How often do you weigh yourself?



  • roddysmum
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    I've been weighing myself most days (except on the mornings I'm in a rush to go somewhere) but I'm going back to weekly weigh in's. I find they are more beneficial because there's a bigger drop since the last weigh-in. If it's only been a day, the most I'll have gone down is about half a lb so it's actually less motivating this way.
  • happimess01
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    I weigh once every two weeks because I am still losing and I love seeing big drops. Not a fan of fluctuations either. But once I am in maintenance, I would switch to daily probably
  • wsusan162
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    Every morning, nude, after using the bathroom. Then I enter on the Libra app, trend line is slowly heading down
  • brenn24179
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    every morning, I know a lot of people say not to weigh daily but I dont think 20 lbs could get away from me if I do, makes me accountable. Been doing this for a year now after I gained 25 lbs.
  • willboywonder
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    I almost never weigh myself. I can tell when I'm making progress by how my clothes fit or when other people can see my progress.
  • Spiderkeys
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    Maining weight now for over 8 years, I used to weigh everyday, then decide to allow once a week, then once a month, now I can gladly say it's now only once a year. Sure I make sure I had a good healthy week before I step on.
  • tweekedgirl
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    I've been putting off weighing myself for a while during lockdown, and I'm going to start weighing in daily from today.
    When I've lost the weight in the past, this was one of the main things that kept me accountable, and also helped to give me a little motivational kick if I saw the numbers heading back in the wrong direction.
  • Janatki
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    edited March 2021
    This is topical for me! Been here almost a month....this time & just bought a set of new scales to replace a set that I can’t see gains & losses! Well, this set is all singing & dancing... gives BMI, body fat, muscle mass the lot 😳...... but has well & truly f*cked up my readings! Trying to say I’ve lost 9lbs in 2 days🤣😂
    So, to answer the question, I have 75 lbs to lose (that’s my overall goal, but may be more if..NO...WHEN I get there), so I’d like to see good losses on the scales ....1lb, 2lbs keep myself going, as it is a long road, so ...On my new scales, I plan to weigh in once a week, as I know now that if I log honestly and get my a*se moving,MFP works!
    (Sorry for this long rambling post🤣 for a direct question that should been a simple answer🙄)
  • robv_in_the_D
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    Every day. Used to be weekly when I followed the “daily is frowned upon” model but I have a healthy view of the fluctuations and know that I CAN’T have gained 2 lbs in a day.

    Weekly was worse for me because if I went up on this Saturday I felt bad for the regression and the entire upcoming week was stressful. So daily for me.
  • nks80
    nks80 Posts: 139 Member
    Every Sunday morning
  • Eaglesfanintn
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    I weigh and track daily, but I really try to focus on three or five day averages. I know that there are ups and downs so I don't sweat a little bump in the road. But, weighing every day helps me, over time, learn what works and doesn't work.
  • stljam
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    I now weigh myself daily (and sometimes more) because I have a healthier relationship with my 'weight' and the scale. I like seeing how my body reacts to certain workout regiments, or meals. Now I expect a weight gain after a long run, or a super intense workout. For me it is just another metric now, and together with all the other measurements one can use, is one way to see progress and/or set goals.
    I agree.

    I weigh myself multiple times a day. For me it has been helpful to learn more about my body and how my weight fluctuates with various things (example - bcaa+protein drink after lifting will lead to a higher weight the next morning almost every time) as it has helped me explain and understand what is happening and what will happen (again just usually). Now, I can, most of the time, pretty accurately predict the upcoming weights based on what I am doing, what my diet has been, etc. I wonder that if, by having this much data, I somehow am taking power away from the scale and weight number as I am focused on why the number is what it is and how it is trending rather than the number itself. Of course, what works for me won't work for all.

  • DeniseNichole76
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    Every morning after my first bathroom trip, stripped down, no clothes. =)
  • sweetdaisy13
    sweetdaisy13 Posts: 357 Member
    I used to weigh myself daily, but for the last fortnight I've been weighing on a Wednesday and Saturday only.

    My weight fluctuates by a couple of pounds so it makes sense for me to not weigh daily, also I think it gives me a better idea of how to manage my weight for the next weigh-in.
  • fr3smyl
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  • amusedmonkey
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    I have been stepping on the scale almost daily for the past, what is it now? 7 or 8 years? The only times I haven't is when I'm too lazy to change the batteries. It's just a daily habit like brushing my teeth in the morning.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    daily. when im losing (like now) i log it weekly on mfp (i log daily on happy scale regardless of maintaining or losing)
  • mjglantz
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    Generally Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday w/Thursday my office "weigh in" day. Keep the weight comparison for one year so I can see the trend.
  • CycleMomOf3
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    I weigh myself daily as soon as I wake up and track that in an Excel worksheet, so I can add little notes, etc. to track any trends, ie, ToM water retention, mood-based trends, etc. I only officially "log" my weight every Friday to get a better gauge of the overall trend.