Trying to get started once again........

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Hi there,

Scotland based MFP user here! Done this twice before, but I've lost my way with MFP for a while, mainly because I've just had a new baby back in the summer, our family has gone from 4 to 5 and because of this, I'm finding it more and more difficult to go the gym.

I got down to 16st 9lb and that was 2 years ago, then during lockdown 2020 I got to 17st. Summer just gone I reached just under 18st, however I'm now up to 20st 9lbs and I'm so angry and frustrated with myself, not to mention upset. I want to get back to what I was doing before the baby, but with a lack of motivation and willpower, I feel like I'm going to struggle big time.

I've considered skipping meals to help reduce my calorie intake but I've been told not to do that, I'm trying to cut down on my sugar as I drink a lot of coke but it's difficult to give it up.

I'm going to try and start walking during my lunch in work again as that helped previously, but it's just finding the right time to go to the gym. The only times I could feasibly go is either before work in the morning, which would mean getting up at 4am or going after work, but by the time I get home at 6pm, have tea, then put the kids to bed, I just don't have the motivation to get back out.

I just need a starting point; and a decent diet. I bought some wholemeal bagels and peanut butter spread and was going to have them for my breakfast instead of skipping it, but I wasn't sure if I should what with bagels being quite heavy on the carbs.

Any help, advice, support or just general motivation would be greatly appreciated. :-)

Thank you.



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    Welcome! And congrats on baby! I've only two little ones but struggled to lose weight after the second one. I'm back on here again as I just need the focus and reminders that MFP gives me to log my meals and the inspiration in the recipes section. Lots of luck to you. Feel free to add me if you want the motivation. I'm attempting to post every day to keep me inspired!
    I would suggest not to skip meals unless you're doing an actual intermittent fasting diet. Regarding exercise, unless you've already got a gym membership, stick to just walks during lunch for now. You can up the game later when you've lost the first bit of weight. Maybe include a gentle jog. I used to bring wet wipes and deo to work and have a gentle wipe after a walk/workout as we had an on-site gym.
    Track everything you eat on this app as that will give you an insight. Look at the recipe ideas on here and the blog to see if there's anything that helps. Post on your wall if you want inspo. Regarding evening exercise, something I used to do was get into my fitness gear the minute I got home. You'd be surprised how motivating that is! Once kids in bed, just follow YouTube for short workout routines for more impact cardio or strength. You can use water bottles as weights if needs be.
    Lots and lots of luck. You can do this. Don't take on too much to begin with. Take it easy and take pride in every single small change you make.
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    If you can work out at the gym, that's great. But it's not the only way to increase your activity level/calorie burn.
    You might find this thread helpful:

    As for improving your diet: I'm not a fan of radically overhauling your diet, those kinds of changes to your diet are less likely to stick long-term. Perhaps you can start by eating what you usually eat in portions that fit your calorie goal, and then tweak that gradually. More info here:
    Intermittent fasting (=skipping meals to a specific time schedule) is definitely an option you can try. If you like it, great. If you don't, no worries, it's certainly not necessary for weight loss.
    No need to worry about carbs, unless you have blood sugar issues. I think it's better to ensure that you get enough protein (which often helps people feel more satiated and also helps prevent muscle loss while losing weight) and enough (healthy) fats since fats are important for your health. And then see where the carbs end up. A bagel could be fine, although I would personally opt for wholemeal. (I'm not sure a bagel with peanut butter would fill me up for long, but your experience may be different)

    Personally I find the forums a great place for absorbing knowledge and strategies and asking for help if needed (and just generally 'keeping my head in the game'), so stick around :smile:

    Wishing you success!
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    Congrats on new baby, and getting back to being on here, i am restarting myself..
    Lost my weight 6years ago, went back to normal eating regained it all, and yo-yo'd ever since... I found as long as i didn't go over my allowance, of 1430.. I could eat what I wanted & still lost weight.. (just smaller portions, weighing food, instead of guessing, Double check the data as its not always correct. making better choices & Logging honestly.) Only exercise i do is walking and resistance bands.. I have recently found Walking with Rick on YouTube.. Don't have to leave home, does loads of different lengths, To different music styles, (My favorite is 80's Rock, 2000 Steps, in just 15minutes..) Can be done with the kids, if your room is big enough, even with baby in arms.. You Can do this!!