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JUST FOR TODAY -- Daily Commitment Thread for 2021



  • mytime6630
    mytime6630 Posts: 3,801 Member
    mytime6630 wrote: »

    JFT, THurs, Sept 2
    1. log all food :)
    2. limit my snack in the evening ... drink 2 glasses of water first :/ Went to Trader Joes, and on a whim bought some chocolate covered almonds. But I grabbed a few ... and now I am quitting snacking... and drinking my water.
    3. concentrate on water :)
    4. finish power washing. Clean all windows on outside. Powerwash brick tiewalls :):) I was outside again from about 11 until 3:30 power washing ... so exhausted, but in a good kind of way! Everything looks so clean and nice .. plus I got a 5 mile walk in this morning. Its nice to have a day when I seem to have more energy than normal and feel good and get a lot accomplished.
    5. be positive in how I talk to myself. :) Listening to podcasts while on my morning walk really helps me start the day in a positive way

    JFT, Friday, Sept 3
    1. log all food
    2. concentrate on water
    3. limit my snack in the evening ... drink 2 glasses of water first
    4. work in the yard .. going to expand one of my flower beds (again LOL).

  • mytime6630
    mytime6630 Posts: 3,801 Member
    edited September 3

    @cschmitz --- I seemed to have missed the post about your sister. Sounds awful .. my husband has 11 screens and 2 plates in his ankle when he broke it. He was in so much pain. Glad her surgery went well... she will most likely have a slow recovery, and the pain meds will help her.

    Missed about your eye also? But glad you went right away to see the doctor. My husband has macular degeneration, but thankfully his has not turned into the wet kind. He was diagnosed almost 5 years ago, and so far, he is doing OK. I hope for you also.

    @MLHC1 -- will be thinking of your for your upcoming surgery, and hope all goes well. And great for you to be aware of the extra anxiety and knowing how to take care of yourself.

    @littleblackskirt -- I hear what you say about gardening, and aching all over! Its frustrating, isn't it! I bought a couple of kneeling pads .. and those really help me so I don't have to bend over as much. They help on the knees, and bending is very limited. I love gardening too much to have to quit .. so trying to find ways to keep doing it, and not be in too much pain.

    @Janele0627 -- you are doing great!
  • Snowflake1968
    Snowflake1968 Posts: 5,622 Member
    edited September 3
    JFT- Wednesday September 1
    1.5L of water - 👿
    Log all food - 🙂
    Walk 15 minutes - 🙂
    Arm something - 🙂

    JFT- Thursday September 2
    1.5L of water
    Log all food
    Walk 15 minutes
    Arm something

    @littleblackskirt - I understand your frustration with lack of bending. It sure is miserable.

    @cschmitz110515 - I wish your sister a speedy recovery.

    @Bex953172 - it’s nice to hear from you. I loved the hamster story, I miss your stories about your girls.

  • maryrobinson40
    maryrobinson40 Posts: 1,109 Member
    Love you Joan
  • littleblackskirt
    littleblackskirt Posts: 621 Member

    JFT Thursday 2nd Sept

    Be sensible, keep below maintenance yes
    Back exercises yes
    Foot exercises yes
    Walk with friend yes
    Sewing repairs no
    Arms something yes
    Phone care home yes
    Phone for eye exam yes

    @cschmitz110515 ...thank you for mentioning your eye problem, as it pushed me to deal with my own. I hope you get good news next month. I phoned for an appointment and was told it would be November. But when the receptionist asked why I wanted it, she gave me an appointment for today, as apparently my symptoms can be a sign of a retinal tear. Hopefully not. I'm actually most worried about how long I'll have to stay in town, as a friend has been before me and says the eye drops will make vision blurry for hours. I need to drive myself so might have a long wait!

    JFT Friday 3rd

    Keep below maintenance
    Back exercises
    Foot exercises
    Arms something
    Walk in town
    Load car

    An easy day as I ache all over!

