Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Pringlesgal
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    Hi I am Jo from the UK and have been on mfp for 12years on and off! I have some amazing friends which I have had from the start but am looking for some new friends to add to motivate each other .

    I recently had a partial knee replacement 9 weeks ago at aged 47 and am still recovering from it. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice to give . My walking is fairly good but knee bend not quite where it should be.

    Anyway looking for nice new friends from across the world!!! x💗 🌎

  • Gmcgovern41
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    More friends would be great!
  • Gmcgovern41
    Gmcgovern41 Posts: 43 Member
    Who is the expert that everyone needs as a friend?
  • kamalsingh101
    kamalsingh101 Posts: 31 Member
    Feel free to add me.. can use some motivation
  • GrumpyDumpty
    GrumpyDumpty Posts: 224 Member
    Back again, this time new focus, former member of the 100 pound club, very much up for a laugh. Hoping to run a half marathon for mens mental health charity. Currently day 7 of being sober. My toughest fight yet

    Drop me a request
  • cincisk8r
    cincisk8r Posts: 206 Member
    Please add me as a friend 🥰
  • WSOX37
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  • rjchapman123
    rjchapman123 Posts: 1 Member
    Friends on here would be fantastic!!!
  • pinkywants
    pinkywants Posts: 4 Member
    Hello everyone! I'm new at this, please add me to you list, looking for inspiration and encouragement and I'll do the same. Let's do this together!
  • Jynx09
    Jynx09 Posts: 10 Member
    Hello! 👋 E here with 50 pounds to lose. :)
  • Astromoongal
    Astromoongal Posts: 1 Member
    Keen to meet new people here :) just started up my profile.
  • byusuri22
    byusuri22 Posts: 178 Member
    Looking to get myself motivated. MFP helped me lose 40 before. I'm hoping to lose it again.
  • Travis021588
    Travis021588 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello 👋
  • Venus_1
    Venus_1 Posts: 65 Member
    Hi! Gladly will add active, sociable members 😊
  • Icecreamjorna
    Icecreamjorna Posts: 44 Member
    Hey everyone, long time user that’s active on here, please add me if I haven’t added you already xx
  • Apeboyo124
    Apeboyo124 Posts: 179 Member
    You can add me!!!
  • Lee1st1974
    Lee1st1974 Posts: 102 Member
    Time to lose this weight and have fun along the ways, All are welcome on the journey.
  • pegroen
    pegroen Posts: 11 Member
    I would love to add friends -- I'm a 51yo who loves to sew, read and walk/hike.
  • anitabpr84
    anitabpr84 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello. I am newer on here - I've been active for about three weeks now but haven't branched out to adding friends. I want to add friends now that I'm more comfortable with it, though, because I need motivation, ideas, advice/tips, people to be excited with/for, etc. :smile:
  • cazzcampbell
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    I would love to find some new people to fill my news feed with! I'm 34, from the UK with a fairly new account (ditched the old one for a fresh start) and so not many 'friends'. 21lb down so far with quite a lot left to go!