I've come so far! It is possible!

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One year ago January 5th 2021 I decided I was going to change. I was going to stop with the excuses and take my health and life back! I had every excuse in the book...I'm in my 40's this is just how it is...I'm to busy taking care of my husband and kids....I don't have time for exercise with a full time job..etc etc...I literally had every excuse. Well i took it back! This past year while working full time, while taking care of my family i found the time I needed for me! I lost 60 pounds of fat, but have gained a few pounds back of muscle! I love the muscles I'm gaining so that is my new goal for this year. To keep tracking my diet and keep building muscle! jua1yoknk8my.jpg


  • rosebarnalice
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  • BrightEyedAgain
    BrightEyedAgain Posts: 255 Member
    Good for you!! You look fabulous!!
  • gobootjack
    gobootjack Posts: 10 Member
    Awesome! You look great!
  • lpwest3
    lpwest3 Posts: 33 Member
    I think the smile says everything you need to know about the impact it's had on you, congrats on your hard work paying off :)
  • bear2303
    bear2303 Posts: 252 Member
    Amazing! You look incredible!
  • suzij27
    suzij27 Posts: 199 Member
    Your dedication has paid off. I agree, your smile says everything.

    It is so hard to “find the time”. I find I have to create a schedule, actually “make time” workouts, menu plan and cook or it may or may not happen.

    You are an inspiration.
  • Stephlamon89
    Stephlamon89 Posts: 31 Member
    You look amazing! This gives me hope, I have 60lbs to lose and I'm restarting this week. Great job!
  • Nimrawr
    Nimrawr Posts: 1 Member
    I'm just getting started. I want to lose 60lbs as well and im currently figuring out what workouts are best for someone that has been very inactive like myself. Thank you for the motivation and good luck on your journey!
  • angnewcomb
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    angnewcomb wrote: »
    I lost 60 pounds, it took about 8 months but feels great! You can get there, it's a journey not a sprint...keep going!

    I lost 6p pounds, it took about 8 months but feels great! Keep going and you will get there...its a journey to grow and learn from

  • angnewcomb
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    AngWBald wrote: »
    Oh WOW!! Just WOW! My shape right now is similar to your BEFORE picture. I can see I might just be able to tone up to your AFTER picture. You've just motivated me to keep going! It's slow going for me. Only 5 pounds a month, or 6 weeks, depending on the Holiday or Celebrations going on.

    It's a marathon to grow and learn from! Dont thinking it as a sprint. You can do it, keep moving and keep going!!!
  • snowflake954
    snowflake954 Posts: 8,399 Member
    Very nice!
  • sparknb
    sparknb Posts: 31 Member
    Congrats! Wow, you have really changed your shape. Inspiring, esp. with the full life you lead! Congrats again.
  • CinqueFit
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    Congrats! Can I ask what your workout regime was? Great results!
  • TxTiffani
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    You look amazing! I am so inspired by you:) I’ll be 40 later this year and I want to lose 33lbs and be in the best shape of my adult life when I hit this milestone bday! I, too, work and have a husband and kids and it’s so easy to have all the excuses but I’m going to follow your lead and really do this thing!!
  • KarmaKamen
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    Great job. I've lost some weight and thinking about trying to regain some muscle... Thanks for the inspiration.
  • blazingal
    blazingal Posts: 1 Member
    Thank you for sharing!! I can identify with your life stage and before picture. You look strong and HAPPY. You earned that smile. I am planning to wear that same smile on my 50th birthday this summer. I needed a little pep today.
  • urbanr1
    urbanr1 Posts: 10 Member
    Great job..you look fantastic!
  • MelissaLu1216
    MelissaLu1216 Posts: 17 Member
    60lbs in 8 months? You give me so much hope! Thanks for sharing this! And congrats, you look amazing!
  • dontlikepeople
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    You even look younger!
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