professional has tools they can give you to help make it easier for you.

    I'll also offer a suggestion I've seen elsewhere, it might have been AnnPT - can you cultivate a hobby that either requires clean hands (a fiber art of some kind, like crochet/embroidery, for instance) or creates dirty ones (painting, gardening, etc)? Something to occupy your mind and hands at the same time, so it's much harder to snack thoughtlessly? Or something that physically takes you away from where the food is for a while, like going for a short walk outside? Even if it's just to the end of the driveway and back, that's something.
  • dragon_girl26dragon_girl26 Member Posts: 2,176 Member Member Posts: 2,176 Member
    Came here since I saw the title of your post. Not sure what anyone said above that upset you (I didn't see anything that stood out as being insensitive), but from the replies it looks like you're having issues with bingeing. I'm having the same problem lately, so you aren't alone in that. For me it's mainly an evening thing...I do great all day and then suddenly after dinner I want to eat all evening.

    I hope you find some answers and some relief from it. 💕 It can feel like such a bummer when you're trying to lose weight. Good luck OP!
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