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  • cmsienk
    cmsienk Posts: 9,569 Member

    It's a good thing the rest of you are here. I'd be in trouble without all the friendly tech support.

  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,331 Member

    I use it on a schedule to activate dark mode at night, but you can use it all day. You can apply it globally or customize it by domain. Everything is highly customizable.

  • cmsienk
    cmsienk Posts: 9,569 Member

    @Betty, is there a way to add back in how many new posts there are in a forum?

  • chris89topher
    chris89topher Posts: 383 Member

    I don't mind this new version because it's pretty similar to all the other message boards I use. It'll just take a little adjustment. But will the message board no longer work with the app as well?

  • I2k4
    I2k4 Posts: 173 Member

    This informative (presumably official) comment is somewhat buried here and the main points about technical reasons and ongoing format review should be given some top-line exposure - I suspect users will be more patient knowing the design is still a work in progress.

  • kimny72
    kimny72 Posts: 16,027 Member

    I'll reserve judgement until I have time to get used to it. On the PC, it does initially seem aggressively bright and spread out with lots of glowing white space though. Just caught myself squinting at it 😁

    But Community won't load on my Android phone. The spinner of death spins for several minutes and then I'm left with a white screen. I assume I should try uninstalling/reinstalling the app?

  • ehju0901
    ehju0901 Posts: 293 Member

    Thank you for this! I don't care so much about the rest of the layout/features but I really wanted a dark mode. This will suffice! Thanks again!

  • chris89topher
    chris89topher Posts: 383 Member

    Same here. I'm using the mobile web version on my phone which is fine but the forum on the app version (my preferred) isn't working.

  • Betty
    Betty Posts: 8,244 MFP Staff
    edited November 2021

    Hi y'all! I wanted to pop in again and let you know I'll be catching up on this thread today. While I may not be able to respond back to each post, I will be reading through all of them and commenting where I think I can offer insights or help.

    I did want to acknowledge that the Android App view of Community is broken 😞. Unfortunately there is an issue with how the web view in the Android app views the new theme and I have our Android team working on it and will put up a new banner message letting people know we aware. In the meantime Android users can access the community by going in a mobile browser and login there.

  • Betty
    Betty Posts: 8,244 MFP Staff

    While the white background will not be going away, I have been able to add some shadow borders around comments to break it up a bit more so its hopefully a bit easier on the eyes.

    I can't speak to dark mode in the rest of the app, but as for the forums, our provider does not offer an option to easily toggle between light and dark mode. I will pass it along to them as feature request.

    @cmsienk As for New posts on a thread... There should be a "New" label when there are new posts...however it should also have a post count like "5 new" but that does not seem to be working, so alas another bug for us to file.

    While we spent months testing things on a test site, there are just some things we were not going to be to replicate until we moved the changes over to production. I'll be honest, the transition did not go as smoothly as we were hoping but I'm committed to making fixes and adjustments where we can.

  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 32,193 Member

    Oh, yay. I like the borders around the threads. Much easier.

  • Deviette
    Deviette Posts: 979 Member
    edited November 2021

    Initial thoughts (I am on PC):

    • The font feels like it's zoomed out. Like the text is actually blurry and generally difficult to read. I feel like this is specific for PC as on mobile, text is generally larger and I foresee this as a non-issue. Zooming my webpage into 125% it takes the font to something that doesn't look zoomed out. I'm wondering if this font is designed for larger font sizes and therefore is not appropriate for this use.
    • Actually now that I look at it, I was about to complain about the Flag/Quote/Insightful/etc line looked blurry, but again, at 125% they look pretty much okay. Has the PC version been designed for a larger zoom?
    • Your logo is also blurry - has this been upsized? (I'm looking back at 100%). Also it's been cut off on the top, the bottom and the left side. Maybe also on the right, but the TM is too burry to really see.
    • Light grey on a white background is not easy to see. Why do web designers continue to think that this is a good idea? As people age, differentiating between subtleties of colours becomes harder as eyes degrade. This also happens if you have generally poor eyesight. Adding that on top of your generally blurriness, yeah, it's just not a good idea. Use colour rather than light grey. Please.
    • More information on date/time per post please. If someone posted something yesterday, I want to know if I just missed it, or if it was after I logged off.
    • I use darkmode for all of my apps and the white is quite blinding. I know this is a style choice, but generally websites are actually moving towards darkmode. Maybe you should consider that.
    • I'd like the "new" to be more predominant (like next to the title of the thread). I know it's bold as well, but it sort of gets lost with all the other clutter text.
    • In general I feel like the current layout encourages less engagement with each thread. Instead of having to click into the thread to see what it's about, you skim past it not actually engaging. Again, this makes sense if you're on mobile because going backwards and forwards is a pain, but on PC it doesn't. I don't know about everyone else, but I normally open a bunch of stuff up on new tabs and then read through them there. But this layout, I feel like I'm going to actually look at less threads and therefore engage less with the site. I'm guessing this is not your intention.
    • I don't really like how spaced out paragraphs are.
    • Why so narrow? Half my screen is not being used
    • Can you please add in a thing that locks threads after no activity for like a year. Zombie threads are so annoying. (I know, not related to the update, but zombie threads are the worst)

    I'm trying really hard to not be completely negative. I understand that change happens therefore I'm trying to give some helpful comments on things that are more than just "I hate it".