  • ZizzyBumble
    ZizzyBumble Posts: 1,671 Member
    Friday 3 Sep

    Thursday’s goals were the usual ones and were all met but I don’t appear to have posted them 🙁

    Fridays Goals:

    Stay in the green
    5 fruit and veg
    Fitbit exercise goals
    Weigh 😊 trend ⬇️

    @littleblackskirt I hope your eye appointment goes well
    @MLHC1 Good wishes for your surgery and recovery
    @Bex953172 I am glad you popped in for a catch up. I’ve missed your posts and was hoping that you were ok.
  • sarah7591
    sarah7591 Posts: 187 Member
    Eat healthy. Don't stress. Sounds easy but it's not!
  • marycilec
    marycilec Posts: 31 Member
    I'm a little late in posting on here, but I just saw this thread today. I have requested many friends on this post, because I only have about 12 friends right now. Thanks for starting this post "mytime3360". You can read my profile to know more about me, than what I post here.

    Starting weight 215 and now like 4 years later at 207. My meds keep me fat, but I just changed them recently, so hope it will make a weight change too. My ultimate goal weight is between 125-150, but right now, I'd like to be under 200 for awhile. I am cutting out canned foods, fried foods, and cheese (my weaknesses). I am concentrating on having more fresh fruit and veggies, protein drinks and bars, and exercising beyond daily chores of making my bed and doing dishes.

    I have Crohn's disease so usually cholesterol is not a problem, but some of my meds cause high triglycerides; so I'm adjusting my diet with that in mind. I have set up a yoga and weights station near my computer, so I will be more likely to exercise. I have 2 chihuahuas that I would like to walk, when the weather is nice; and walk inside Walmart when the weather is not nice.

    I drink 64 ounces of water, one cola, and at least 40 ounces of tea daily. I usually only have one or two meals, because if I have a 3rd meal, I go over my calorie limit. I try to eat healthy, but fast foods are calling my name lately.

    My husband and I have been together for about 30 years and we have an adult son (24). We have 2 dogs and 1 cat. We live in a house near a couple parks.

    I love to make rosaries and crochet. Right now, I enter lots of sweepstakes and win a few. I have limited cooking skills, but hubby is good at it. Please send me a request if I have not sent you one (if you are female, like me).
  • Janele0627
    Janele0627 Posts: 163 Member
    Janele0627 wrote: »
    Almost to my weekend. Just have to survive today. I'm so tired, aaagh.

    JFT 09/02
    - Vitamins & B.C. X
    - 64 oz of water ✓ 80 oz
    - 10,000 steps ✓ 11,439
    - 5 flights of stairs ✓ 7
    - 30 minutes of cardio X
    - Log everything/200 calorie deficit /X - 456 calories
    - Vacuum the stairs X
    - Screens off by 10:30, bed by 11
    We went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner last night, and I tried duck for the first time!
    Happy Friday - the start of my weekend!

    JFT 09/03
    - Walk the dogs
    - Vitamins & B.C.
    - 64 oz of water
    - 10,000 steps/5 flights of stairs
    - 30 minutes of cardio
    - Meal plan/Grocery shopping
    - Order vitamins
    - Dishes/Vacuum the stairs/Clean the fish tank/Laundry
    - Log everything/200 calorie deficit
    - Limit 3 drinks at the fire tonight
  • MLHC1
    MLHC1 Posts: 648 Member
    MLHC1 wrote: »

    08/16/2021 Thursday JFT:

    ✅AM Kiddo Routine
    ✅MFP: Log and JFT post
    ✅Errands: bank
    ❌BBL 1 DVD
    ✅GYM: CC Tennis, ZC exercise (leg day), Elliptical 30 min.
    ✅Family Swim Time (1 hr)
    ❌Dinner: Bake chicken, veggies, pasta➡️ Had a shake instead and kiddos ate leftovers

    Thank you all for your support and kind comments, it really means alot to have you all as MFP friends!!

