If you could eat only 1 fruit for a whole week...



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    Rose apples

    That's definitely something I've never seen. Do they taste any different than other apples? Or what type is it similar to?

    They’re nothing like apples. They feel light and crunchy. If you shake them, the seed inside rattles that means it’s ripe. The flavour is like the scent of a rose, but sweet. You can smell the trees when you’re near them.🙂
  • CoffeeNstilettos
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    Red grapes or pineapple
  • Walkywalkerson
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    I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not a fan of fruit.
    I force myself to eat Berries with the occasional apple thrown in.
    The thought of eating a bannana or a tropical fruit like mango sends shivers down my spine 🤮
    So if I was forced to choose I'd choose Apples- sharp ones like granny smiths that aren't too sweet.
  • Safari_Gal_
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    VegjoyP wrote: »
    Chili mango


    @VegjoyP 😮 I must try these!!
  • Mtscruffy64
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  • RedRobed
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    Mango, pineapple and passion fruit are all right up there for me.

    Probably go for mango though.
  • lemurcat2
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    I'm currently on a clementine kick. Or maybe plums or avocado if we are counting it as fruit.
  • VegjoyP
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    Meyer lemons...or organic lemons. I have been putting whole organic lemon, monk fruit and water in Nutrabullet then storing in shaker cup. Every morning I have 1/2 !cup
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    Lychees or pomegranates
  • mytyglotz
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    If watermelon were still in season, I'd stick with that as my fruit of choice:
    but, it is FALL -- Happy Autumn, y'All :)

    I am eager to crack open and roast those autumn harvest vegetables like pumpkin, delicata, kabocha, acorn (ALL the squashes), but, as it is, this thread is dedicated to FRUIT, so I must be agreeable here :)

    I simply cannot choose (like many other Pals), so I will compile a short list:
    • apples (any variety, excluding Red Delicious, which, in my opinion, are ironically named and far from delicious)
    • white nectarines (new liking of mine after trying them for the first time this week)
    • plums (yellow and red, which I also tried for the first time this week)
    • kiwi fruit
    • pears
    • oranges
  • anna_nintey3
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    Pink lady apple
  • Safari_Gal_
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    I eat blueberries almost everyday… 😉 Dragonfruit and açaí also favs.
  • basimmers
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    Small Gala apple , bananas are to high in natural sugar ,I am diabetic , they make me extremely tired
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    If I don't have concern myself over the sugar/calories...I'll pick dates or figs...

  • ceiswyn
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    Because I like pears A LOT. Also, they go really well with savoury things like blue cheese as well as with sweets. And you can have them raw, or stewed, or in crumble, or as chutney, or…

    …’scuse me, I’m just going to nip out and do some harvesting…
  • Archcurl
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    Raspberry, strawberry or cherry.
  • Ilovecereals82
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    Cotton candy grapes!!! So goood
  • lorib642
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    Figs because I can get them off our tree when they ripen.