    I mean I do hate it (because human's hate change), but I know I'll get used to it somewhat. However there are some deal breakers and making me not want to use the website because the fonts are blurry to look at, that's one of them.

    Edit: And you know what, re-reading my first thing made me realise something else. On PC, in general the fonts feel all too big. I compare it to other applications and webpages and that wall of text is just in a large font. The only webpages that I see fonts this large are those annoying blogs where they make the text larger so that they don't need to write so much.

    Edit2: Yeah okay your font size is 16px. Why is it 16px? That's too big! 12 is good, 14 at a push. How have you got it that your font is both too big AND too small at the same time? Seriously, a different font may be on the cards. One that is better at smaller font sizes. One that is DESIGNED for PC viewing not mobile viewing (because they are designed differently due to differing expectation of use).

  • LazyBlondeChef
    LazyBlondeChef Posts: 1,705 Member
    edited November 2021


    What is your provider using that it is so inflexible? The border helps distinguish the posts but there is still too much white space and I don't understand why that isn't fixable. That breaks basic design 101 rules. It appears the font is darker now too but I don't know if it's an illusion because of the added borders. It looked gray yesterday.

    Why is the font so enormous. I still have to go to 80% to even make it readable.

    There is still too much white space overall which requires excessive scrolling. Surely that can be fixed.

    Please look into copy/paste functionality. Here's an example from page 8 of

    November 2021 - Daily/Weekly Accountability Check-In thread

    where a copy/paste of an older single spaced post made everything double spaced. Previously one could see the entire post but now? No. It's super annoying.

    Did you not do any user acceptance testing?

    When you edit a longer post you have to scroll to even get to the edit window. How is this in any way an improvement.

  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,331 Member

    Yes, the borders make things much better!

  • Deviette
    Deviette Posts: 979 Member
    edited November 2021

    Okay I have another one:

    Why is the search so big? I mean, isn't that going to dredge up loads of old threads? We hate old thread. Like seriously. The community prefers people starting new topics rather than people bumping up an old thread and saying "hey I also want to ask this question". Because people ALWAYS respond to the OP rather than the new question. Then when they discover it's a zombie, people ignore it.

  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,331 Member

    Is it just me, or has the page gained a scroll bar at the bottom, or was it always there and I haven't noticed it?

  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 9,960 Member

    Far too much white space. I have to lower the brightness to almost nothing in order not to hurt my eyes. And I already have the eye protection on my tablet.

    Plus HATE the double line spacing.

    Not happy. 😫

  • paints5555
    paints5555 Posts: 322 Member

    Avatars too small to actually know who is posting. When I zoom in to try to see, the text becomes HUGE.

    Agree with other poster on the light grey text. Seems to be the "cool" thing these days but very difficult to read since the contrast is poor. Someone with very good (another word for young) eyes keeps designing these things and forgetting that not everyone can see as well. This is a very common problem on a lot of websites and it's awful.

    I used to scroll through the list and find the posts with just a couple responses to see what was new so I could avoid the ones with 1000's of comments. That number is still there but a lot harder to read (and of course, in the dreaded light grey text). Takes me twice as long to scroll through and see if there has been anything interesting posted recently.

    I finally found this thread to comment as the "Feedback" button at the bottom of every page just brings up a page that says "Permission Problem - You don't have permission to do that."

  • LazyBlondeChef
    LazyBlondeChef Posts: 1,705 Member

    I've yet to see one person say they like these changes. Most people won't take the time to provide feedback. They'll just leave. I will probably just go back to only using he food logging (unless that gets ruined as well) and not participate in the community if things don't improve. And I'm a paying user. Which isn't obvious since the change to get rid of the duplicate member vs member/pro shows me as a member rather than paying member.

  • zorander6
    zorander6 Posts: 2,694 Member
    edited November 2021

    Where are my groups? Oh wait I have to click an extra link which is annoying. Another annoying "feature" is previously clicking myfitnesspal at the top left would take you back to the homepage. Now it pops a new window (what is the obsession web devs have with opening new windows/tabs? It's annoying and clutters the screen.)

    I hate to be mean but the page looks like a college student was hired to do this as an internship project. The page style for the forums does not match the page style of the homepage and there is no way to get back to things like you could previously. Now if I want to look at the food tab going from the forums I have to click myfitnesspal which opens a new tab then click food. In the past it was one click. Very frustrating and inefficient.

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