Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Noteworthy November!!!



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    9/9/21- 252 (SW & ATH)

    11/1/21- 231.4

    11/5/21- 230.2

    11/12/21- 225.7

    11/19/21- 223.6

    November weight lost- 7.8

    Total weight lost- 28.4

    November goals-

    -6k steps every day (4 out of 19)- I suck lol

    -Pack my lunch every day (19 out of 19)

    -No soda (18 out of 19) Not worth it

    -No eating out/fast food (17 out of 19)- it wasn't worth it at all

    -Limit alcohol to once a week (although it's even less than that already) (17 out of 19)- 5 beers

    -November Weight Loss Goal- 6 lbs

    Well, both my kiddos came down with covid so there has been zero activity from my house. I'm not going to focus on the step count this month. I'll reaccess that next month I guess.

    I was a little miffed this morning because yesterday I was 222.9. I was so excited because I was so close to 30 lbs lost and I thought it was Friday (so I could post here lol). Then I got my period and went up. I love these check ins because writing it all down makes me realize that I still lost 2 pounds this week. I am still going in the right direction. I have also met my Nov goal!
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    finngirl61 wrote: »
    Ok ladies- I finally found the group again!!! You are all so wonderful and inspiring. My weight has gone back up. I list my husband unexpectedly in June and every day is a struggle to just get bills done, maintain the house, etc. I feel like I'm at a fork in the road and need to hear your motivation stories or else I'll give up.

    I am so sorry for your loss
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    @finngirl61 So sorry for your loss.
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    @justanotherloser007 I'm right there with you, I have no idea how to keep the weight off besides going back to 1200 calories a day until it comes off again. It is so painful to lose the weight, there has to be a better way to maintain. I have seriously looked at how I got so fat. Because if I don't take a hard look at myself then I will just go back to how I was before. So I will be a Maintenance Junkie too. The 30 day weight loss challenge group that I'm in will let me stay in their group once I reach maintenance as a sort of cheer person. I think this will help me to stay on the path. I'm honestly fearful of maintenance because it is the big "unknow". I will need to do some research as I have planned to reach my goal weight by the end of June / July 2022

    @finngirl61 I'm so sorry for you loss please accept my deepest sympathies.
  • 33

    SW: 221.2 - July 2021
    GW: 150-160
    November GW: 205

    11/01/21 - 210.4
    11/08/21 - 208.8
    11/15/21 - Skipped - on vacation
    11/22/21 - 206.4
    11/30/21 -

    I guess I'm technically down since my last weigh in, but I was 206.0 before I left for vacation. It's taken me roughly a week to get back to where I was before I left, and Im extremely happy for that.
    Now I've just gotta make it through the holidays! Work pot lucks, early Thanksgiving dinner with family that is coming into town, then Thanksgivinh dinner next week. I'll be happy when it's all over. Gotta have that willpower!
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    Age: 43
    Height: 5'10"
    HW: 290.6 (4/19/2021)
    SW: 287.4 (7/16/2021)
    CW: 247.2 (11/1/2021)

    11/6: 244
    11/13: 242.8
    11/20: 240.0
    GW for November: 240
    GW for 2021: 232 *revised
    UGW: 180

    I am pretty sure the shiny, happy "motivation" phase to lose weight has passed & I am officially in the "discipline required" phase right now, lol. I am tired & stressed (work sucks) and have had a hard time finding enough energy for a proper workout. But at least I have been honest and consistent with my food tracking and staying within my calorie goals. So I am missing the extra calories I get from exercise, but still making progress. I am on vacation (staycation, lol) for the next week so I am hoping to catch up on some sleep, destress, get lots of steps, and have some fun with the kids

    Goals for November:
    - Add at least 1 day a week weight training❌
    - Min 15 min cardio 5x per week: ❌
    - At least 8 glasses water daily ✔
    - Be thoughtful with my intake at Thanksgiving. N/A. But I have been looking at some recipes that are healthier versions of my favorites. Going to make a mini test batch of some of them this week
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    Weigh-in Day!

    Broke the 50lb mark! Now I'm in the unenviable position of needing new clothes. I can still just about get away with wearing most of my work pants, but the fit is edging toward "baggy" rather than the more on-trend "relaxed." The thing is, though, I know that my body is going to change a lot more over the next 50 lbs than it did for the first, in terms of how clothes fit. I don't want to go wild replacing my whole wardrobe right now if none of it will fit by February - I've already done that, twice now, with bras. A UK 40G is still presently my best fit (which is what I have), but I think I might go back to Walmart/Target/Marshall's for bras for the next little bit - I do still have a 42DDD floating around from the Before Times that...is a boob hat but it's good enough for work. Maybe I can snag a 40G/US 40I at Nordstrom Rack - if I'm lucky it might not even be a Wacoal! (I don't care for the shape they give, Wacoal seems to think anyone with titties like mine MUST want a minimizer and I *don't*, I'm quite wide enough, I want these girls facing forward, thanks).

