Just Give Me 10 days - Round 170



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    @deepwoodslady I’m so sorry about your brother. May you find comfort in happy memories.
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    @AR10at50 When I saw it’s only a mile to the horse’s new location I thought “oh, that could be a nice walk” but then you said “run.” Do you really 🏃🏼‍♀️ run? In any case, enjoy!

    @quiltingjaine -I don’t “run”, I wish I did. It’s on my walk and bike path, which I am glad for.🥕🚴‍♀️
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    I have a question for those who track calories. Have you ever looked at your macros (protein, *TOTAL* carbs, fat) and compared your scale bounces to those? I’ve said many times that it takes 2-3 days for the variations to show on my scale.

    *The reason I say TOTAL is that the concept of NET carbs is a relatively new thing. Some people, like myself, react to those insoluble/whatever carbs.

    Just curious.

    I do count carbs, but I also look at the macros, always keep the fat under (previously suffered with gallstones for 10 years before finally having surgery and it's association with the worst pain of my life that even 5 years later keeps me low fat), I try to keep carbs within the macros, but as I eat lots of fruit & veg daily (at the very least 5 of each per day) I do struggle with them & I always have a small quantity of bread at lunch & small jacket potato with meat/fish & loads of veg for evening meal. I should have more protein, I'm always way short of that, but I am a meat eater and feel that I do eat sufficient even if it is way short of the stated macro.

    Carbs are definitely an area where I could/should improve as they always constitute well over 50% of my food intake !!
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    @fmfdfa2020 - how wonderful to be able to live close enough to the ocean to walk there regularly, our nearest is just over 100 miles away.
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    @SheilaBoneham I understand WW has changed the plan again. I had been going just for the social interaction but when they charged me one month when I had weighed in, it ticked me off so I let the ladies know that I wouldn’t be back. Doing my own research is so much better than following their “current science” that ignores so many facts. They still push low fat/no fat and many carby veggies and sugar loaded fruit! Sugar is sugar whether it’s natural or not. A little healthy fat is very satisfying.