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  • lloydjc
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    WOW...that is incredible. Very proud of you. Like above, will you PM on what and how you did it...amazing!
  • urban287
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    Fantastic job!
  • abbelina04
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    Absolutely beautiful!
  • nwachim
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    Bump for when I need motivation.

    You look great. Congratulations on well deserved your success!
  • JustaJoe00
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    whoa!! love it! You look great.
  • hbobs32
    hbobs32 Posts: 9 Member
    Absolutely amazing! Such an inspiration xx
  • TravisJHunt
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    Amazing transformation. Keep it up!
  • IFJagain
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    @homegrown_hometown_girl Pretty awesome! Congrats!
  • Louise2323
    Louise2323 Posts: 2 Member
    Fantastic work. Seriously, well done. I'm just starting out. Do you mind me asking if you were left with much loose skin afterwards?
  • kelsos4
    kelsos4 Posts: 1 Member
    How did u do it?
  • ziolove
    ziolove Posts: 7 Member
    Amazing. Well done! Here's to great health.
  • kgb6days
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  • robdowns1300
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    Beautiful in both pictures. Great job!
  • CoffeeNstilettos
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    Amazing transformation! Congrats 👏
  • thequinn80
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    Wow! You look amazing!
  • Walkywalkerson
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    You look fantastic x
  • amioc
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    Wow!! Great job!! I am super happy for you. You lost weight AND you look even younger now as well.

    What did you find worked for you? What was the time frame? I ask because I have a good 100+ pounds to lose and I am just at the very beginning of my journey. It really helps with motivation when talking to others that have been or are going through this major lifestyle change.

    Absolutely, I love to share my experience. I will send PM.

    You look incredible 😍!! Could I please jump on this too? I would really love to hear your experience if that’s ok? I could use all the motivation and help I can get!!
  • Brookey68
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    You look amazing
    I want to loose weight and be the person I am inside
    It’s so hard and I keep failing
    Would love to hear more of your story xxx
  • Ntrospect
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    You must feel proud of yourself, and rightly so. Well done indeed! Go-girl!! :)
  • becciquinn05
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    Wow is an understatement!!