    I tend to hit second hand stores for clothes, but I scored some bras from Kohl's on an early Black Friday deal for $12.73 each. They had up to a G cup.
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    Starting weight: 270 March 2021
    Total loss to date: 58.2

    November Start Weight:212.4
    November Goal Weight:
    Ultimate Goal Weight:TBD

    November 7:212.4
    November 14: 212.4
    November 21: 211.8
    November 28:

    Earlier in the week I saw 210 and was excited. I didn't log it because it was not my weigh in day, I also wanted to see if that number stuck. This morning I weighed in at 211.8, it's not as low as I had hoped but still a loss so I will take it. I've been sticking to my strength training routine and really feel good about it.

    I love the Oompa Loompa analogy!!!

    I am glad your husband is doing well. Congrats on hitting the 50 lb mark! I really admire you for not becoming derailed with all that is going on in your life and sticking to your plan. You are AMAZING!!!

    I am so sorry for your loss.
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    Age: 58
    Ht.: 5'3"
    MFP SW: 205 (7/5/21)
    October Ending weight: 195
    Last Week's weight: 196.4
    Current Weight:194.6

    First time I've lost weight since the beginning of October! Wooohooo!

    I haven't had any access to the community on here for over a week since they've been redoing the boards. It took me forever to find this thread again. I hope they work the bugs out soon!
    I holding on that I'll be under 193 at the end of November. That was my original goal for this month.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a very Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate!
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    Well I didn't get to the 180 or below. Had an uptick to 181.8 lbs but I was true to my calories, carbs, water and exercise so just a normal weight fluctuation. So I lost 30.2 lbs during the 3 month challenge. Which is excellent!

    So starting 11/1 at 181.8 lbs with goal of 5 lbs for the month. This 10 lb average / month that has been going on has got to slow down soon, I'm thinking.

    Welcome back to past challengers and to the new ones!
    64 yo 5' 4" Heaviest Weight twice-255 lbs, got down to 122 lbs 2010 and kept it off 5 years then got lazy.
    11/1/21-181.8 lbs
    11/7/21-180 lbs! Down 75 lbs. 58 lbs to my 122 lb goal. Did 200 minutes on my Elliptical today, 14.25 miles.[/quote]
    11/14/21-176.6 lbs, Down 78.4 lbs, about 60 % of my 133 lbs loss goal, 5.2 lbs of my 11/1-1/31/22 (or 2/1/22 AM) 15 lb goal. Have been bumping up my Elliptical, was up to 210 minutes (3.5 hours) Today I did 223 minutes because I wanted to finish the last 10 minutes of the last movie and I wanted the 16 mile mark!

    11/21-177.4 lbs, Yuck! But has to be water weight as I stuck to my calorie and water goals. So it's ok. Also I have been losing 10 lbs/month and expected it to slow down a month or 2 ago. Guess it's now.

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    SW (7/23): 300
    11/1: 277.5
    11/8: 277.6
    11/15: 273.5
    11/22: 273.1
    GW for November: 271 - 274

    I ended up resting all weekend, trying to nurse my lower back back to health. While I do feel a LOT better today, I'm not well enough to get back to my HIIT classes. :disappointed: I have 3 scheduled while I'm at home for the holiday, so I'm hoping that by taking it easy today and tomorrow, I'll be able to go.

    What are your plans for dealing with Thanksgiving? I'll be home Tuesday - Sunday and am planning on going to my HIIT classes Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I've convinced the fam to walk a 5K on Thanksgiving morning (gotta tucker out the kids and the dogs!). We tend to not make a ton of "bad" food on Thanksgiving - it's turkey and a lot of veggie sides like green beans, asparagus, etc, so I'm going to focus on taking reasonable helpings of alllll the veggies and some turkey breast, and then a small serving of gravy and stuffing. If I do seconds, only veggies.

    Hoping that keeps any potential pitfalls at bay. How are y'all coping?

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    edited November 2021
    I started today by revisiting the PF workout video that started it all ("Beginner Strength 1" with Zac Marion). Got up at 6, fed the cats, strapped myself into my workout gear and got jiggy with it in the living room. The difference from the first time was dramatic. Everything was just so much easier. I remember after finishing that video last year, having to sit on the couch for a minute to catch my breath and feeling a little shaky in the shower afterward, and having hella DOMS the rest of the week. I still have trouble with triceps dips sitting on the floor, but that's more down to my proportions being different from the trainer's, I think (he's a tall guy, I'm neither of those things - I got shorter arms and a lower center of gravity) - what I should have done, I think, was hold my feet off the ground (engage that core!) and just rock backward and forward by bending and straightening my arms. I kept wanting to use my hips and legs to raise my butt off the ground, and not my arms, which was the point of the exercise.

