I've lost my first pound!

ryoder6614 Posts: 4 Member
Okay. I realize it might not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. I've lost my first pound this week and I am THRILLED! I am highly motivated to continue on this path and am looking forward to losing more of me!

I plan on keeping my eyes forward and making it happen. It is my hope for you that you are also on the move and that things are moving in a positive direction for you.

Have a blessed day, everyone!



  • redcatwhite53
    redcatwhite53 Posts: 7 Member
    Congratulation! I am excited for you. Keep going !
  • BrightEyedAgain
    BrightEyedAgain Posts: 237 Member
    That's awesome!! YAY!! It's so encouraging when you see the first evidence that it's REALLY possible to lose weight. Congratulations!
  • Formenow12
    Formenow12 Posts: 9 Member
    one pound is a very big deal. from what I heard one pound is 5 pounds of pressure off of your knees so that is awesome
  • j3ffr3y
    j3ffr3y Posts: 6 Member
    Nice job. The first feels great. Remember how you feel now, so when it gets tough you will have one more thing to focus on. Imagine good you will feel when you hit your final goal!
  • mjglantz
    mjglantz Posts: 486 Member
    Fantastic! Keep up the good work!
  • Littlepeeper
    Littlepeeper Posts: 56 Member
    And you are off!! Very excited to have you along on the journey.
  • Sand_TIger
    Sand_TIger Posts: 1,068 Member
    The first of many! Isn't it great that weight loss isn't as impossible as it might seem! All the best on your journey!
  • lmf1012
    lmf1012 Posts: 402 Member
    Every single pound adds up! Keep it up!
  • yweight2020
    yweight2020 Posts: 591 Member
    Way to go <3
  • Onedaywriter
    Onedaywriter Posts: 324 Member
    The first one is the hardest one! Congrats!!
  • christinanaomi84
    christinanaomi84 Posts: 26 Member
    Congratulations!!! You got this
  • damibubu
    damibubu Posts: 1 Member
    Perfect! One pound is a very big deal! You got this!!
  • MichelleMcKeeRN
    MichelleMcKeeRN Posts: 447 Member
    Way to go. Every pound is a victory.
  • amechecameron
    amechecameron Posts: 8 Member
    It's not about the pound, it's about the confidence that the lost pound brings. This is a huge deal. STrong Work.
  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 5,926 Member
    I'm a bit sad to see that the OP hasn't been back since the end of July, I hope she hasn't 'fallen off the wagon'.
  • OZ8Tribe
    OZ8Tribe Posts: 9 Member
    Congratulations!! Keep it going ;)
  • JaniBros
    JaniBros Posts: 206 Member
    <3<3<3 Great Job!
    FABRICWOMAN Posts: 539 Member
    So newsworthy. Love your enthusiasm, keep it up. Imagine, you have lost 4 sticks of butter from your body. CONGRATULATIONS!
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