Celebrating my First Milestone!



  • joone_9
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    Thanks for sharing..wonderful post and many parts resonated with me. Changing lifestyle habits is what weight loss is all about for me and I feel that’s why it’s so hard. Keep going strong...not having an end goal for weight loss is fine...maybe keep the goal of just sticking with the healthy lifestyle..the rest is icing on the cake! Good luck!
  • charmmeth
    charmmeth Posts: 936 Member
    What a wonderful post; thank you for sharing! Well done for losing 10% and good luck for watever goal you choose to set next!
  • LittleLightShine
    LittleLightShine Posts: 123 Member
    This was great to read and love that you've inspired yourself and now others! You've figured out how to lose and now you can just keep going. Can't wait to hear about your doctors reaction when they see you in October!
  • seds51
    seds51 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey Lady,
    Thanks for being real. I am right behind you on the MF path.
    Have a beautiful day.
  • coblujay
    coblujay Posts: 681 Member
    Woohoo! What a fabulous start to this journey. I'm 62 and was just advised to get weight loss surgery too. Not!! Cheering you on all the way. :)
  • firstladyrboyd
    firstladyrboyd Posts: 5 Member
    Congratulations and thank you for your post. My last doctor's visit he said that I was prediabetic and it almost depressed me but I was told about My Fitness Pal and decided to give it a try. From May 26, 2021 until this day I have lost 17.4 pounds. Your story has encouraged me even the more to keep going. I have lost 10% of my starting weight and looking forward to hitting the 15% goal. Keep up the good work.
  • PumpkinSage
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    You are wonderful writer! Great work!