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    Current Weight: 216.2 lb
    October Weight lost so far: 4.6

    October 1- 216.2
    October 2- 215.4
    October 3- 214.6
    October 4- 214.2
    October 5- 214.8- not sure how I gained since I was under in consumed calories and burned at least 800 in workouts. Hoping it’s just because of lack of sleep since I was up really late with a puking 3 year old 🤢
    October 6- 213.8 - alright that’s better. I stayed with it yesterday vs getting frustrated and giving up
    October 7- 213- I had a great day yesterday! Hoping I can carry that through the weekend!
    October 8- 212.8 - happy I didn’t gain since I went out and indulged a bit too much but I worked out extra knowing that might happen earlier in the day.
    October 9- 212.6 another great day. Was hoping for more but probably a balance from the previous day.
    October 10- 211.2 had a great day but today is going to be a rest/cheat day since it’s my birthday!
    October 11- 210.8 I walked over 30k steps trying to compensate for my cheat day which seemed to have worked!
    October 12- vacation
    October 13- vacation
    October 14- vacation
    October 15- vacation
    October 16- vacation
    October 17- vacation
    October 18- vacation
    October 19- 213- ready to get back to it after not tracking for a week and indulging on food and drinks!
    October 20- 211.6 so happy with that drop!
    October 21
    October 22
    October 23
    October 24
    October 25
    October 26
    October 27
    October 28
    October 29
    October 30
    October 31
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    Highest weight: 293 (01/28/21)
    October SW - 206.4
    October GW - 198

    10/1 - 206.4
    10/2 - 206.2 (11605 steps yesterday and while I tracked every bite I had a special meal out so I always tend to make sure I overestimate when that happens... looks like I was successful in doing so since I saw a loss today)
    10/3 - 206.6 (18883 steps yesterday as I golfed 18 holes and walled the course. Had another meal out so the slight uptick isn't surprising.)
    10/4 - 207 (13060 steps yesterday - tried HIIT for the first time, got out for a walk, and did my yoga)
    10/5 - 208.4 (11011 steps yesterday, did a nice hike of Tunnel Mountain in Banff National Park, later supper and lots of sodium)
    10/6 - 208.6 (14954 steps yesterday, we got to Kananaskis Nordic Spa in the mountains and had a lovely dinner out last night and then today we spent the day at the spa - couples massage, steam rooms and pools, 11 hour car trip tomorrow to my dad's house so it will be a more sedentary day tomorrow I imagine)
    10/7 - 207 (10042 steps yesterday, controlled day of eating and it paid off on the scales. 11 hour car trip today but I started the morning with exercise.. still hoping to make my 10K steps, wish me luck!)
    10/8 - 204.8 (8880 steps yesterday, fell a but short but considering I was in a car for 11+ hours and the end of the trip was a visit with family and a large meal, i will take this massive weight drop!)

    Week 1 loss - 1.6

    10/9 - 204.4 (8961 steps yesterday, a bit harder to hit my 10K goal while I'm on holidays but still making effort to do so! Just so happy to see yesterday's drop is holding)
    10/10 - 206.4 (12820 steps yesterday, we had Chinese food.. enough said)
    10/11 - 206 (5264 steps yesterday, had Thanksgiving dinner #1 and was happy with how it went)
    10/12 - 205.6 (7819 steps yesterday, Thanksgiving dinners are officially done and I lost weight on the trip.. woo hoo! Looking forward to getting back to my normal activity levels but I had a great time visiting family.)
    10/13 - 204.6 (10991 steps yesterday, we drove 11 hours to get home but I was then able to ride the bike and take my dog for a walk.. feeling good settling back into my routine.)
    10/14 - 205 (16023 steps yesterday, chose to walk to my eye doctor and rode the Peloton. Still feels good to be back in routine. Going to the mountains to hike today for our last day of vacation.)
    10/15 - 207.4 (21615 steps yesterday, long hike in the mountains with an elevation gain of 700m. It's my first day back to work today after a long vacation and I couldn't sleep! I weighed in much earlier than normal but I always do it first thing so the result appears to be a bit wacky. Moving on!)

    Week 2 gain - 2.6

    10/16 - 205.4 (9910 steps yesterday and my first day back to work. The last few days is exactly why I weigh daily!)
    10/17 - 207 (13508 steps yesterday. Felt good about my choices, body is definitely in some interesting fluctuations right now.)
    10/18 - 205.4 (19290 steps yesterday. We did an insanely beautiful hike. We live in such a beautiful place. Today we are watching our Bills play.. snack type dinner but still below maintenance calories. Tomorrow is our 2 year wedding anniversary 💕)
    10/19 - 205.4 (10085 steps yesterday. Had a fun dinner while watching the Bills game - kept it under control but broke my deficit slightly. Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary so I've set my calories to maintenance - 10% to give myself a little extra for the special occasion.)
    10/20 - 204 (10,805 steps. Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We had a great day!)
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    🍂 🎃 October Challenge 🎃 🍂

    Enjoyments for today: dinner with my guys, new Adele song, how my body feels after exercising.
    Satisfactions: Choosing to reset my mood with movement, "rescuing" my day foodwise with a healthy dinner, looking put together when I left the house.
    Gratitudes: my home, my family, my health.

    @midsummer174627 I love this!