    08/16/2021 Friday JFT:

    ▪︎AM Kiddo Routine
    ▪︎MFP: Log and JFT post
    ▪︎Errands: bank, mailbox, small grocery trip (produce)
    ▪︎BBL 1 DVD
    ▪︎@home Elliptical 30 min.
    (No gym time Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)
    ▪︎UMC preop appt
    ▪︎Dinner: Parmesan chicken, pasta, carrots
    (Hubby is coming home tonight!! I haven't seen him since July 27th!!! Super duper excited!!)

    Enjoy an incredible FriYay my fellow JFTers!!!
  • more_freggies76
    more_freggies76 Posts: 271 Member
    Report on 9/2
    **Today have lunchtime meeting, so I can eat lunch earlier than normal, more like a brunch. ✅
    1 ) Desserts ok. Candy corn or pumpkins ok (last had some 8/30). ✅
    2) Yogurt bar or fudge cycles or acai ok. ✅ Didn't eat
    3) No hard cheese (including string cheese). ✅
    4) Up to 2 oz beef jerky if hiking.✅
    5) Sweet potato ok but weigh.✅ Didn't eat
    6) Peanut butter ok (last had 8/26).✅ Had today
    7) Either walnuts or almonds or mixed nuts. No peanuts. No brazilnuts or pistachios.✅ walnuts
    8) No turkey sausage or hot dogs.✅
    9) I will weigh yams and bananas and pears to know calories.✅
    10) Will weigh Thursday, Aug Sep 2, and then not again until we get back from vacation.✅
    11) On-going commitments for certain foods in the house - Leave for DH - rest of TJ brownies and TJ coffee cake. Rest of current bag of brazilnuts. French fruit pâtés, rest of nuts from gift, Reese's hearts. No nutella again until we make crepes again✅

    Getting ready for vacation, leaving today. During vacation I don't make the daily commitment, but make hourly commitments as needed.
  • pridesabtch
    pridesabtch Posts: 1,157 Member
    Guess who thought today was Saturday, and ended up being 45 minutes late for work. That's right, me! Oh well, not really a big deal other than the fact that I was so sure yesterday was Friday that I slept in until hubby got on a work call and woke me up. I guess Chili and football last night had me in weekend mode, lol.

    Vanessa is finally starting to feel better after missing an entire week of school, but now Tim is sick. Boy I hope I don't catch this stuff. If Tim is still feeling bad tomorrow I'm going to mow the lawn for him. Other plans for tomorrow include sleeping in, dress shopping for homecoming and watching football. I know y'all are jealous of my exciting life, not.

    - work by 8:00 :(
    - Crunch numbers for IV study :smiley:
    - Pay mom's bills
    - Detail calibration schedule for September
    - Meet friend to return dress that doesn't fit at 3:30 (CAN'T FORGET THIS ONE)
    - Leftover chili for dinner
    - Chill
    - Log food
    - Bed by 11:30
    - No alcohol

    Have a stellar day everyone!
  • cschmitz110515
    cschmitz110515 Posts: 2,939 Member
    Recap R 9/2 ~ Skipped early dog walk even though weather perfect. Not crazy about alarm before sunrise but I'd better get used to it, will only get worse in winter months.
    1) Move hourly / stairs breaks / pace in office during webinar :'( Fitbit piece that holds band on finally broke for good... I have my receipt & original package so now I attempt to claim the warranty (only 10 months old). Such a pain.
    2) Net cals zero / 14c water >:) ate a little something at market, then finished some leftovers at home & snacked on peanut M&Ms... just a little stress eating. 12c
    3) PA-E&T testing / Facebook Live 12:00 / webinar 2:00 = 3/3
    4) Outdoor market on way home / HANG UP SHIRTS / balance bank accts / schedule cc pmt / update budget s/s no time / other ta-da? yes a few TA-DA! = 5/6
    5) Unplug 9:00 / floss / retainers / Voltaren / Calm app before bed not really needed & lights out 10:00 / 5:40 alarm (walk dog before work) = 5/6

