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  • MargaretYakoda
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    elspectre wrote: »
    I’ve never heard that from any of my own doctors.

    It must feel great.

    It felt pretty damn good.

    Some docs, like any other profession, are jerks. I dumped one after her initial "plan" was to recommend a couple of diet websites and say she expected me back, 40 lbs lighter, in 2 months. Another went "Palpitations? Probably not anxiety, you're fat, so must be enlarged heart" after about 30 seconds of discussion. I got checked, it wasn't, but his "diagnosis" sure didn't help.

    I eventually found a doc that is reasonable, encouraging and actually listens and helps plan a strategy for improvement. It was a hassle to find him, but worth the effort.

    To be completely honest, I haven’t really given my GP much to say that I’m doing great, except the first checkup after my diabetes diagnosis in February.

    She might say “keep it up” when I see her in December. 😇

    I do have some absolute horror show doctor experiences, though. But I’ll refrain from sharing them at this moment, so as to keep the conversation on topic, and avoid people arguing with me about my own experiences.

  • Lady_Nightshade
    Lady_Nightshade Posts: 2 Member
    Janele0627 wrote: »
    Last night we went to dinner with the in-laws. We had a LOT of food, but I only ate until I was comfortably full instead of trying to stuff myself. I still went over on my calories (mostly because of having some drinks), but I don't feel bad, because I made some mostly healthy food choices overall!

    I'll have to try this - sounds delish!!
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