230 lbs Down in 20 months!!-And still going STRONG!

Where do I start? A lifetime of Morbid Obesity- 2 failed Baratric Surgeries (1990 Stomach Stapling- 2014 Roux-En-Y). Then 23 months ago I knew my life was going to change as my now Ex asked for a Divorce. A switch snapped in my head- And I am on a Mission-- to be ME--and be content. When people tell you you can't-- YOU CAN! Thank You MFP- I found this site & I learned =DO NOT LIE to yourself. Food Journal, measure everything-- watch your CICO. Accept bad days, move past them & make sure that tomorrow is a better day. Crush Your Goals My MFPals!....❤💪🏃‍♂️🚴‍♂️😊🙏


  • Hairytoe780
    Hairytoe780 Posts: 10 Member
    Awesome job!
  • pattymason7
    pattymason7 Posts: 27 Member
    Your Amazing!!!
  • Wilmingtonbelle
    Wilmingtonbelle Posts: 255 Member
    You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story, it helps those of us just starting our journey to better health.
  • mjglantz
    mjglantz Posts: 495 Member
    Great story and great advice!
  • corinasue1143
    corinasue1143 Posts: 7,467 Member
    Had to look long and hard to make sure it was the same person. What a change! I can only imagine how much your mind has changed.
    Keep taking care of yourself!
    I wish you the best.
  • weightloss601
    weightloss601 Posts: 2 Member
    Wow! Super job!
  • happimess01
    happimess01 Posts: 9,072 Member
    what a legend!
  • Yiche912
    Yiche912 Posts: 6,455 Member
    Amazing transformation! Well done.
  • KKmaintains2021
    KKmaintains2021 Posts: 2 Member
    Wow, amazing accomplishment!
    FABRICWOMAN Posts: 539 Member
    Thank you for sharing this post. You have awakened the need to continue my journey.
  • slimgirljo15
    slimgirljo15 Posts: 269,452 Member
    What an inspiration you are, well done 👏 wishing you continued success
  • oakster69
    oakster69 Posts: 55 Member
    That is such an amazing transformation. Good for you, buddy!
  • p_tinoco
    p_tinoco Posts: 1 Member
    Clearly a transforming and overcoming moment “you did it” congratulations!🎉
  • Elske224
    Elske224 Posts: 15 Member
    Wow !!!! That's a lot of weight, doing awesome! You are absolutely right about the stay honest to yourself and realize when you messed a day up. That way it is easier to pick up where you left the next day :)
  • urban287
    urban287 Posts: 50 Member
    Great job! This really is an inspiration to me...I need to lose another thirty pounds, and I've been at a standstill for a couple months...If you can do it--I CAN do it! Keep it up!!!
  • maureenroy1
    maureenroy1 Posts: 1 Member
    You're doing great. What an inspiration you are to all of us!
  • NotBonJovi
    NotBonJovi Posts: 187 Member
    Wonderful and excellent commitment!
    Thank you for sharing your story.
  • Latrellis
    Latrellis Posts: 76 Member
    First step is being honest with ourselves, looking in the mirror, owning up!
  • Nikki542687
    Nikki542687 Posts: 47 Member
    Wow!! You look amazing and you are truly an inspiration. Way to go on your weight loss. I can imagine that you feel so much better now physically and mentally. I have 1/3 to my goal, currently at 43lbs down, and I know how much that has helped me. You are a rock star!!
  • teacherspet1
    teacherspet1 Posts: 142 Member
    WOWSER!.... What a BIG MISTAKE your ex made!!...... You look brilliant and you must definitely feel it too!! WELL DONE MATE!! You should be MEGA PROUD of your SUCCESS and new Outlook on life!! 👏👏👏👍👍👍😎😎😎😍😍😍
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