    JFT F 9/3
    1) Walked dog 3.86 mi before work & saw a bunch of turkeys :smiley: happy dog & happy me
    2) Move hourly / stairs breaks
    3) Salmon & green beans for supper / net cals zero / 14c water
    4) PA-E&T testing / submit PAR, PRO, KRO s/s by 1:00 / update Project Status s/s
    5) Make couscous salad for picnic / prep bday card to give aunt / update budget s/s / check DVR / other ta-da?
    6) Unplug 9:00 / floss / retainers / Voltaren / Calm app before bed / 7:15 alarm (walk dog before leaving town)

    Finally getting cooler weather and wearing jeans to work today... feeling quite tight! During summer I could wear more forgiving clothes that hid the pounds I was putting on. Just more incentive for me to keep my net calories on track. :p

    Pretty view at sunrise this morning while walking dog. Saw turkeys just after this photo.

    2021 Goals:
    1) Weight 150#
    2) Plan meals most days & prelog meals/snacks whenever possible on MFP
    3) Post weekly weigh-in on JFT for accountability. Saturday a.m. is my "official" weigh-in day, and I peek occasionally other days. My digital scale only shows half pound increments & I'm too cheap to buy a fancier scale.
    4) Take measurements & log on MFP every month end ~ remember this year! ~ 1.31.21 ~ 2.28.21 ~ 4.3.21 ~ 4.30.21 not pretty ~ skipped 5.31.21 & 6.30.21 ~ 7.31.21 accountable ~ 9.1.21 horrible after vacation but recorded
    5) Exercise 5-6x per week (minimum 4x) ~ mostly walking but include weights/circuit & other x-training
    6) Participate in race or challenge events even if virtual ~ started MapMyWalk You Vs. Year 1021K on Jan. 1 / virtual 50 Mile Frenzy 11.27.20 - 1.15.21 (replaced Frenzy on the Fox for Jan. 2021) 50.37 miles 12.17.20 and completed 97.44 miles total / Tour de Northeast WI virtual challenge: cover distance from Oshkosh to Gills Rock (139 miles) 1.1.21 - 3.31.21 ~ completed distance on 3.21.21 / 30/45 Build to Bellin virtual challenge 30 min. activity for total of 1,350 min. in 45 days 3.1.21 - 4.15.21 = 146 out of 339 in 34:00:42 / Hope 2021 Face Mask virtual 5K (benefits No Kid Hungry) anytime 5.11.21 in 58:04 / 100 Miles in May virtual challenge ~ 134.68 miles would've been more if I hadn't sluffed off on dog walks one week / Bellin (virtual) 10K on 6.19.21 after thunderstorm in 1:45:49 ave. pace 17:02 per mile / Titletown Wellness Shoreline Challenge: virtual distance from Gills Rock to Pleasant Prairie (232 miles) as many times as possible 6.12.21 - 11.26.21 / Packers 5K IN PERSON 7.24.21 48:36 ave. pace 15:39
    7) Be considerate and loving to hubby and have fun together ~ excellent goal last year that should be repeated
    8) Make efforts to keep in touch with parents, siblings and friends (most live in other towns or states) ~ had this goal in 2020 and how ironic
    9) Declutter bedroom, home office and basement ~ made good progress in 2020 & want to keep it up
    Word for 2021: Gratitude ~ be mindful of & appreciate my many blessings
  • Bex953172
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    Thanks everyone for the thoughts for my sister. Post-surgery evening her pain was level 10 and meds had to be adjusted. Much better this morning and she may be released from hospital today. Here's what 4 plates & 19 pins in a badly broken ankle look like:

    Flippin heck. I'm not being rude when I say this but what an absolute mess!!
    It's amazing what doctors and surgeons can do though! I hope she makes a full recovery.

    Ash has had to have his hand pinned before so it healed straight. I remember when it first happened. His hand looked like a mangled mess.
    At 29 I've still not broke a bone.. and intend of keeping that way haha I don't think I'd cope in them first moments and then waiting for surgery.