    And, after I finished, I laid my workout clothes flat so they could dry all day rather than crumpling them up and chucking them into the laundry bin, because I'm gonna put 'em back on and take a walk this evening. The 2-ish mile loop around my block is actually a really pleasant way to spend ~40 minutes - I've caught up on all my podcasts, LMAO. Part of me *is* planning on two-a-days this week in particular because Thanksgiving, but I think I could keep doing the videos in the morning and also taking walks in the evening through the end of the year - there certainly won't be a dearth of treats, so I'll want to do something to stay ahead of that. Might keep that going into the new year, even. I don't know if Hubs is up for the distance just yet, but maybe later on when he's more healed I could even get him to join me; if I say it enough times, maybe he'll believe me that if you want to keep moving, you have to keep moving.

    edit to add: The two-a-days and just being really meticulous the rest of the week is my plan for Thanksgiving. I'll probably try to log after the fact as best I can, just to get a ballpark, and I'll be banking calories as best I can the rest of the week as well. Ultimately, though, this one day is not going to undo everything I've worked so hard for. One day a month isn't going to do it, either (that's roughly how often I end up having excessive/difficult-to-log "special occasion" type dinners, between holiday gatherings and birthdays and the like). I lost six pounds during The Holidays last year, I can damned well do it again.
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    Height: 5'10"
    Age: 26
    SW: 246.9 (07/13/2021)
    CW: 219.9 (11/01/2021)
    GW for November: 213.0 214.9
    GW for 2021: 208.5
    UGW: 172 by June 2022
    11/1: 219.9
    11/8: 218.1
    11/15: 217.3
    11/22: 216.5 (-0.8)

    So, the good news: I've officially lost more than 30 pounds. The bad news: there's no way I will be able to lose 3.5 pounds in a week, so I won't make my original goal for the month. No sweat; I'll just adjust.

    Puppy gets her follow up appointment on Wednesday to get the remaining stitches out. She's doing well!

    I am slowly getting back into my pre-October fitness routine. Puppy interrupted my sit ups, lol.

    If I can up my weightloss back to 5.5 pounds a week, I should be able to meet my weight goal for 2021. I'm thinking I will focus on upping my exercise as apposed to dropping my caloric intake because I really like the amount I'm eating, and I'm still losing weight, regardless. I just want to see an uptick in my rate. Also, one of my primary reasons for losing weight is so that it'll be easier to be more active, so working out is a priority.

    In other news, I have officially switched to a smaller belt.
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    Age: 51
    Height: 5'
    SW: 266.6 (1/4/21)
    SW November: 233.5
    GW for November: 229
    GW for 2021: 220
    GW for October 2022 because that's my focus: 165

    Forgot to choose a day! My weigh-ins will be Fridays as the weekend tends to get away from me.
    11/5: 231.5
    11/12: 231.5
    11/19: 232.6

    Saw 233 (which is the wrong way!) for the first time in two weeks today. It's been a ROUGH week-and-some for me, though, so I'm not going to stress about it.

    ROUGH week-and-some is also why I won't be replying to everyone this time, but I am still cheering you ALL on!
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    I scored some bras from Kohl's on an early Black Friday deal for $12.73 each. They had up to a G cup.

    Thank you for the news! I will try to get there to shop tonight. I am literally in tears, because at 97 lbs or whatever I am down my measuring tape has joined the oompa loompas with some weird alternate reality.

    So I guess I have some loose skin, mostly doesn't really look that bad to me? But, it messes with the measuring tape!! Well, I was fixing my clothes on the sewing machine.. bought $3 tees.. but I measured my hips before I bought undies and they were too loose. I don't have a car ya'll cuz seizures and all, so getting out is difficult.

    But I think I will have to get some shapewear, the most offensive being the arm area really, but I will probably need a whole shapewear supersuit to go with the weight loss. Peasant skirts are for the win when you are losing weight, they have elastic waists, I have some maxi's with elastic waists I mean it is a five second fix - and I have been able to wear the 2x til now with very little effort. But the bras and undies are now in a pitiable state, I have fixed them.. but now I need some sort of heroic assistance.

    I bought some armshapers online, but afterwards remembered that the tape measure is not reliable. How am I supposed to deal with that?? So your news is a balm on a difficult day. Thank you Deanner. I will try to get someone to take me to Kohl's ... shudders.. I think they have shapewear and then maybe the measuring tape will work again.

    Then maybe I can figure out what underwear and what bra's to wear while I am at it. I don't remember anyone mentioning previously about the tape measure not working before this. I can't say I am able to wrap my head around it.

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    @justanotherloser007 My tape measure has me at about 1.5 inches larger than I currently am. I know this because the belt I'm currently wearing is 34 inches in circumference and the tape says I'm 36. In reality, I'm probably in between.