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    Lisa Gorgeous!
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    Good for you Rita- I did Keto but wrecked my body doing so im on cholesterol meds for life now
    I just got off the phone with the Cremation society and i have everything all set,honestly it takes a load off my mind.heck I could live another 30 yrs but my kids dont have to worry about planning like I had to do for my dad
    Dan home and the boys are back from the groomers and all is well
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    Yes, it's been known for some time now that it is protective to older people, especially women, not to go too low a weight in their older years. Bone health, for one, seems better in those who are st the top of the normal range, or just slightly above. Feeling healthy and being active is the key, as is eating well. Squeezing into a size 4 is not the point and can lead to frailty.

    Having said that, I am delighted to announce that I have lost 1 lb this week. :D I just want to get back to the top of the normal range, so not far to go.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    My mother's doctor has a similar philosophy. My mom is 5'1" and weighs about 125 pounds. Her doctor told her to not go any lower than that. Even though weight charts might say she should weigh less. She still looks pretty frail, even at 125. I can't imagine her lower.

    Willamette Valley, OR
  • Vickil57Vickil57 Member Posts: 1,249 Member Member Posts: 1,249 Member
    Flea--Glad you got to visit with your friend and it helped pass the time. Sending lots of hugs and prayers. <3

    Rori--Sorry to hear your DB is not willing to do anything to improve his life. Sounds like he has just given up. Stay strong and take care of yourself. <3

    Michele--I have blue lisertrine mouthwash in a spray bottle and spray around my front porch and we do not have any mosquitoes or any bugs. Cheap and it works.

    Karen--Your granddaughter looks older than 12. Sounds like she is very deacated.Such a Happy girl. Happy Birthday. Hope the day goes just as you planned.

    Julie--Sorry to hear of your comfirmed cancer. I know how you feel about who to tell. I had a scare this week, when I went to give Blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive last Friday and my blood count was too low. This happened last year and was the start of 10 months of daily hives and lots of appointments with different doctors with no answers. So I called my doctor on Monday and he said something about myelodyspastic syndrome which is a fancy word of pre-leukemia. So any way I went yesterday and had more blood work done and he said I have an abnormal blood marrow and just have to keep any eye on it and it shouldn't turn into cancer for years. Part of me feels better, but now it is like waiting for the other shoe to drop. In the meantime I am to eat more protein. Good Luck with your tests and pray it has not spread and HUGS <3

    Lisa--That turned out beautiful. Hope you are doing well, miss you when you are not posting.

    Plan to go when I get off work and get a haircut, it is starting to look bad, then home. To bed early as work 6a-6p next 3 days.

    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND NE B)
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 9,209 Member Member Posts: 9,209 Member
    Allie - One thing that happens when you start changing is that people redouble their efforts to make you stay the same. They get really bothered by your increased self-empowerment, and don't know what to do. (Brother and SIL) You just have to keep on doing the thing you know is right and stick to your integrity. Their s**t is just that - theirs.
    And yes, Tom, the sociopath and narcissist, is trying to play his usual games. Good for you for calling it by its name. <3

    Rita - I have always found a good book the most enormous help to me in my life. They can be our best friends. Recently, I have felt myself uplifted by my reading. I feel I am entering a new phase of my life. :D

    DH has a bit of wheezing from very high pollen levels. He has taken an antihistamine. It has made him a bit miserable today.

    Machka - It seems amazing that your husband's compensation is not now done and dusted. How much longer will it be? Your longing to go home is completely understandable. <3<3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 9,209 Member Member Posts: 9,209 Member
    Nice quilt Lisa :D xxxxxxxx Heather UK
  • OregonMotherOregonMother Member Posts: 1,152 Member Member Posts: 1,152 Member
    I'm sorry Julie. That is frightening. I hope the situation is resolved quickly.

    Lisa -- that quilt is stunning.