    Luckily no further surgery but his hand can get sore a lot. It was his dominant hand too. Mainly gets sore using power tools because of the vibrations.
  • more_freggies76
    more_freggies76 Posts: 271 Member
    Hour commitment: About to leave for road trip; just finished an early lunch and now I won't eat again until after 5 pm or whenever DH wants dinner. No desserts today!
  • Bex953172
    Bex953172 Posts: 3,508 Member
    Janele0627 wrote: »
    Janele0627 wrote: »
    Almost to my weekend. Just have to survive today. I'm so tired, aaagh.

    JFT 09/02
    - Vitamins & B.C. X
    - 64 oz of water ✓ 80 oz
    - 10,000 steps ✓ 11,439
    - 5 flights of stairs ✓ 7
    - 30 minutes of cardio X
    - Log everything/200 calorie deficit /X - 456 calories
    - Vacuum the stairs X
    - Screens off by 10:30, bed by 11
    We went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner last night, and I tried duck for the first time!
    Happy Friday - the start of my weekend!

    JFT 09/03
    - Walk the dogs
    - Vitamins & B.C.
    - 64 oz of water
    - 10,000 steps/5 flights of stairs
    - 30 minutes of cardio
    - Meal plan/Grocery shopping
    - Order vitamins
    - Dishes/Vacuum the stairs/Clean the fish tank/Laundry
    - Log everything/200 calorie deficit
    - Limit 3 drinks at the fire tonight

    Mmmmmm duck 🦆
  • Bex953172
    Bex953172 Posts: 3,508 Member
    Saskia was back at school today. First day back! It was only her because she's Key Stage 2. Marley starts Monday and I'm waiting for the teacher to ring about Casey's start date. She had a well good day. She's so big now.
    All summer I haven't been able to hit 10,000 steps as the school runs we're adding them up. I am absolutely shattered.

    I also had to do a little shop at the supermarket over the road. It's useful being so close because I can bring the trolley back to the house (I don't care how ridiculous I look haha) but I can unload and take the trolley back. Well not all the way back but atleast in the car park.
    There were no trolleys. Not one.
    So I had to lug it back and just some of the items were 2 milks, fabric softener and a large cordial. So yeah that wasn't fun. At all. Especially with a cricked neck from sleeping funny last night.

    Onto my goals.
    I know I didn't set any but I logged today. I've had a VERY unhealthy day but got lots of calories left on account I skipped lunch. Although not on purpose. I just forgot to have lunch? How I managed that I don't know lol. I spent about 10 minutes racking my brains. I even asked the kids if I'd ate lunch hahah

    I did change it from -2lb/week to -1lb/week. No point making life hard for myself right now

  • clicketykeys
    clicketykeys Posts: 5,089 Member
    JFT Saturday
    1. Tea! Check in on MFP. Short run. Walk at park.
    2. Morning: Check email. Update MFP. Yoga at library. Groceries? Blog update?
    3. Clois: 1 hr. 11-12? Maybe need to nap before.
    4. Lunch: Cheese!
    5. Afternoon: Choose orgs for donations? Check on plates. Log reading on Goodreads. S&F script work: 1-2 PM. Set up JFT for tomorrow.
    6. Evening: Fold laundry. Dinner: Soup. Check in on Twitter; blogroll widget / NCTE schedule from 2020?
    7. Drink more water. No, more. Keep the pitcher in the fridge full. You're not actually hungry. Make some tea. Drink more water! Chop celery.
    8. Gratitude journal. Therapy exercises: crunches, push-ups, squats, ankle lifts, box jumps, plank. Meds. Floss, rinse, brush teeth. Read: 1 hr (NSPAS) while playing sleepy music.
    9. Upcoming: Wed/Fri livestreams. Wed book group. Sat yoga. MH Monday check-in; Tough Question Tuesday; Whatever Wednesday AMA; Thankful Thursday. Indochino suit fitting - Atlanta or Nashville? Donations to thrift store.

