Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Noteworthy November!!!



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    Just dropping in to say “I tracked.” Since right now that is my only goal, I give myself a pat on the back. @justanotherloser007 I love your statement that the rails are there. Yes, I didn’t realize how much anxiety I was feeling by my efforts being all over the place. The rails are there, and even if I have moments where I am either no on them or stopped or off track, it is better than being all over the place, eating at the whim of unseen forces. Looking forward to tomorrow!

    good for you!
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    November Challenge Weigh In Day

    Age 44
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 3/2020
    CW 219.0
    GW for October 213
    UGW 145

    11/1: 217.8
    11/8: 218.4
    11/15: 219.2
    11/22: 218.4
    11/30: 219.0
    Total month loss: +2.8

    Monthly goals:
    Hitting water goal -8 cups a day
    Gym 3x during the week

    Didn't think how much sodium in Thanksgiving items. Portions have been fine but high sodium anyway. Foods I want vs what mom wants conflicts so trying to balance that out a bit as best as possible. along with what I get with the produce pickup could put a wrench in it all too.

    Have been getting to the gym the 3 days just not too routine with the strength training as I'd like.

    December will be an exciting month but also one that may not have much movement scale-wise as I saw last year. To not have a gain is my main goal there.
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    @jaded989 congrats on reaching Onederland!!💥🎉👍

    @seltzer_lover sorry to hear about your back pain! Hope you’re feeling better now!

    Sounds like everyone is doing well!
  • Hey @FushiaKat are we still the Foggy Sisters? Yes we are!! (((hugs))) *high five* we totally got this!! I am sorry, I know how frustrating it is trying to do things and then just getting overwhelmed. But, I mean, at least we weigh less than we did!!
  • 48 yo 5’3” 6/2013 SW 277
    November goal - lose 3 lbs, I actually lost 6.6 lbs - not sure how I will do for December so I will keep the reasonable 3 lbs for December as well…
    11/1 184
    11/8 182
    11/19 179.6 - hit goal!!
    11/26 178.4 - TOM so actually doing well
    11/30 177.4

    Use true grit, dig deep and pray for the virtue of mortification!

    My non-scale goals:

    🦃 Walk 3 miles every single day (up from 2 miles last month!!): update, this is now 4 miles everyday!! And at 3mph like a regular person!! I am totally chuffed!!
    🦃 Be patient! and remember that increments are where it is at - every little bit really does count
    🦃 Be grateful and give thanks every single day, more than once a day!
    🦃 Remember: Total loss of 99.6 lbs!! (next month could be the 100 lbs gone)
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    Well I didn't get to the 180 or below for November 1, 2021. Had an uptick to 181.8 lbs but I was true to my calories, carbs, water and exercise so just a normal weight fluctuation. So I lost 30.2 lbs during the 3 month challenge. Which is excellent!

    So starting 11/1 at 181.8 lbs with goal of 5 lbs for the month. This 10 lb average / month that has been going on has got to slow down soon, I'm thinking.

    Welcome back to past challengers and to the new ones!
    64 yo 5' 4" Heaviest Weight twice-255 lbs, got down to 122 lbs 2010 and kept it off 5 years then got lazy.
    11/1/21-181.8 lbs
    11/7/21-180 lbs! Down 75 lbs. 58 lbs to my 122 lb goal. Did 200 minutes on my Elliptical today, 14.25 miles.[/quote]
    11/14/21-176.6 lbs, Down 78.4 lbs, about 60 % of my 133 lbs loss goal, 5.2 lbs of my 11/1-1/31/22 (or 2/1/22 AM) 15 lb goal. Have been bumping up my Elliptical, was up to 210 minutes (3.5 hours) Today I did 223 minutes because I wanted to finish the last 10 minutes of the last movie and I wanted the 16 mile mark!

    11/21-177.4 lbs, Yuck! But has to be water weight as I stuck to my calorie and water goals. So it's ok. Also I have been losing 10 lbs/month and expected it to slow down a month or 2 ago. Guess it's now.

    11/27-175.8 lbs! Down 79.2 total lbs. 6 lbs for my 5 lb month goal!
    11/28-175 lbs! Down 80 lbs, 6.8 lbs of my 5 lb month goal! As little as BMI matters, 1 more lb lost and I'll be classified as Overweight not Obese anymore!
    11/29-174.2 lbs! So close to OVERWEIGHT. Needed the 174, not 174.2lbs! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!
    11/30- 176.2 lbs Ugh!!! Hopefully my usual uptick before a drop or water weight. Had Mission BBQ last evening. Did 220 minutes on my Elliptical today. Still down 5.6 lbs of my 5 lb goal so content enough. See you all in December!
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    Maybeeeeee staying up late isn't the best way to keep my tracking going (4 days!), so I am making every effort to get to bed sooner tonight. So it looks like y'all were doing a three-month challenge for the holidays. Is there a group goal for December?--like "just hang in there for the love of all that's holy!" 😁
    I will be thinking about my personal goals for December. Rest Well, all!
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    MeowScout wrote: »
    ...Is there a group goal for December?--like "just hang in there for the love of all that's holy!" 😁
    I will be thinking about my personal goals for December. Rest Well, all!

    @RavenStCloud are you around, or is there someone who can start a December thread? I vote for the title Meowscout suggested! 🤣
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    Hi I’m 53 and 5’6”.
    Starting Weight: 257.8 (1/14/21)

    Nov Start Weight: 215.9 (10/30/21)
    Nov Goal Weight: 214.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 170

    Nov 1: 215.9
    Nov 6: 215.8 (-0.1)
    Nov 13: 214.4 (-1.4)
    Nov 20: 213.6 (-0.8)
    Nov 27: 216.9 (+3.3)
    Nov 30: 216.6 (-0.3)

    Well I gained 0.7 lbs in the month which is the first monthly gain I’ve had all year. I hadn’t even noticed that I had met my monthly goal on the 20th. I think Thanksgiving really threw me off. I don’t think next month will be any better. We’ll see I guess!
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    💜💜💜Hello, Ladies! 💜💜💜

    Next month's group has been posted in the Motivation and Support forum.

    ❄❄❄Women 200lb+, Let's Be Dynamic This December!!!❄❄❄

    It might be a little trickier to find with the new Community layout, but hope to see you there!
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    It's not my official check in day but I wanted to 'close' November out... So....



    9/9/21- 252 (SW & ATH)

    11/1/21- 231.4

    11/5/21- 230.2

    11/12/21- 225.7

    11/19/21- 223.6

    11/25/21- 220.5

    11/30/21- 218.7

    November weight lost- 12.7

    Total weight lost- 33.3

    I doubled my original goal which is awesome! I really feel like this group has done wonders for me to stay accountable and motivated- even through Thanksgiving which has NEVER happened before. So thank you for being here and cheering each other on!

    See you in December!
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    Checking in for the end of November

    Age: 32

    End of November
    To loose: 164
    Current progress 3/12/21: 23 down

    Lost this month: 12lbs

    November goals:
    - To keep making progress despite all the family events involving cake (birthdays, anniversary’s etc). Aiming to say goodbye to another 7lbs. ✅
    - To keep my sugar intake in a similar range to the last few months … was definitely up.
    - Eat 100g protein daily … eating more protein daily but not consistent 100g
    - To stay healthy and not take any sick leave
    - To ride 37km on my bike in one day ✅ rode 53.9km

    Overall pretty pleased :)
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    I can't find a link for January 2022. Help anyone?