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    You are very welcome @nay0meh!! Don't waste your time and energy on unnecessary bulking and cutting phase, since you are already in a pretty good shape. All you need is a proper workout routine which works your lower body. Your goal is to get defined and shredded in the lower body. So focus on the workouts I mentioned earlier. Those are fundamental exercises done by bodybuilders from golden era. But many of us nowadays forget the importance of compound workouts and focusing solely on isolation exercises. Trust me it yields good results.
    Replace your lower body routine with my suggested routine and try it for a month. If it doesn't work then switch back to your old routine. Bodybuilding is all about experimenting with our body and keep what is working and discard what is useless. All the best.
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    @Chieflrg I respectfully disagree with you too. Leg extension is an isolation exercise which primarily works the quads.It helps to build lower body strength and muscle definition. Since it works only one muscle, that's why I paired it with squats, a compound exercise which works the following muscles
    gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius (buttocks)
    quadriceps (front of the thigh)
    hamstrings (back of the thigh)
    adductor (groin)
    hip flexors
    Combining a compound exercise with an isolation exercise for any muscle group in your body is the best way to build and define that muscle. Instead of wasting time with multiple exercises with multiple sets and reps for a muscle group, just concentrating on two important exercises and working out intensely for a short workout session is the smart way of training. It's always train smart not hard. It's not only for a random person, it's for everyone.
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    My arms are actually bigger than I’d like...if I stick to higher reps, lower weight will I be able to maintain what I’ve gained?

    As you can see, my lower half is what I’m desperate to improve!

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    I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts, @newzane15 however, I definitely will be doing more than 2 leg exercises. I did used to do a squat variation as well as leg extensions in my training and just felt like I needed a break from squats. This may sound crazy but squats push my body hard which makes me cry! It's a strange physical reaction and It honestly wears me down so I just needed to take a break. Almost ready to add them back in again.
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    You're in great shape! I'm a fan of a slower recomp at that point. Continue to lift and do what you're doing, and eating at maintenance. No deficit to prevent muscle gain, but still enough calories to be slowly building muscle without the need to cut much fat gain from a bulk.
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    Yes @nay0meh. To maintain the size of the arms keep doing the same exercises that you were already doing. Just vary the sets, reps and rest period when you feel the weights are easy. Your lower half is in good shape and in proportion to the upper body. So focus on bringing out the definition that we discussed earlier.
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    @nay0meh I didn't know about your previous story with squats. Any exercise that makes you feel uncomfortable then replace it. I hope this link might be helpful to you.
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    I am a 43 year old female, been lifting for ~2 years 4-5 days per week and 1-2 days of cardio plus evening more casual walks 2-3 miles with dog...Been eating about 1700 calories and even 1600 calories. I think I need to eat more but I am SCARED! I have lost about 30 pounds over the past 2 years and am mostly happy but need to lose some more fat to reveal the muscles I have worked SO hard to build. My upper body is pretty close to shredded but my lower body needs some love. Do I need to eat more? Do more cardio and back off weights a bit? Some of both? Was measured by InBody as have 15% body fat but there is NO way that is possible. Unless it just measured my upper body! :) I am guessing around 18-20 but haven't done a Dexascan.

    First of can I just say amazing progress! You look great! Okay now back to your question…if 1600-1700 is the TOTAL number of calories that you eat and taking into account all the exercise then I’m going to say you’re definitely undereating. You need to do a reverse diet. I used to gain weight on 1800 calories because I never went over 1500 and eventually my body adapted to lower calories and I was exercising a lot. Now I maintain on 2500 calories. Your body has adapted and women are especially more sensitive to calorie restriction than men. I would predict that your maintenance calories are atleast 2000 probably more in the 2200/2400 calorie range but you can use an online TDEE calculator to find out. I’m currently in a small deficit and I’m losing weight eating 2100 calories and I’m not exercising like crazy either. So don’t be afraid to gradually eat more because I was afraid too! Now I’m afraid of not eating enough which is actually much better! Once you successfully reverse diet after a few months then you can do a small calorie deficit. Good luck.