You get to make the stuffing

The MOST important side, imho. I am nervous to mess it up, I got 2 different back up plans! LOL. What's your favorite side? Anyone else get the jitters with the stuffing?


  • MsCzar
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    I just follow the instructions on the box of Stove Top. :D
  • I made two sorts and baked them in muffin cups for portion control. Traditional bread stuffing with sage and a cornbread stuffing with cranberries and onion and herbs. I rehydrate dried cranberries for this.
  • SuzySunshine99
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    The last few years, I have been making my Grandma's stuffing recipe to bring to the family celebration. I was nervous the first time I made it, because everyone remembers what it tasted like when Grandma made it. But, it's actually a really easy recipe, so no more jitters.
  • bold_rabbit
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    I make a fruit stuffing: raisin bread, fresh cranberries, broth, a little butter, salt, and sugar. It's delicious!
  • ccrdragon
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    My wife makes the stuffing: cornbread, sauted peppers, onions and celery, diced turkey/turkey broth and spices.
  • LenGray
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    I do a vegan cornbread stuffing with mushrooms, celery+onion, corn, spices and a brown gravy. It's one I've been doing for a few years now and it pretty tasty so I don't worry too much about it. It probably also helps that I make stuffing a LOT during the winter months though, since my dad and I love it so much :) Same with sweet potato casserole (though Thanksgiving is the only time I add vegan marshmallows to it lol)
  • sgt1372
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    I've made stuffing in the past but no longer. It tastes great but it just fills you up and prevents you from eating more of the "good stuff" (ie., the turkey).

    The only "sides" that I prepare now are mashed cauliflower and pan (or over) roasted brussel sprouts plus turkey gravy prepared from the drippings.

    I also use canned jelly cranberry sauce as a condiment. People either love or hate the stuff. I love it.

    I've made it from "scratch" many times before and it's a waste of time for me because it just doesn't taste as good as jellied cranberry sauce to me.

    Add some pumpkin or apple pie w/or w/o ice cream and that's a wrap for TG lunch or dinner at my house.
  • alexandramosenson
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    It ended up well :) I made it stovetop, oven, and crockpot. There was no way I could lose!
  • perryc05
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    I'm loving wild rice as my main stuffing agent at the moment.