15 pounds to lose challenge August-October 31, 2021



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    Checking in 👋

    I'm on step 3 of The Sparkle Project ~

    Making a mood board.

    Cutting out pictures from magazines (I'm gona read the magazines first....they cost me money !) So I will probably be on this step for a little while, I want to enjoy the process anyway and I'm not gona rush it.

    In one of the magazines I got a hand sanitiser, lip gloss, lip salve & a herbal tea bag ! So that's pretty cool 😆 iv not bought myself a magazine for a LONG time.

    I like this! I made vision boards with magazines for three years in a row. You motivated me to make a mood board now!
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    I weigh:Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday & Saturday.

    @evkarlog Welcome!