    Scale goals
    End of 2017: 174.6
    End of 2018: 189.2
    End of 2019: 196.4
    End of 2020: 187.4
    End of January: 189.8
    End of February: 190.0
    End of March: 190.4
    End of April: 188.7
    End of May: 191.2
    End of June: 191.4
    Today: 193.6

    Ongoing plans/ideas behind the cut
    1. Purchases: Look for an "ugly Christmas sweater" and a long-haired doll at thrift stores. Practice French braiding. Go to used bookstore and look for The Prince (tr. Tim Parks, Russell Price, or Robert Adams), The Secret Adversary (Christie), Hood Feminism (Mikki Kendall), Caste (Isabel Wilkerson).
    2. E2: What should the controlling ideas be in a study of world literature? Review world lit options. Create vocabulary lists for each unit that come from the texts used: Animal Farm, Julius Caesar, Wes Moore, I Am Malala. Find a way to incorporate changing words from one part of speech to another. Students need to know how to review multiple sources and synthesize information in order to draw a conclusion. Need practice with the difference between transitions and overlapping (at end of paragraph - "another issue is Y" vs "there are other issues besides X"). Quit using "in conclusion" and "I believe" and other writing-about-my-writing phrases. Confusion between direct/indirect objects and prepositional phrases. Use the UDHR and the Declaration of Independence to study paraphrasing; use that to front-load Machiavelli and how to deal with challenging texts. Confusion between everyday / every day and similar constructions.
    3. E1: Need practice with quoting & paraphrasing sources, identifying claims that would need support, use of last names for reference, and capitalization practice (common/proper nouns, titles). Difficulty using possessive nouns in their own writing. Honors: practice subject/object pronouns (my friend and I / my friend and me). Poetry: Revise "Songs are Poetry" handouts.
    4. Curriculum Development: Writing mini-unit. Review scholarly research on 5PE. (I think I can have this as an intro to the research unit so that they also get exposure to how quotes are integrated and cited.) Parallel structure; use of emotional language, specific detail. Use "Write About a Pebble" lesson from Atwell. How long should each unit take? Do research on characteristics: curiosity, persistence, resilience, creativity, responsibility, optimism, courage, integrity, authenticity, leadership, self-awareness, humility, compassion - others? Include grammarly check on essays! Review assessments. What is the purpose for each unit? What should the controlling ideas be in a study of world literature? Review world lit options. Write 1 reflection weekly; type one in Classroom by Weds. Copy-paste to discussion board for comments due Friday. Homework: Online journal Mon due Tue; Reflection Tue due Wed; C&P journal in class Wed; Comments Thu due Fri. Bonus if you are the first response; further bonus if you respond to comments on your post. Grammar practice Mon & Wed; quiz Fri. Unit plan for research (Idea for regular: comparing same story on sites with different biases).
    5. Professional Development: Write blog post weekly. Comment on 3 posts each week - Tu Th Sun? Check with PSC. Talk with Z about articles and/or conference proposals.
    6. Medical: Dentist call to schedule cleaning – Late Oct? ObG schedule for 9/22. PCP Aug 17. Therapy July 27.
    7. Theater: Read play for discussion August 3.
    8. House: Siding. Or perhaps bathroom floor.
    9. Fun: Open beading on Thursdays. Coloring at library on Tuesday. Put jewelry away. Edney Hack Nights alt Weds. ASL? Spanish/Portuguese practice? Practice piano. ROL Secret Adversary. Buy bike rack for car.
    10. Volunteering ideas: Theater. Library. Animal shelter. Community Kitchen. Emerge Georgia training.
    11. Family: Book group. Dinners?
    12. Writing: Blog post: Running, Racism and Rum: Learning to Handle Discomfort. Fanfic: Create a scene list for the Batgirl story. Finish the cafe scene for the Titans story.
    13. Lifting: 15 squats, 15 deadlifts, 10 shoulder presses, 15 arm raises, 10 pushups, 30 crunches, 15 side lifts, 15 back kicks. Horse stance for 5 breaths, tree for 10 breaths each leg.
    14. Summer: Organize photos with the family. Write Clois. Write Stuffy and Friends. Create blog posts for video lessons.
    15. Other: Practice hair braiding with D. Remind D to ask his dad about the table and check with home repair contractors. 3 posts/week? Create test for MLA format. Create test for infographics and visual information. Remember that M does not like surprises! Check dates of classes and update semester plan. She Should Run vision statement. Update standards on board. When to change bulletin board?

