Halloween Candy

If you have leftover Halloween candy, get it out of the house. Give or throw it away. Better it be in a dump than as fat on your body.


  • ythannah
    ythannah Posts: 4,187 Member
    I bought chips to give out. They're not my snack of choice so the leftovers will get hauled into work.

    Incidentally, this was the lowest year ever for trick or treaters. I normally get around 20 and only had 5.
  • UberAya
    UberAya Posts: 94 Member
    This was my daughter's first year trick or treating, and I'm coming to realize that no 3.5 year old ever needs literally two buckets of candy. >.<
    Normally I'd take this to the office to unload...COVID19/remote work for the lose!

    At least candy isn't usually a crux for me!
  • enlightenme3
    enlightenme3 Posts: 819 Member
    My husband likes to buy the full-size candy bars to give out. The upside (for me at least) is that it discourages me from indulging in the leftovers since they aren't "just a nibble". It turns out that we had a whole case leftover from 2019 just sitting in our pantry the whole time which I didn't see until the trick-or-treaters were already finished for the evening.

    BTW, yesterday I did allocate myself one of the Reese's peanut butter cups in my calorie budget. Ate it. Didn't care for it anymore. I have been eating a couple squares of dark chocolate as my evening dessert and the Reese's was just too sweet.