Women 200lb+, Let's Start Strong This January!!!



  • cowgirlslikeus86
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    edited January 2022
    Age: 30
    HT: 5'9"
    GW: 165ish
    NSV: Goal: Trail run 6+ miles at a time without needing to walk

    HW (Dec 21'): 214
    CW (Jan 6): 206
    1st GW (Feb 4th (B-day)): 196

    1/1: 207.1
    1/8 : 204.9
  • LynneM1980
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    Hey ladies and happy Monday!! Quite a bit of COLD here, frozen rain and snow on top of that, but no where as bad as it could be. Maybe 2 inches of snow, with 1/4 inch of ice under?

    Trying to decide if I want to go outside walking or just pace up and down the house like a caged beast for a few miles like I did yesterday. I feel more accomplished when I get outside.

    Anyone have thoughts on indoor exercise equipment? I was thinking of a rowing machine. I'd need something small b/c I live in a mobile home, and needs to hold over 220 pounds, at least for now! I'd love suggestions.
  • kenziestabes
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    PMS and TOTM strike again! Ate at/slightly over maintenance yesterday and woke up to nature's gift this morning. About mid week, I weighed in at 204.1, but of course that was no meant to last. Oh well! Gonna drink plenty of water and eat lots of greens for the next couple of days.
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'10"
    Starting Weight: 246.9
    Weight as of 4 January: 206.6
    Goal Weight for January 2022: 200-203
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 160-170 pounds
    Weigh In Days for January: Mondays

    03 January 2022: 206.9
    10 January 2022: 206.6
    17 January 2022: 206.5 (-0.1 pounds)
    24 January 2022:
    31 January 2022:

    Goals for January:

    - Get back into weight lifting
    - Weather permitting, take puppy on 2 15-20 walks a day
    - Jog 2 miles once a week

    Goals for 2022:

    - Reach goal weight of 165 pounds, +/- 5 pounds
    - Get to where I can do 20 push-ups in a row no problem
    - Hike moderate difficulty trails at the nearby national park
    - Slowly buy new wardrobe for smaller size clothing.
    - Explore new career opportunities, including those with fitness standards
  • seltzer_lover
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    SW (7/23): 300
    1/3: 263.8
    1/10: 262.1
    1/17: 260.9

    Goal range for January: 258 - 262
  • _manny_702
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    I'm 33
    Height: 5'11"
    Starting again date: Nov 2, 2021
    1st GW: 190
    2nd GW: 150

    This year's fitness goals:
    •log every day
    •hit my first goal weight
    •continue hitting 10,000 steps a day
    •limiting fast food to twice a month