    WFTY: Persistence. Two more weeks of hybrid. Then... ?? Who knows. *sigh*
    Reminder: Last year's WFTY was progress, and I am ... actually, I was going to say content, but it's more than that. I'm proud of myself, and I'm pleased with the progress that I made. Even without the challenges throughout the year, I accomplished things that I should be proud of; and given those challenges, I'm even happier about what I was able to do.
  • PackerFanInGB
    PackerFanInGB Posts: 3,047 Member
    mytime6630 wrote: »
    I've been missing in posting.. but not missing in my own daily goals. Life has just been crazy busy here lately. My husband has to have more blood work done .. his MCV numbers jumped dramatically in May when we had our physicals, and our primary doctor is worried about bone marrow problems ... as in cancer or leukemia. So while trying not to worry for the 3 months before he can do more blood work and a bone marrow biopsy, we are both taking actions to improve our health before he get another test ... in hopes that by doing this, the number return to normal. Hubby has totally given up any wine, and we are both trying to eat healthy.
    So in doing that .. I told him.. I am not going to just give us lettuce and carrots .. you know .. diet food. Eating healthy, we have to learn portion control.. learn how to stop eating when we are full, etc. So its been a struggle, but with both of us doing this, it is easier. And I am trying to find more recipes so we don't get bored .. but putting our food on the plate versus putting everything on the table.

    One thing I have been doing while walking is listening to podcasts. I walk typically 90 minutes everyday ... not only for exercise, but for my mental health. Its been super hot, so I get out early for my walks before it gets too hot, or if I can't do that, I do go out after 7. Usually by then its cooled off a bit. But I am also probably more accumulated to the heat because I do a lot of gardening.

    This morning I listened to a good podcast about motivation ... and I thought I would share. I know many of us are struggling with motivation, and I hope this helps. It helped me.

    I will try and post more of these. Her podcasts are excellent. ( A little rough language, but she makes such good points)


    I would also like to start a AUGUST CHALLENGE if anyone is interested .. and that is to PLAN. Even if the plan is just planning what you will eat for dinner that day. For me, when I have breakfast I am trying to plan what I will make for dinner .. whether it be leftovers, or getting something out of the freezer to defrost, and laying out all the ingredients. I find this is helping me a lot.

    So the August challenge will start sunday. Maybe @Terri can come up with a cute little icon?

    My goals for today are simple
    1. log all food
    2. plan todays meals
    3. go for walk -- already done :)

    Joan, I logged on tonight to try to catch up on how everyone is doing and I’m so sorry to see your husband had worrisome labs! I’m glad to hear you are both trying to to be as healthy as can be! You are in my prayers!

    Regarding the podcast...I have been a member of Corrine’s Weightloss program for about a year now. She does have salty language but I’m married to a truck driver so it doesn’t phase me... the points she makes are so on the money! Only eat when you’re hungry and stop at enough. I’ve been planning every day since joining. I love her no nonsense approach. I’m down 10 lbs. finally!

    I haven’t read further than this post of yours so I’m sure there are updates I’m missing, but so happy to see a post from you! I’ve missed everyone so much! ❤️

  • Snowflake1968
    Snowflake1968 Posts: 5,622 Member
    JFT- Thursday September 2
    1.5L of water - 👿
    Log all food - 🙂
    Walk 15 minutes - 👿
    Arm something - 👿

    JFT- Friday September 3
    1.5L of water
    Log all food
    Walk 15 minutes
    Arm something

    @pridesabtch - there is a bad cold going around here. Two of my coworkers were told that this cold is so bad because it had to fight to get through all of the Covid and it’s precautions. They each missed more than a week of work.

    More I wanted to comment on, but I’m very tired and my eyes are burning.