Summer Weight Loss Challenge 2021(June, July, August and September) A Continuation



  • summerviking1
    summerviking1 Posts: 71 Member
    STARTING DATE AND WEIGHT:215 - June.6 2021
    CHALLENGE STARTING WEIGHT:215 - June. 12 2021

    June 6:215
    June 12:215
    June 19:214
    June 26:213

    June Goal: 208
    June Actual:211
    June Loss:4

    July 5:
    July 12:
    July 19:
    July 26:

    July Goal: 197
    July Actual:
    July Loss:

    August 2:
    August 9:
    August 16:
    August 23:
    August 30:

    August Goal: 184
    August Actual:
    August Loss:

    September 6:
    September 13:
    September 20:
    September 27:

    September Goal: 169
    September Actual:
    September Loss:

    Challenge Weight goal: 169
    Challenge Weight actual:

  • deepwoodslady
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    CHALLENGE TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS GOAL: Total Loss of 15 pounds to land at 191.4
    CHALLENGE STARTING WEIGHT (FROM May 31, 2021): 206.4

    Challenge Weight loss goal: I am aiming for a 5 pound per month.

    June 01: 205.6 Starting off good. Now, to stay strong is the real challenge! Good luck everyone!
    June 05: 203.4 Improvement for sure.
    June 12: 205.4 Temporary bloat from Thai food last night. Next week should better reflect progress.
    June 19: 202.6 It’s been a good week of mainly good choices. I’ve felt pretty strong and I hope I can keep up the momentum. I’m keeping all the healthy, low calorie but good foods on my shopping list.
    June 26: 198.6 A great improvement over last week. I have had 3 days of social engagements this week, all involving food (including a wedding). I will work hard to stay in ONEDERLAND!
    June 30: 196.4 I am very pleased with the results of my changes and efforts. But I do have to credit about one pound of the loss due to a 24 hour illness I had. The rest of the month I really dug my heels in and made it happen with good ol’ fashioned hard work! A great job by everyone this month! Let’s keep this ball rolling, my friends!

    June Goal: 201.4
    June Actual: 196.4
    Cumulative Weight Loss so Far: 5.0 lbs lost

    July 01: 197.6 A bit up on the scale this morning but I think my weight is just re-adjusting after an illness that caused some low scale readings (tummy issues). This is likely my true weight. Now, my plan is to make more changes in order to see more changes!
    July 03 197.8 Up & down all week but ended about the same. I will be working hard this week to make some meaningful progress. Even with a holiday and some travel planned!
    July 10: xxxxx
    July 17: xxxxx
    July 24: xxxxx
    July 31: xxxxx

    July Goal: 191.4 (revised from 196.4)
    July Actual: xxxxx
    Cumulative Weight Loss so Far: xxxxx

    Aug 01: xxxxx
    Aug 07: xxxxx
    Aug 14: xxxxx
    Aug 21: xxxxx
    Aug 28: xxxxx
    Aug 31: xxxxx

    Aug Goal: xxxxx
    Aug Actual: xxxxx
    Cumulative Weight Loss so Far:

    Sept 01: xxxxx
    Sept 04: xxxxx
    Sept 11: xxxxx
    Sept 18: xxxxx
    Sept 25: xxxxx
    Sept 31: xxxxx

    Sept Goal: xxxxx
    Sept Actual: xxxxx
    Cumulative Weight Loss so Far:

  • goal06082021
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    June 5: 222.6 lb
    June 12: 223 lb
    June 19: 223 lb
    June 26: 220.0

    June Goal: 220
    June Actual: 220.2
    June Loss: -2.1 lbs

    July 3: 222.0
    July 10:
    July 17:
    July 24:
    July 31:

    July Goal: 215
    July Actual:
    July Loss:

    August 7:
    August 14:
    August 21:
    August 28:

    August Goal: 210
    August Actual:
    August Loss:

    September 4:
    September 11:
    September 18:
    September 25:
  • RetiredAndLovingIt
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    Hi, I am in for another cycle. I didn't do very well last cycle, I gained .27#, which isn't bad, but really want to be going the other way.

    STARTING WEIGHT/DATE WITH MFP: about 175 on 8/19/12 (been here a long time, lol, but kinda off & on)
    Lost about 25 pounds, then pretty much maintaining, up a little, down a little, but would like to lose another 15 or so.

    Challenge starting weight: 149.8#
    I weigh every day & average them on Monday, so my numbers are the weekly average.
    My goal for this cycle will be 10#

    6-7: 149.8# (actually weighed a day late because out of town again)
    6-14: 149.63
    6-21: 148.63
    6-28: 148.86

    June Goal: 147#
    June Actual: 149.23
    June Loss: -0.57#

    7-5: 149.21

    July Goal:
    July Actual:
    July loss:

    July will be tough. I will have DD & gkids here for most of it & I do not use my food scale when they are here. (Don't think 12 yr old GD needs to get that idea)