    Willamette Valley, OR
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,770 Member Member Posts: 12,770 Member
    Stats for the day-

    Took it easy today

    Walk w/family- 1hr 40min 5sec, 34elev, 75ahr, 85mhr, 2.96ap, 5.16mi= 480c
    Strava app = 626c
    Zwift home spin bike- 26.34 min, 180elev, 202aw, 71arpm, 132ahr, 156mhr, 22.81amph, 10.1mi= 285c
    Zwift app- 309c
    Walk to gym- 10.41min, .51mi= 57c
    Strava app = 62c
    Other- Hanging crunches knees to waist 10sts of 10ea= 40c
    Other- 5 times back extensions, standing crunches 25# 5sts 10ea, 180# tire toss 5 times= 57c
    Walk gym to store then home- 17.28min, .78mi= 73c
    Strava app = 95c

    Total cal 992
  • Peach1948Peach1948 Member Posts: 2,336 Member Member Posts: 2,336 Member
    HillSlug ~ Welcome! That is one big dog. I kept my son's two dogs last week and the larger one weighs over 125 lbs. Quite a week.

    Carol in GA
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 7,157 Member Member Posts: 7,157 Member
    Poor all tuckered out from his day at the groomers..
    Ill have to look online for an easy either crochet or knit pattern for baby blanket,it would keep my hands busy so i dont eat and since new grandbaby will be born in January ,something warm too
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 12,447 Member Member Posts: 12,447 Member
    Bananas - glad you got the all clear, Julie. (((Hugs)))

    Lisa: - Gorgeous quilt. I love the colours.
    edited July 15
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  • LisaInArkansasLisaInArkansas Member Posts: 378 Member Member Posts: 378 Member
    Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on the quilt. Like every afghan, painting, quilt or book I've ever created, I can't look at it in any rational sense right now. All I see are mistakes--it will be a couple of years before I can look at it objectively.

    So many hugs for all of you who need them. My colonoscopy is next Thursday and I just got a call saying I must get a COVID test before the procedure. Doing something I don't want to do in order to do something I don't want to do is like being trapped in an irony sandwich.

    I will write more in the days to come...

    Later, y'all,
  • dlfk202000dlfk202000 Member Posts: 976 Member Member Posts: 976 Member

    I would like to not have so much extra around the middle.

    I totally agree with you- I would be thrilled if I could take 10lbs or even 5 off my middle- the rest I can deal with but the middle is what bothers me the most-

    After two weeks at mom's with Covid(back in Jan) and eating basically nothing at all, some days just a piece of toast or handful of crackers, I looked in the mirror while getting into the shower and actually said "What the H***?!- belly was still the same size after not eating for two weeks. I did get on the scale a few days after I finally got home and I was down a few pounds- but they came right back.

    I never had a weight problem before 45- was 95 when I got married the first time(not quite 5ft tall). Do not want to ever get back that low but do need to loose 18 more pounds to be comfortable
  • kymaraikymarai Member, Premium Posts: 2,654 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,654 Member
    I know I was productive today, just not productive in all I needed/wanted to be.....those things I did get done were really not "easy" either....hard to explain. I did get to watch them pour concrete on a section of our driveway this morning. I was waiting for the refrigerator delivery. I managed to get invoices done on completed mowers. The delivery guys got here around 10 and left around 11. It looks so strange in the space. I got to work around 1130. They were busy. It just took me a few to get into the rhythm of work. Then we got a package my husband ordered and someone sliced the bottom of it open and stole the item. GRRRR! I notified shipper, he is working on his end to get closer. I made a trip to the postmaster who said there was nothing I could do. GRRR! I made my blood work appointment for early tomorrow morning. The site wouldn't let me take a picture of my card, then kicked me out. I finally got that done. I got all the completed invoices called. Sis in law left at 3. Son in law was out in the delivery truck until 5:15. I had a line at the counter from 3:15 until 5:25. Like I said, stuff done, but not easily. I have rearranged the fridge twice so far and haven't put in freezer stuffs yet. Will wait until at least tomorrow.

    Lisa- Love the quilt.

    Julie- Hugs!

    Dinner is ready.

  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,770 Member Member Posts: 12,770 Member
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