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    My game changer was a mental state to focus on my health. Rather than looking at a glass of wine and complaining that 'it's not allowed ', I started to try to look at it and think of the negative health implications. It's similar to looking at cigarettes as an ex smoker- I used to enjoy it but I now know it's just not good for me.

    Cutting out (almost) all processed food also was a game changer. Processed food is designed to be addictive and I needed to break that cycle of addiction.

    Thinking of binge eating as addiction disorder rather than just 'having an appetite ' was probably the single most important game changer for me once I started to prioritize my health in my life.

    Happy to share more if there is interest.

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    Taking care of my mental health

    For someone struggling with depression and anxiety this hits so close to home. Once you start taking care of your ming everything else starts following suit

    A lot of people are struggling with that right now due to all that's going on in the world and country. Or existing issues are intensified.
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    How different nutrients such as fructose and glucose affect various hormones and make it so much harder to lose weight. This I learned from a documentary called "Sugar the sour truth". You can find it on youtube, I cannot recommend it enough.

    Before that I foolishly believed that it was feasible to lose weight eating whatever you want but I was not aware of how much of an effect certain foods had on me mentally.

    Weightloss becomes so much easier when you finally go from just counting calories to actually paying attention to what is good for both mentally and your body physically.
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    There wasn't just one....

    it started with as Ann put it "flipping the switch"
    Then coming here and logging my food....which lead to education....which lead to my food scale.

    Then prelogging my food and prepping to make life easier...

    60+ lbs later....

    That was 2013....8 years later I am maintaining my weight loss fairly easily.

    I still log sometimes just to get a grip in that creep up because no I will never be one who can look at my food and know...esp things like pasta...or potatoes...*shrugs* and that's okay.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I got some great insights and motivation! You guys all rock!
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    For me
    -using the scale
    -logging on MFP
    -cooking as much as possible, not eating out (I sometimes "have to" eat lunch out when in office, but then I pick the best option, not necessarily the one I think I will like the most)
    -always having boild eggs and peeled carrots in the fridge

    and maybe a bit special, but for me really important:
    - when cooking, as I don't use as much butter/olive oil as previously, I have to increase spices and other tasty ingredients, to make sure I get a lot of flavour. Example: I just made fried fish and veggies, w/very little fat in the pan. So I added lots of onion and garlic, and black pepper. Then I also added diced fresh tomatoes from my garden, to create somewhat of a sauce to it. Was great. Other times I add lots of dried or fresh herbs, curry powder or chili. I need the food to taste a lot.