Women 200lb+, Let's Be Unafraid This August!!!



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    The new thread will be posted under Motivation and Support
  • 57pattycake
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    The new thread will get posted on the message board under Motivation and Support probably tomorrow.
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    Here are my stats for the month:
    Starting weight: 270 March 2021

    August Start Weight: 225.8
    August Goal Weight: 220
    Ultimate Goal Weight: TBD

    I weigh in on Sundays.

    August 1: 225.8
    August 8: 224.2
    August 15: 224.2
    August 22 222.2
    August 29:220.6
    August 31: 218.4

    Sorry I have been missing. We went away on a family vacation to Delaware. We had such a great time. The place we rented had a clubhouse with full gym. I made it to the gym 6:7 days there. I skipped going the last morning before we left because I promised to take my daughter to the clubhouse one more time to play ping pong. I tried my best to make the best choices I could while on vacation. I did eat things I normally wouldn't eat at home and my FGL was higher than normal but it wasn't terrible.

    I have several pages to catch up on. I am going to try to read as much as I can but I don't know if I will have time to respond to everyone.
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    Isn't it amazing when you come to the realization at how uncomfortable you used to be at a larger size? One thing I noticed while on vacation was we were seated in the dreaded booth rather than a table with chairs. Normally I ask for a table rather than a booth because most times I either don't fit comfortabley in them OR my breasts rest awkwardly on the table. As we approached I started to have some anxiety over it. I sat down and to my surprise I fit!!!

    I am sorry you feel that way and have had those experiences. I applaud you for being open with your feelings. I can empathize with your thoughts as I once too felt that way. I want to let you know that you ARE good enough. I suggest finding something that you do love about yourself and go from there. Rather than look at everything you aren't look at everything you are!

    Your response to Justanotherloser brought tears to my eyes. I am glad you sat on her words rather than respond in anger. Changing our ways and who we are is a scary yet daunting process for each one of us. I am rooting for you.
    Sending you much love and support!

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    Age: 38
    Height 5'10"
    SW Jan 2021: 271.1
    SW this month: 211.8 (7/29/21)
    GW this month: 208
    GW for 2021: 199

    8/5: 211.4 (-.04)
    8/12: 208.4 (-3.0)
    8/19: Camping in Tahoe - no scale
    8/26: 206.0 (-2.4)
    8/31: 203.0 (-3.0)

    Last month my progress had seemed to stall and this month I actually increased my calories and started eating back more of my exercise calories (75% as opposed to 25%) and saw significantly more progress. When going through my calorie goal setup and thinking through my days I found that I am more likely in the lightly active category than the sedentary category now. Love my standing desk and the ability to play music (and dance) while working from home as a way to increase NEAT. Other signs that may have indicated my calories were too low included increased hair loss in the shower and occasional brain fog/lack of focus. Near the beginning of this month I increased calories from 1415 + 25% of exercise calories to 1620 + 75% of exercise calories. I am often a bit under but I try not to go below 1500 calories for the day. A fun reminder that reevaluating your calorie needs doesn't always mean just decreasing because you lost weight.

    I love reading all of the comments here and have found such support in the sharing of common experiences, good and bad, weight related and not. I don't always comment on all posts but I read them all and consider myself lucky to be part of such an active and amazing group.

    See everyone in September. Keep up the amazing work!
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    @sandielewis2001 holy *KITTEN* girl, look at that loss! You're gonna reach 2021 GW in the next twenty minutes! Do you think you'll set a new goal for the year or switch to maintenance for the last quarter?

    @JNettie73 I'm glad you had a nice time on vacation, and those are some good victories, scale- and non-scale!
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    @goal06082021 - I plan on setting a new goal for myself for the year. I am still trying to figure out what the next milestone goal is for me and I want to be a bit conservative because of my impending return to the office (part time) and the holidays. While I have had some hiccups along the road, the overall process has been not terribly difficult since my focus has always been on small, sustainable changes. It makes me want to keep the ball rolling.
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    @JNettie73 thought I was the only one that dreaded booths in restaurants. thanks for sharing.
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    @JNettie73 and the boob thing! I can't wait until I can actually kneel at the pew at church, and not have to tangle with the back swaying the wrong way. I usually just have to lean back so my but touches the seat, not necessarily ideal. Tables at restaurants same thing, shirts, jackets, etc. I am nowhere near the b cup of industry standard, I have wondered if I will have to continue wearing a size 22 shirt because of the girls, or just get specialty patterns as grading for bustlines gives me a geometric headache when sewing.
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    @KeriA glad your surgery went well and I wish you a speedy recovery! 🙂