Naked in bed!



  • lucylue21
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    a tank and undies.
  • LorinaLynn
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    Until it gets winter-cold, a t-shirt and undies. When it's really cold, it's fleece from head to toe.

    I live on a crazy intersection that sort of like a cross between the Bermuda Triangle and Hellmouth from Buffy. We call it the Vortex of Stupidity, and people frequently drive into stationary objects. In the time I've lived here (15 years), my house has been hit once, my husband's parked car three times. The neighbor to the right has been had their house hit once, to the left three times and their car hit three times. The stop sign by our house has been taken out countless times. The concrete street sign post has been hit so many times it fell down and was never replaced. My fence has been hit, and the telephone pole alongside the house has been hit. The quick mart across the street's been hit, as has the car wash a little up the street, and the barber shop catty corner.

    Since a great number of these accidents "amazingly" occur just after the bars close at 2am, I have a very valid fear that I will have to rush out of the house in a middle-of-the-night emergency, thus making sleeping in nekkid a bad idea.

    I'm beginning to realize why I have such bad insomnia.
  • juliecat1
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    Id go in the buff if I didnt have a kid in my bed most of the time. erg. Boy shorts and a tank top usually. Though the last few nights I ended up in pj pants. So cold!
  • Bonita_Lynne_58
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    I sleep with my shotgun I call Trudy, a chastity belt, I surround myself with barbwire, and then I cover myself including my feet up with 2 comforters... Wife has gotten past the defenses once! Going to have to save up for an anti-aircraft gun next...

  • MisterDubs303
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    I agree with the nekkid fans. Nothing else feels natural anymore. I'll never go back.
  • gdr1976
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  • CraigG75
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    Boxers and an A-shirt or no shirt at all
    FORKDOWN Posts: 1,754
    I let the brat and potatoes breath and wear a tshirt.
    RAQUELINATOVAR Posts: 221 Member
    i'm only replying because 2 of my mfp's did......haha.
    NAKED.....except when visiting people and then i have a pj on.
  • Nerdy_Rose
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    Naked when I'm at home or in a hotel.

    Tank-top with built in shelf bra and shorts or PJ pants when sleeping at friend's house.

    I would also like to state for the record, I have both partied naked and tanned topless in public. It's the natural way to go.
  • kbizzleoo
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    Oh goodness. this makes me not want to sit on people's beds. haha...but i mean..ive slept naked a few times.

    I don't know what it is but for some reason if I'm not wearing underwear I feel like I constantly have to pee. So I just can't fall asleep completely naked. Its weird. and i also wear a t-shirt. never a tank top... it has to be a t-shirt.
  • rocketpants
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    Nakid always (unless I am sharing a bed with another dude) !! It is the only way to sleep
  • mscoco10
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    cotton dress, silk dress, shorts and a tank- it gets to cold here to sleep in the buff.
  • I share my bed with my husband and two dogs who insist on sleeping under the covers. The phrase "take your foot out of my butt" is uttered pretty regularly. For that reason, a t-shirt and shorts are protective equipment as well as sleepwear.

    Loved this! :laugh:
  • ilovedeadlifts
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    naked or in briefs.
  • sf08003
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    It is the ONLY WAY to sleep. Period. :smile:
  • gcibsthom
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    def in the au naturale
  • gillylucky13
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    As little as possible
  • IamFitISH
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    Boxers thooo got to keep warmmm
  • ReenieHJ
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    a blanket of dog hair. :/