Easy store bought toppings for dressing up vegetables.



  • suzij27
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    I enjoy raw veggies on their own but like dressing on my salads. 😋

    Low calorie salad dressings:
    -Bolthouse brand made with yogurt are in the refrigerated section at the grocery store (30-40 calories for 2 Tbsp.) kinda an acquired taste
    -Trader Joe’s has refrigerated dressings in their produce section. I bought the Green Goddess and it is soooo good. (They have others.) They are made primarily from veggies, herbs, and this one is 20 calories for 2 Tbsp

    For cooked veggies:
    -Weber’s N’Orleans Cajun Seasoning - we love it on chicken and salmon burgers too!
    -Simply Asia Sweet Ginger Garlic seasoning.
    Great on veggie stir fries. I like colored peppers, onions, Chinese peas, and shredded cabbage but really any combo.

    Good luck. Variety and suggestion helps us all. 😀