I finally made it to Onederland!!!

Apeboyo124 Posts: 178 Member
I can’t believe this journey I have been on. I have lost 120.5 pounds!!! I was at my heaviest at 320 pounds and one day I said look I’m starting a new job and I want to try to lose weight and that’s where it started. I always told my self man if I was at 250 I would be soooooo happy but once I got to 250 I still didn’t feel like I lost a lot and still look the same. So I kept on going with it and fast forward to a year and 8 months I’m now at 199.5 and finally made it to my third goal. I feel like I’m out of goals now lol but I will come up with something. If I can do it you can do it too you just have to put the work into it.



  • Fancygirl76
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    Awesome work!
  • ItsTime2BMe
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    Thrilled for you! Way to go!
  • Sand_TIger
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    Fantastic job! Now your goal is to maintain it - which can be kind of interesting in itself. You have done a great thing!
  • Philliesfan21
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    Way to go! Great job!
  • ggeise14
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    Terrific for you! Way to stick with it!
  • ksl10
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    Wow!! And your work on your health probably greatly increased your odds of even surviving the last year.
  • quicklabs
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    Wishing you happiness and good health always. Congrats!
  • sheclimber
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    Congratulations on all your hard work and dedication! You look so happy!
  • memeq2
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    Congratulations! Great advise from lilawolf.
  • TX375
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    Great work!
  • AKTipsyCat
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    Good job!
  • TracyLaRese
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    Phenomenal achievement and very inspiring! You look healthy and at peace, which is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your journey and congrats on your success!
  • dsclow
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    Excellent work!!
  • Sioranth
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    Way to go! I'm right behind ya and hoping to join the party soon!
  • ufindjewels
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    Wow! That's AMAZING progress! Thank you for sharing :) I feel SO Motivated by your post.
  • cymande1961
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    Congratulations!! Amazing and inspiring accomplishment!
  • chris_in_cal
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    Yup, great. Thank you for the motivation. One onederland day I hope to have the goal when I wake up every morning, is to still have that first number be a '1'....please keep postin' it helps us all.
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